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Thursday, 29 December 2011

I need a Doctor ...

Hey guys, its me again.

Um im in a spot of bother and thought now is as good as any time to ask for some help.

Basically, for the last, on i dont know, 3-4 months (?) my blog has been acting up and it is REALLY frustrating me.

There are several symptoms and if anyone can give me some advice on how to strop/fix this, it'd be really useful haha.

Ok, so ...
  • I cant see the 'followers' on my blog (or other people's) ... you know, on that 'gadget'
  • I cant comment on ANYONE's blog. No i havnt been ignoring Blogland, i just cant say anything haha
  • If by some mirracle it DOES let me post a comment, i have to sign in to my blog, sign in again to write a comment (which signs me out of my blog) and doesnt let me use my Blog 'name' to comment (i have to use OpenID or something)
  • I cant seem to follow anyone's blog now :/

These could be completely random coincidences but any suggestions?

Sunday, 25 December 2011


Hey everyone, hope your holidays are going well, im sure mine are :)

Just thought i'd wish you a happy and white christmas with your families xx

Take care and be merry ! xx

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Happy Holidays or Selfish Shopping

I’ve often wondered to what extent does society maintain its morals and values, for era’s past.

I mean, you look back to the 60’s and even further, and you can tell there is a definite distinctive moral consensus in society. Everyone had tasteful decorations that they often reused, got presents that people wanted AND needed and the whole holiday was about spending time with family and friends: to spread that Christmas cheer.

But what do we have nowadays? A tacky tree, children demanding douzens of pointless toys that are shinier than their neighbours and a day consumed by consumerism.

Thats not to say that these values have completely disappeared, but rather have been diminished over the decades. Sure you may spend time with your family, but do you enjoy it? Is it the foundations of the day? Do you do it because you WANT to or because your TOLD or its TRADITION?

To what extent has Christmas, and other holidays too (perhaps more so), been irreparably damaged beyond all recognition?

Toy stores worldwide strive to have the biggest, the best and the shiniest out on the market just before Christmas time so that children will demand them from their parents. Ant it doest stop there, its not just one toy or two, its several. There is quite an apt quote from Harry Potter:

“How many are there?!”
“36. Counted them myself”
“36?! But last year, last year I had 37!”
“Yes, but but some of them are quite a bit bigger than they were last year.”
“I don’t care how big they are!”

Now, this WAS talking about Birthdays and such, but the concept is still clear and applicable. Children are very susceptible to change and more often than not, they come to expect what they shouldn’t.

The magic from Christmas disappears in wake of consumerism and commodity fetishism, that is to say that we as a society ‘worship’ commodities and seldom view something for its ‘cost’ but rather for its ‘value’ to us as a buyer.

A good example of this is Coke. When was the last time you saw an advert that said “its tastes good.” Or “its fizzy!” It just doesn’t happen. Instead you are sold an idea, a preposterous and idiotic concept that if you drink Coke you will have consistency in your life or happiness.

Its a drink! And yet, as a consumer society we believe and encourage these forms of propaganda because, well there are a lot of theories out there.

The point is, this idea is evident everywhere. Even in these major holidays. The toy industry tells you that you need to buy bigger and more gifts for your children to show them you love them and to make their childhood ‘complete’ when in fact all you are doing is cluttering your house, wasting money and even instilling Capitalism into your kids.

The Capitalist Ideologies:
  • Individualism
  • Economy
  • Democracy
Or rather should I say:
  • MY toy is better
  • MY toy cost more
  • You can choose this toy or this one.
What has Christmas become? Has it improved? Bigger and Better?
Or is it just another excuse for us to show off and for large corporations to exploit us.
What will it be like when our children have children of their own?



Is there an end?

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Something is wrong

Lately something strange has been happening to me. And I mean, VERY strange. Abnormal really.

I don’t know how to really explain it but I’ll give it a go. Now you must know, im usually an emotional person but I go to great lengths to make sure that its hardly ever visable. I know why and wont delve into that right now, but anyone who knows my history can probably make an educated guess.

But lately I’ve been crying.

No not because of something sad, or even happy if im honest. I’ve been crying about Christmas.

Now I know how that sounds, so no im not insane or anything. Just I’ll be listening to a song or watching a film and then suddenly im brimming up with tears for no apparent reason.

And I NEVER cry.

As a child ... sure! I could cry like the best of them. I could produce crocodile tears at the drop of a pin and real ones even easier. Scarcely a day went by where I didn’t cry, and then my Nan died and I just got fed up with everything. Long story short I repressed emotions (for various other reasons too) and I never cry anymore.

To this day, thinking of my Nan is the ONLY thing that is guaranteed to make me shed a tear. But now, this!

I know its not serious or particularly interesting. Heck, I agree with that! But it IS intriguing.

Sure I love Christmas, a lot! I mean, like a lot a lot! But not enough to be that emotional about it. I mean, why this dramatic a change in so short a space of time?

Is it because im on my own completely private? it is because im away from my family? Is it an innate characteristic that is only JUST rearing it’s head?

Or is it just one of those random changes that affects us all?

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Hey Yall!

