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Thursday, 28 October 2010


So Today’s post is going to be kinda random as I have no idea what to write today: I’m gonna wing it.

So I was supposed to be filming for our Media Coursework today, but our actor had to cancel as he was going to see his dad; and I could hardly say no. I didn’t mind much, it meant that I could have my FIRST day off (not doing work) of my Holidays. What did I do? I hear you ask ... Nothing.

I watched TV but there was nothing on, so I ended up watching repeats. I used to love it, and could sit through the same show literally several times in a row; now I hate to watch it twice lol. So I spent the rest of my day blogging and Facebooking. Fun day if you ask me haha.

I’ve had my family complaining all week for me to do my chores – which I have done already! – and it’s really getting on my nerves. I did the jobs I was supposed to do, and extra, but I still had to do more. I don’t mind having to do this, it’s just frustrating when they keep on complaining. It’s not my fault I have been busy working on my education! rather than making sure the floors and bathroom are clean! GRR. It reminds me of a conversation I overheard not that long ago about ‘taking out the trash’ (you know who you are lol) where the mother was complaining and the son was not doing it and it got me thinking; why do we complain? It’s not going to make us go faster?! So after I had done my chores not only did no-one notice that they were complete and the complaining continued, but they also expected me to do more!? FFS, I GIVE UP!

So that was my extremely exciting day
- Ttyl Jack xx


Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Well, you DID go to the amusement park on Monday. I'm sure the floors were piled with dirt because it took you an extra day to clean them! HAHAHA!

You are 100% correct about the complaining (and I can guess who said that, think I've heard the same thing!). It never motivated me. It never motivated any other kid I've known. You'd think parents would learn. ;-) Maybe evolution doesn't work.

Nice to see normality (is that a word). Well cool.

Peace <3

Jack said...

True, but the rest of the time i was working. AND i had done the floors the day before!
And i'm sure you do lol, just wasn't sure if i should name names or not yet lol. And you would have thought so, wouldn't you :P
It is haha, thanks
Jack xx

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