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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Uni Update


So I’m back from going home for the week. I had a great time!

I was surprised just how much I missed everyone and everything, but I was also surprised at just how quickly I settled into everything lol.

The train was a bitch tho! I left early on the wed and got two busses into town and then got to the station and I arrived at the next stop or ‘change’ early so I decided to get some breakfast. I made it back onto the platform just as my train was pulling out of the station, so I had to wait an hour for the next one! I didn’t get home until 6pm and was SO bored and hungry! Lol

Fortunately everyone was already at home and we had ordered Chinese in ... yum!

I then spent the next few days relaxing, cleaning, tidying and meeting up with friends. It was great to see them all out.

On Friday I went to a nightclub with my best friend (something I have missed out on and was so glad I came back the same week it was on lol) and had a great night meeting up with other friends I would have otherwise missed. I also got hit on by this guy and had a few drinks with him, he gave me his number too.

Then on Saturday it was my mums birthday so we went to the local pub for a few drinks and then we went on to town to have a boogie lol. It was really awkward tho because about half of the pub was literally trying to set me up with this other guy who then followed us to the club. But he wasn’t my type lol.

Then I came home yesterday and that was it. Once again the trains were a nightmare though. I almost missed my train leaving, then it broke down, then because of this I missed my next train and had to wait 30 mins for the next one and then THAT one was delayed so I had to wait a further hour for my next train. I didn’t get home until about 11 ... I was SO tired! Lol

But I made it into my lectures today on time and everything which was good. Glad I did too because I only have 2 weeks until I have to do a presentation in one of my classes and I only just met my project partners (there were complications before you all yell!)

There is a bit more to say and tell yall about but I’ll save that for later :P but in the meantime uni is great!

Oh and you know who you are ... please? xx


Mind Of Mine said...

I really wanna read more about your nights out? More detail.

Wayne said...

Sounds like a great time Jack in spite of the trains. I'm sure university will be a rewarding experience and do make your studies top priority; university involves more work on your own. Hopefully the world economy will be in better shape by the time you graduate! It is a beautiful autumn over here and warmer than normal. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad everything is going so well. You sound so positive, and well, may I say it? HAPPY!

Your train ride sounds like my bis ride from Heathrow to Penzance. What a nightmare!

And see, other guys see you as attractive, even if they're not your type. Hope the self image is changing a bit!

I'm sure you'll do well on the presentation, it's right up your alley, and you are used to short notice, and working hard and oddball partners, so it's life as usual.

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

Glad to hear that uni is good and that the weekend was good too.

Once you know what to expect with the trains, it'll be a lot less stressful. The annoyance happens mostly when things don't go as we expect.

word verification: shorti — not how I think of myself

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I'm glad to hear you had such a good time at home - it's good that you haven't lost touch with your friends there.

The train journeys sound quite grim. I hope, and expect, that they won't be so bad in future - I think the vast majority of mine are pretty uneventful.

Take care


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