(Sorry couldnt resist)

Anyway, I have just completed my first semester (yes, they call them semesters now :/) in university and i have a LOT still left to talk about. However, I have no idea what to talk about so PLEASE!!!! comment below on what you want me to talk about ... as specific as possible? :P

Just a reminder that on friday i will be changing my URL and with that i will also be changing some of my content (to be written) but that will all be explained when the time comes.

Anyway, i was asked by Jay to include the essays i had to write for my modules in my course. So here they are (let me know if there are any problems) ...

[WARNING] These essays may bore you to extremes ... enjoy

Describe how you would prepare for and conduct an interview with a well-known personality, explaining the background theory to the approach you would take.

Media Studies is a ‘Mickey Mouse’ academic discipline. How would you counter this claim?

My favorite is by far the second! Higher word count, more interesting topic and i spent a LOT more time researching it haha. It is also coincidentally my favorite module so far and is also easier (as it is 'INTRODUCTION to Media Studies' and i have been doing Media for 4 years already haha) ... oh and before yall complain, it was compulsery :P

Um so yeah, this is basically what my first 3 months has been about and i just have one more exam left and i complete this semester. Next semester i have twice as many modules tho :/

Oh, also as i will be returning back to England on Sunday, you probably wont be hearing from me very much but i'll try to keep in touch. And i'll be back in the new year :)

As always, ttyl xx

Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey guys, so I thought its been a while since I had a nice good old fashioned rant, so get ready :P

Ok so I have been living in University accommodation for the last 3 months and am really enjoying it. I live with 6 other people in my flat, on the top floor and have met most of the people in our block. WE go out drinking together, watch some films as a group and are even planning to go out for a Christmas meal.

Life is good.

... for now ...

You see, although it may seem early, we have to plan for next years accommodation in this next month. We have to find a flat, make a deposit and the most important thing ... decide who we are going to share a house with.

Now me and most of my flat have been talking on and off about this subject for the last month, and quickly came to the assumption that the ‘boys’ of the flat would not be sharing with us as they get on better with other people. Not a problem. That left me, Bili, CC and Kay.

Now a bit of a back story: CC does not like Kay (for some unreasonable and pathetic reason) so she didn’t really want to share with her. But I presumed that she was like me, and didn’t mind who she shared a house with next year too much.

I found out recently that she and Bili had been offered placed in the ‘house’ of a group of people in her course. At this time it was just talk, and Bili didn’t want to leave Kay alone and without someone to share with so she was on the fence. I then find out that they have decided to go for it.

That left me and Kay. WRONG!

Kay has been invited to share with her friends. I am now all alone. I asked my friend form back home if I should share with her and whoever she is going with, but she doesn’t know if they will have the spare room or not ... great.

I have just asked my friend from my block if I can share with her, as I know she is sharing with most of the party animals from our block including a guy from my flat. So on the one hand, we are good friends and as there are so many we could easily split into two groups or just get a bigger house. Alternatively, as there are so many people, it will likely be a no.

I have one or two other people I can ask, but they are mainly people I know slightly or are in my class. I am really starting to panic now because everyone has picked their group and the people in my flat have royally fucked me over because they didn’t want to share in the end.

I am all alone and have no idea what to do. Sure, if I don’t have anyone to go with I can go back into housing next year and be placed with a load of strangers, but I don’t want to. I want to follow the norm and move into ‘houses’ with everyone else and preferably with at least someone I know decently well.

Im trying not to dwell on it too much because if I do I’ll start panicking and that wont turn out well. Its just I cant turn around to someone and be like PLEASE LET ME MOVE IN WITH YOU! YOUR MY LAST CHANCE!

Internally I’m just screaming constantly about this, but externally im trying to look calm. I hate that my flat all seem to get on better with other people and have a group that they are going to be living with, and the group that I want to do this with don’t.

I just feel like an outcast, who may not have a home next year ...

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Hey guys, just another quick post because i want your oppinions :)

I'm going to get my hair cut soon (well, christmas time lol) but i have a dilema ...

To cut my hair or to not cut my hair!!!

Well i could either leave my hair long and straighten it and everything, a kind of emo mysterious style,


i could cut it short like i used to and i get to gell it and play with it that i do miss but i dont know how well it suits me

So i have set up a poll for you to vote on. Poll closes on the 16 and PLEASE vote! i need to know which style suits me best (both will be black but i't should be more like black highlights if i cut short)



A Quick Catch-Up

Sorry Guys, i know i've been away a lot lol but i'll be back soon. So just a quick catch up ...

So my Love Life is um ...

(in that order lol)

courses are picking up nicely, exam (SINGULAR ... yay) in Jan and just got one more essay to do and then i'm done for the rest of the year!

Peter has been busy lately but he will be posting soon.

And in bigger news, i'll be changing my blog URL on the 16th!!! mainly because i have people checking up on me and keeping tabs etc which is uite off-putting and means i have to be a lot more ambigious with my posts (as im sure a LOT of you are realing and getting annoyed with haha).

So obviously i cant post my new URL here as well that defeats the object of it, and i have been told that i will be removed from your blogroll, so i will give the new URL to a select few people to post and just refollow me if you want :)

sorry for the inconveniance.

So in the words of Porky Pig ... "Thats all folks!"

... oh and only 6 ore days till my brthday! YAY lol