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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So my last post confused and intrigued many of you, resulting in a plethera of different responses and idea's as to what the post was about. But no one guessed the actual topic.

Some came close but didnt quite make the distance.

As of a week or so ago i had 5 people proclaiming thier undying love for me.

JOY! you may think but no! It was a living hell!

I have the innate ablility to make people fall in love with me. I dont mean this in a boastful or big headded way, but i mean its true. What's worse is that i dont feel the same way about them which jsut makes things awkward and uncomfortable.

I mean these are the people who claim their love for me as of a week ago:

The one whom I love but is also off sleeping with others
The one whom Loves me AND my ex
The one whom proclaimed their love for me after a day
The one whom i kissed (ok so he doesnt quite love me but likes me a lot)
The one whom i have been kinda seeing

Now i can live with this, these mysterious 5 people, but less than 24 hours later this list dropped down to 4.

Turns out that the guy whom i have been kinda seeing got drunk, proclaimed his love for me and didnt actually mean it. I mean, who says they love someone when they are drunk and dont correct it until they are about to break up with someone?!

Who does that!?

I wasnt hurt by his shit excuse that he has 'too much on his plate atm' and i wasnt that upset that he was thinking of breaking up with me ... whilst i was there! but to say you love someone when you dont mean it is just harsh!!!

I dont really know what else to say. This post would have been a LOT longer if my internet hadnt broken and made me wait a week before writing this but idk, just its a harsh thing for a prick to do.

I've decided i'm going to become a monk. At least they dont get fucked arround with.

Oh and he did it by text ...

But w/e ...

Saturday, 19 November 2011



Friday, 11 November 2011

My Love Life ...







... confused as I am?

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Uni Update


So I’m back from going home for the week. I had a great time!

I was surprised just how much I missed everyone and everything, but I was also surprised at just how quickly I settled into everything lol.

The train was a bitch tho! I left early on the wed and got two busses into town and then got to the station and I arrived at the next stop or ‘change’ early so I decided to get some breakfast. I made it back onto the platform just as my train was pulling out of the station, so I had to wait an hour for the next one! I didn’t get home until 6pm and was SO bored and hungry! Lol

Fortunately everyone was already at home and we had ordered Chinese in ... yum!

I then spent the next few days relaxing, cleaning, tidying and meeting up with friends. It was great to see them all out.

On Friday I went to a nightclub with my best friend (something I have missed out on and was so glad I came back the same week it was on lol) and had a great night meeting up with other friends I would have otherwise missed. I also got hit on by this guy and had a few drinks with him, he gave me his number too.

Then on Saturday it was my mums birthday so we went to the local pub for a few drinks and then we went on to town to have a boogie lol. It was really awkward tho because about half of the pub was literally trying to set me up with this other guy who then followed us to the club. But he wasn’t my type lol.

Then I came home yesterday and that was it. Once again the trains were a nightmare though. I almost missed my train leaving, then it broke down, then because of this I missed my next train and had to wait 30 mins for the next one and then THAT one was delayed so I had to wait a further hour for my next train. I didn’t get home until about 11 ... I was SO tired! Lol

But I made it into my lectures today on time and everything which was good. Glad I did too because I only have 2 weeks until I have to do a presentation in one of my classes and I only just met my project partners (there were complications before you all yell!)

There is a bit more to say and tell yall about but I’ll save that for later :P but in the meantime uni is great!

Oh and you know who you are ... please? xx

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Lovely Trains ...

Ok, so i would just like to retract my earlier blog post about how i HATE trains haha. You were right in that it wasnt the trains but rather the websites.

With a bit of know-how and a lot of help from Mark (thanks again) i managed to get an easier journey with less stops, later time of return (leave my house an hour later to arrive 15 mins later ... SCORE!) and all for about half the price it would have cost me if i were to buy it tomorow at the station!

So a BIG round of applause for Mark, for telling me to go through a particular station :)

There was still a bit of trouble where it gave me the same message as before that "your ticket is not available" but with a bit of fiddling i managed to fill the whole thing out for it to say "your ticket is not available" ... although i got a confirmation email saying i had paid for it ... so i will just have to wait and see.

Lovely Trains ...

Stupid Trains ...

This is just a quick post to demonstrate my strong distate for public transport ... ESPECIALLY trains!

Ok, thats a lie, i actually quite enjoy riding on trains, there is something about the idea of travelling somewhere far away on your own that sounds quite appealing to me, but not all the time!

Not only is a train journey from uni to my home town expensive and complicated (three different tickets and about a total of 4 stops) but im trying to do it online and in advance. Well i say advance (its tomorow lol), but now for whatever reason, its decided to not sell me the bloody ticket!

No explination or reason, just a suggestion to remove the return journey (which doesnt work!!!) ... GRRR

Stupid Trains ...