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Sunday, 4 December 2011

A Quick Catch-Up

Sorry Guys, i know i've been away a lot lol but i'll be back soon. So just a quick catch up ...

So my Love Life is um ...

(in that order lol)

courses are picking up nicely, exam (SINGULAR ... yay) in Jan and just got one more essay to do and then i'm done for the rest of the year!

Peter has been busy lately but he will be posting soon.

And in bigger news, i'll be changing my blog URL on the 16th!!! mainly because i have people checking up on me and keeping tabs etc which is uite off-putting and means i have to be a lot more ambigious with my posts (as im sure a LOT of you are realing and getting annoyed with haha).

So obviously i cant post my new URL here as well that defeats the object of it, and i have been told that i will be removed from your blogroll, so i will give the new URL to a select few people to post and just refollow me if you want :)

sorry for the inconveniance.

So in the words of Porky Pig ... "Thats all folks!"

... oh and only 6 ore days till my brthday! YAY lol


Jay M. said...

Your love life will work itself out in're only 18 and 359 days old, plenty of time!

Gotta figure out how to celebrate your birthday!

I can't believe your first term was so bloody easy. Man, mine was a beast, and it didn't get much better all the way through. ARGH! But good for you, high marks will set a good course for you to follow in the future terms.

Peace <3

Wayne said...

Glad your university is going well. As for blogging I'm sure many gay blogs have disappeared because they became awkward when discovered by family, friends etc. But blogging is a great way to unload about how you really feel about things and get some opinions. - Wayne :)

naturgesetz said...

I'm glad things are going well at uni, and I hope the love life won't have too many more teardrops, although it seems to be part of life to have them sometimes. Hang in there.

I hope I'll be one of the select few to get the url of the new blog.

word verification: abilized — sounds like something we all should hope to be in one way or another

Rowan said...

Please let me have you're new URL. I'd miss reading your blog! :(

Glad your courses are going well, hope mine are this time next year. (If i get into uni of course)

Rowan <3

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