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Agony Uncle

So over the years I have often been the one to go too for advice and help on almost any topics. Even from a young age I’ve had kids ask me about relationships, education, you name it, I’ve tried my best to advise on it.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a professional actual adviser or anything, nor is my advice guaranteed to work; but it has given me some practice and I really do try my best. Some people would not care or force their opinion on someone, but I don’t have an opinion. Or rather, I keep it to myself, or make it clear it is MY opinion.
To keep a level head and think logically is usually the best way to go.
Like, the other day, my ex girlfriend came over to see me (which was kinda out of the blue, but oh well) and she dropped a bomb shell. She has been dating her bf for over a year now (no offence, but he was her rebound ... they got together only a few days after we split) and have been pretty inseparable since. They are kind of the power couple I know, but not many people like them, which is a shame because they are both lovely. Anyway, she came to me to get my advice because she was also in love with his best friend and he loves her. They had done stuff, including a threesome, and in pairs, and she was torn.

  • Should she break up with her bf and only hurt him.
  • Should she discontinue this affair and hurt the other guy.
  • Should she dump both and hurt both.
  • Or should she continue with both, and hurt both.
So we ended up circling around college talking it through, and I tried to give her arguments for and against each side, so that she could make her own decision. I did feel guilty not being able to tell her bf, but when I help give someone advice, I keep it confidential unless it is a life or death situation. People should have the right to ask for advice and not have it displayed around college.

And so, I beg you. Anyone out there. If you have something eating you up inside, confide in someone. It doesn’t have to be me, or a professional, just someone you can trust and (hopefully) is unbias. Even just having someone to listen to you can make a world of improvement. You are not alone and there are thousands of other people out there who have, or are going, through the same things.
Why learn from YOUR mistakes, when you can learn from OTHER’S.
But if you do ever want to talk, chat, complain, get advice, or anything in between, just contact me at ... every one has the right to be heard. x


~ Jack xx