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You Are Loved ...

So I myself am currently in the closet ... well, I have cracked the door open a bit, but am yet to leap out and yell SURPRISE!!! And I know that this is a problem with so many people, world-wide, and I had to give my reassurance to them.

All is not lost! Stay strong!


There are thousands upon thousands of people out there who each feel as you do. The isolation. The secrets. The two-faced attitude you must adopt to survive. We have all been there, only some are lucky enough to find an escape.

Well, you can too.

It is just a matter of having or finding a group of friends who are open minded and accepting of who people ARE, deep down. If you don’t have these people now, then I would say try to find new friends, integrate yourself into their friendship group. This doesn’t mean forgetting your old friends, simply broadening your horizons, that way, if they are not as accepting as you thought, then you still have a group of people who will support you no matter what.

As for families, that is something, only YOU can decide about. Are there any family members who have gone through this? Are there any who love you no matter who you love? Are there any who will disown you? Take some thought into who won’t care and who can keep the secret. Then you have selected who, you are just left with where, when and IF you actually want to.

So, until then, you have us. Bloggers. Many of us have gone or are going through the same things and can offer advice, support and help to any one of you out there. We are here to be your friends, to gossip about hot guys, or to help with homework. To act as mentors and supervisors, or as competition. WE can be anything you want us to be: Just know one thing.

You are not alone and you are Loved!
Here is a Poem I wrote about how I felt when I was alone and felt like no one really knew ME. I hope it helps.

Know my Name
All alone in this world of ours,
Cast adrift by everyone,
I’m all alone in this great blue sea,
Its just me and the setting sun.

Surrounded by people,
But no one to listen,
Empty shells,
without emotion.
Don’t care what they say,
Just wana move on,
To another day.

So much to see, so much to say,
But left alone, for another day.
No one knows me, no one cares,
People pass me by, but no one dares,
Know my name.

People talk, n people laugh,
People smile, but its all an act.
Everyone’s different,
But they’re all the same,
No one dares know my name.

So misunderstood,
Just another number,
Another label,
For you to ponder.
But its not that simple,
We’re not the same.
No one understands me,
Or dares know my name.

I’m just another face,
That’s in the crowd,
A silent person,
That’s not aloud,
To say what I think,
Or do what to do,
Because you don’t know me,
And I don’t know you.

All alone in this great blue sea,
Its just me.

(Dedicated to my Baby, I love you! xx)
~ Jack xx