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Saturday, 9 October 2010


Hi everyone, I’m afraid that I’m relatively new to this blogging thing so you’ll have to forgive me. As my ‘About Me’ box says, my name is Jack and I live in sunny old England; I have a pretty average life. Two sisters, recently separated parents, and I am at College (year 13). However, I am bi ... I think. (It’s a long and complicated story that I’m sure I shall go into further detail later on in another post)
The reason why I’m not certain is because it is an extremely complex thing for me as I used to like girls and now boys: I knew I liked boys for a long time and presumed I was bi, but as time has moved on the ratio of 50:50 (girls:boys) has slowly shifted more towards the ‘boy’ side. I am out as bi to several people, some I have told, some they have told, and everyone else ... rumours. Fortunately I have a lot of kind and open-minded friends, but unfortunately not everyone in the world is like them.
So I have been thinking about creating this blog for a very long time, but I have only just decided to create one, and I hope that there is someone out there who is reading this, so I know I’m not alone. This blog will probably be about my past experiences, fears/concerns and hopes/dreams.
Anyway, sorry for the rant but, that was just a bit of information about me and my first ‘official’ post.
- Ttyl Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

Welcome Jack!!!

Your first post is supposed to be a rant! Your "coming out" so to speak! Welcome to the blog world.

Your title mirrors many of us out here. Old, young, out, in...we're all confronting the confusion that comes with being GBLT.

I will catch up with your blog. I honestly admit that I don't know where I found it, but that doesn't matter. Please feel free to check out mine at'm just an old fart who gets a lot out of supporting you younger guys.

If it's OK with you, I will follow you, and add you to my MSN ( Let me know via comments or email to


Peace <3

Jack said...

Thanks lol, i know it is suposed to be a rant but i can't help but appologize :P (and i am sorry for the shit spelling lol)

Lol, thats how i came across some people's blogs in the beggining, i just came accross one and it all evolved from there. And i think it is great that you are helping and supporting others :)

And feel free to follow/add me. I am ususally online and ready to chatt to anyone and everyone.

Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Having found my way to your blog from your comment on Kieren's blog (Confused School Boy), I thought I should write a little to introduce myself.

Like Jay, I'm one of blog-land's old farts; however, I'm on the same side of the Atlantic as you, which may help with some cultural references. I'm also gay, and out to most friends and family. It sounds as if your coming out experiences have been as positive as mine were - I just wish I had been as clear-headed and brave about it at seventeen as you are.

I read through your blog last night. I'm deeply sorry to hear about Joel; I've suffered the unexpected death of a fairly close friend myself, so I think I have some idea how you're feeling. *hugs*

Thanks for deciding to follow my blog; I'm afraid my posts are rather infrequent, and probably not very interesting, as I'm far more often commenting on other people's blogs.

Take care

Mark (another one)

Jack said...

Haha, nice to meet you :) And i'm sorry to hear about your friend *hugs*, but thank you for the compliment. I'm sure you were more clear-headed than you give yourself credit for, and I think your blog is interesting lol (as do many others)
Jack xx

Seth said...

Welcome to Blog Land!!


Jack said...

thank you seth :) xx

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