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Thursday, 21 October 2010

Should I?

So today has been an average day. I got most of my hair chopped off this morning, before college. It was quite a shock to friends and family, but apparently I look good with short hair. Although I keep finding myself going to move my non-existent fringe out of my face ... it saddens me. I have also just completed a 4 month project and am SO glad I do not have to do anything else; it is also half term, so I get a week’s holiday! I am also in a good mood because I spent the night flirting with a (decently) cute boy who I know is gay. Only problem is, he is friends with my ‘group’ and goes to my college. So if I tell him, I risk letting my secret out of the bag :/ Should I do it?!

Tonight’s instalment I hope, will help those of you confront your fears over coming out via txt, internet, email ect. This is the story of how I told Eve ...

So I had always been tempted to tell Eves about m sexuality, but it was always one excuse after another. Ironically, I used to have a very large crush on her, and in more recent years: her brother (he even wrote me a message asking for a date, but that’s for another time). I only told her when I did because I decided that I would tell her best friend and I expected them to talk; with my permission or not: so I told her. I struggled quite a lot with finding an excuse to talk about ‘gay’ things, as I personally find it easier to come out if you are on the subject, and it’s even better if they ask you.  However, with her brother being gay (I know!:D) and me not being sure who the message was from, we inevitably got onto the topic of homosexuality. Fortunately for me, we often joked around the idea of me and her brother dating, so this was bound to ‘turn up’ in our conversation. And it did. But when the time came to tell her, I chickened out. I even had the perfect opportunity, where she basically asked, but I played around with the question without answering it. Finally, after about an hour of talking, I decided it was not or never. So I just came outright and told her. I told her everything: Oliver, Joe, her Brother. Everything! We then talked for another hour, and how she felt privileged as she knew before her best friend: who incidentally I told the next day.

So today’s advice?
Coming out is no different than when you do it face-to-face, providing you have the right person. Although some people may prefer to do it in person, as you can gauge their reaction and look them in the eye, making it more personal and easier to react to.
Do it quickly. Don’t beat around the bush, as more often than not, they will be accepting and just want it out in the open.
Stick with me, I’m almost done with my coming-out stories :)

- Ttyl Jack xx


Not out but want in said...

Hey Jack
Have just read through your blog. I found it interesting. But come on boy get down and dirty who, when and where.
Mark xxx

Jack said...

Hi Mark,
Thank you lol. It's going to talke a lot of getting used to (3 years is a long time)
And thanks for checking out my blog, hope it helps you lol, it's really just my way of venting haha.

And don't worry, i'll dish the dirt soon enough. I'm just setting up who knows about me and who i'll be reffering to. - Keep your eye on Joe ;)
Jack xx

jaygeemmm said...

The stories are great. Helpful, even. Interesting to say the least. Your perspective is an important contribution, and I hope some of the younger guys find you, because hearing these things from someone near their own age is a lot better than hearing it from us old farts!

Peace <3

Jack said...

I hope they are not too boring and people can get some help from them lol. It's my aim to help others on anything, to make it easier for them. The only problem is that they have to find me as i don't know where they are hiding :P Although my 'followers' is increasing (i now have 5!!... its an exciting feeling to check your blog and notice such a drastic change, as you all know lol)
Jack xx

P.s. you're not "old farts!" lol

jaygeemmm said...

You've already taken the first steps to "finding them". You've started a blog. The followers you've got now are what I'd call "prolific" - they blog a lot and comment a lot. That draws attention. More people come. When you get out and read and comment, then even more people notice you. Check out the blogs on others' blogrolls, especially the ones you see most frequently on those rolls. And remind me the next time we chat to tell you another secret!

Peace <3

Jack said...

Well that is what i was doing anyway, so i guess that's good :)
And ooo, i'm intrigued now :P is this a secret, or a tip on blogging? lol
Jack xx

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