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You Are Beautiful!

I thought that I would dedicate this post to a common problem all over the world, teens and adults included: self-confidence and conception. Peter keeps commenting to me about how he is fat and ugly, and I can find it a little upsetting, as he isn’t. No way near it! I will admit that he has the rare imperfection (sorry hunny) but we all do. But in my eyes he is still perfect, those tiny things that he blows out of proportion have the complete opposite affect on me. I love him for them! I find them adorable and unique to him.

But we all have those hang-ups. I have millions, that some people seem not to notice, and others do. It is the way life goes. Some people are friends, others: enemies. But you can’t let them get to you. Hold your head up high and see the light! Let it brush against your face as you beam with joy and happiness. Would you rather think something and MAKE it true? Or ignore it and realise that it was just your imagination? This is one of the few times that ignoring a problem will make it get better. There are billions of people all over the world and each of them have a million hang-ups, which have millions of affects, that affect millions of people. Do not be one of these people, and stand up tall and embrace these things … they are what make you, you! You are unique and beautiful. Each and every one of you!!!

You inspired me to write this Peter, and is just one of the millions of reasons why I love you. You may not like they way you look or act, but I sure do. I love you to the edge of the universe and back; and I’m sure yall do too.
- Ttyl Jack xx