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100 Things About Me

  1. My name is Jack. Yes, really.
  2. I have brown eyes.
  3. I have dark brown hair that grown ridiculously quickly.
  4. My favourite colour is dark blue.
  5. I live in England, near to London. That’s all you get, unknown people :P
  6. I constantly use slang like "lol" way too much, but I think it shows how I want the info to be interoperated.
  7. I have many pet peeves, but I hate, hate, HATE it when people walk too slow in front of you.  I think they do it on purpose ¬¬
  8. I am annoyingly indecisive.
  9. I don’t have a favourite food, music, place ect.
  10. I do not have a middle name
  11. I have adopted the name ‘Tyler’ for a middle name, because Peter gave it to me.
  12. I have a cat called Mischief, who I love to pieces.
  13. I have to do things evenly, such as the TV Volume or even when I eat things.
  14. My clothes have to match colour.
  15. I have had 37 ex-girlfriends. Yes, 37.
  16. I was an incredibly frigid child.
  17. I broke my arm when I was 4.
  18. I fell of a slide, causing number 17.
  19. I LOVE the “mummy” and all other associative programmes/films.
  20. I am more about personality than looks, although I am kinda shallow. I mean, I have to be attracted to the person for it to work!
  21. When I first meet someone, I usually look at their eyes or hair first.  
  22. I don’t have a ‘type’ but I prefer ‘normal’ guys. (not all bones or all muscle ect).
  23. I'm a virgin for both guys and girls.
  24. I would have (had) sex with a girl if the opportunity presented itself.
  25. If I think someone is good looking, I usually fiddle with my hair a lot.
  26. I am a procrastinator, if there is an excuse not to do something, I will find it. I’m like a human sniffer dog.
  27. I used to be really picky with food.
  28. I used to ONLY eat Jam sandwiches.
  29. I then moved onto Ham Sandwiches.
  30. Then Spam. Told you I was picky.
  31. When I’m alone I sometimes talk to myself.
  32. I think being weird is cool, quirky and cute.
  33. I am a love-drunk. (ie. I say I love you” a million times)
  34. I have a nasty habbit of using technology while being drunk. Not good :/
  35. I went through a period where I smoked cigarettes for a while. Not proud of it but I quit, when my sisters boyfriend caught me. He didn’t tell.
  36. I have never smoked marijuana, although I would like to try it once.
  37. I have an addictive personality. Like, I check facebook and blogger religiously.
  38. I had braces for 4 years.
  39. They said I’d have them for 2 ¬¬
  40. I used to LOVE Simpsons. I still do, but not as much.
  41. I have every series of it on DVD.
  42. I have over 300 of their comics, including the first 10 ever. Told you ... addictive.
  43. I have 2 older sisters, but countless younger cousins.
  44. I HATE the thought of people laughing at me.   
  45. J'ai parler un peu francais.
  46. I also know a lot of Russian Insults. (My ex taught me).
  47. I am a big grammar and punctuation freak (or as Peter would say ... Dork).
  48. I found it very difficult to spell as a child. I could spell difficult, but probably not very.
  49. I constantly loose at games with my friends. Especially Monopoly and Super Mario Party 8.  
  50. I used to do Hurdles in school and was quite good at them.
  51. I LOVE Shakespeare to pieces. I even researched his mysterious ‘dedication’.
  52. I love the smell of new books.
  53. I hate the sound it makes when people play with styrofoam.
  54. I LOVE the cold. I even leave my window open at night.
  55. I have had trouble sleeping since I was a child, but no one in my family believes me that I used to pretend to sleep.
  56. For some people the highlight in the morning is urinating. For me it is a cold glass of orange juice.
  57. My and my great nan do crossword puzzles when we’re together in the evening.
  58. I come from a long line of gardening experts. My dad and great nan can both name the latin names of plants they see.
  59. My dad used to be a tree surgeon.
  60. My mum, her dad AND her mum were all psychiatric nurses.
  61. I multitask constantly. Right now I have the TV, a computer game, MSN, Blogger, Facebook and Google open.
  62. I was taught to never give up as a child.
  63. I used to bite my nails really badly, but I’ve almost completely stopped.
  64. I used to suck my thumb as a child.
  65. My mum tried to get me to stop by putting this blue stuff, that tasted disgusting, on it. I didn’t give up (number 62) and powered through for years.
  66. My mum taught me how to play chess at a VERY young age. She refused to play by the time I was 10.
  67. I am a clutter freak. I hoard everything.
  68. I had my first kiss very young. About age 4.
  69. I usually promise myself I will do my homework the night I get it set, but leave it until the night before.
  70. I hate politics. It confuses me.
  71. I am in college at the moment (not litterally) and study 4 courses.
  72. I study Media, English Literature, Sociology and Maths.
  73. I'm not religious.
  74. I LOVE to read, but hate some ‘classics’. I gave up reading the Hobbit.
  75. It took me 6 months to read Watership Down.
  76. I am a nice person. People usually take this the wrong way.
  77. If I’m nice to a girl, they usually end up liking me. Don’t mean to sound big-headed, but its usually true.
  78. If I’m nice about a girl to someone else, they think I like them.
  79. Media and Sociology have ruined my life. Not really, but they have changed how I view the world.
  80. I can’t not analyse a Media product. E.g. if I a listening to a song I will be thinking about what music video I would make ect.
  81. If I think about people as a whole, I will apply sociological theories.
  82. I am a terrible person to watch films with as I tear it to pieces: I point out the flaws, continuity errors or just make fun of it.
  83. I really like horror films but an kind of squeamish.
  84. I used to feint a lot (will explain in a later post).
  85. I used to sneak into the cemetery as a child. What?! If they said I couldn’t do something, I had to!
  86. I have grown up around death.
  87. I have a shirt I only wear at funerals.
  88. I found our missing cat Lucky in our Play House. He froze to death.
  89. I am REALLY forgetful. I’m lucky if I can even remember 5 minutes ago ... I actually can’t remember what I put for number 1.
  90. I live in a 3 bedroom house. Mine is the smallest.
  91. I have only ever made ONE mix-tape/CD.
  92. I am a romantic. I used to tell my dad what he should do on Valentine’s Day. Haha.
  93. I have wanted to join almost every career to man.
  94. I am an aspiring novelist since I was about 7.
  95. I suffer from REALLY bad eczema.
  96. I have wide feet.
  97. I only wear Converse All Star shows. I don’t know why, just like them.
  98. I absolutely L.O.V.E. Ancient Egypt. I taught myself how to write hieroglyphics at a young age, but have never been to Egypt.
  99. I have a university interview on Wed. I’m worried haha.
  100. And um ... 100 ... um ... I say “um” WAY too much, haha. At least 3 times in a sentence.