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Wednesday, 23 November 2011


So my last post confused and intrigued many of you, resulting in a plethera of different responses and idea's as to what the post was about. But no one guessed the actual topic.

Some came close but didnt quite make the distance.

As of a week or so ago i had 5 people proclaiming thier undying love for me.

JOY! you may think but no! It was a living hell!

I have the innate ablility to make people fall in love with me. I dont mean this in a boastful or big headded way, but i mean its true. What's worse is that i dont feel the same way about them which jsut makes things awkward and uncomfortable.

I mean these are the people who claim their love for me as of a week ago:

The one whom I love but is also off sleeping with others
The one whom Loves me AND my ex
The one whom proclaimed their love for me after a day
The one whom i kissed (ok so he doesnt quite love me but likes me a lot)
The one whom i have been kinda seeing

Now i can live with this, these mysterious 5 people, but less than 24 hours later this list dropped down to 4.

Turns out that the guy whom i have been kinda seeing got drunk, proclaimed his love for me and didnt actually mean it. I mean, who says they love someone when they are drunk and dont correct it until they are about to break up with someone?!

Who does that!?

I wasnt hurt by his shit excuse that he has 'too much on his plate atm' and i wasnt that upset that he was thinking of breaking up with me ... whilst i was there! but to say you love someone when you dont mean it is just harsh!!!

I dont really know what else to say. This post would have been a LOT longer if my internet hadnt broken and made me wait a week before writing this but idk, just its a harsh thing for a prick to do.

I've decided i'm going to become a monk. At least they dont get fucked arround with.

Oh and he did it by text ...

But w/e ...


Mind Of Mine said...

Oh god, I miss the days where people fall in love with me at the drop of a hat, its been a while now. Me and my brother used to laugh at the fact people confess their undying love for us too often and too soon.

naturgesetz said...

Maybe the thing to do when someone proclaims his love for you is to have a serious conversation about what he means by "love."

If you think there might be any possibility of a lasting friendship, you can say, "Well, let's see how it goes. I'm not ready to enter into an exclusive relationship with you at this point. I think we should get to know each other better and also maybe get to know other people. So let's be friends and see where that takes us."

Wayne said...

I dunno; those monks may have more reasons than you think for joining the monastery lol. You just need to find the guy who you really feel comfortable with and returns the consideration you give him; something that happens as the months go by. Ideally after you have completed university and are employed you want that partner who will stand by you for the long haul, and I guess we all need to be a bit realistic for that to happen. - Wayne :)

Jay M. said...

OK, so I missed the mark, but you're so CONFUSING sometimes! HAHAHAHAHA (I mean that in the nicest way possible!)

Jack, love, lust and infatuation are all intertwined, but dependent on different emotions - and drunk isn't an emotion, so write that one off. I wish I had some more info as to who each of these is, maybe I could offer some words of encouragement - perhaps on chat you can fill me in.

I think naturgsetz says it best - don't limit yourself right now, get to know people better - preferably without the alcohol to cloud the vision and mind - and see where it goes with each. There's nothing wrong with having lots of friends, but I would be careful of those whom you "love" but are sleeping around - that would tell me that the feelings are not mutual.

Good luck, sorry I haven't been online much, but it's Thanksgiving over here so while visiting family, Internet time is limited.

Peace <3

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