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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Childhood

Some facts about Scooby Doo that not many people know:

  • The license plate of the Mystery Machine is 195-343
    Mystery kids.png
    The Mystery Kids
  • The Mystery Machine was originally owned by the Mystery Kids
  • The Mystery gang bought Scooby-Doo at Grillo's Pet Store
  • Ruby Doo (Scooby Doo's Sister) gave birth to Scrappy Doo at St. Bernards Hospital
  • Shaggy has had 6 girlfriends (Googie, Crystal, Rachel, Meadow, Mei Ling, Madelyn Dinkley)
  • Shaggy has a younger sister called "Sugey"
  • There are Shaggy Snacks and Scooby Snacks 
  • Scooby Snacks were actually created by Daphney.

Ok, so as promised in my post about Freddie Jones, here is my post about Scooby Doo and my childhood.


One of my earliest memories is sitting down watching Scooby Doo, well to be honest, they all kind of merge into one ... but thats not the point lol.

I still remember the plot twists to all 25 original episodes, and have seen every episode of every series in existence, and almost all of the films.

Yh, I was a hardcore fan haha.

I remember way back in the day rushing into town to this one little store that sold the videos (way back before DVD’s) and I could even navigate the store to this day ... if it were still there.

I would go in and buy the latest Video of it, or an older one if there were no new ones. Then I would arrange them at home on my selves to have a secret compartment where I would store my money box ... as well, my sister had light fingers, shall I say lol.

Once or twice I even made a little maze out of them, where Mischief my cat would traverse the twists and turns to our hearts content. It was so easy back then to have fun.

I had almost all of their memorabilia! I had three of their original video games that were clue-solving mysteries. One was set in a theme park at night where each time you played a new game, the villain changed so it was always different ... something that seems to have been lost over the ages, which is unusual :/ I could never complete it though. I would get about half way and then get stuck and restart haha.

Same went for the other games, but it didn’t matter. They were fun and had a lot of minigames.

And I had a set of their dolls. They were made of rubber, and were pretty durable haha, which was good as I was a clumsy kid. I used to take them into the bath with me and spend hours just playing with them. Different stories came to me easily.

Man, I should have been their writer! Haha.

Once, I went to a Disney store with my BFF Matt. I think his dad took us, but not sure. And I think I literally bought every Scooby doo doll they did (and a few of Shaggy).

  • Hula Scooby.
  • Scuba Scooby.
  • Golfing Scooby.
You name it, I had it.

I even spent several years (literally several) trying to remember the name of one particular series. I saw it in America when I was like 7, where the Gang were little kids, and no matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find it anywhere! It was an amazing show where they really added new depths to the characters, but it was nowhere to be seen. Not in England, not in America (later on) not online! Nowhere!

I eventually came across it as “A pup named Scooby Doo” but I just remember sitting in the living room in Florida watching this cartoon and the joy I felt as a child, and the frustration for several years afterwards trying to recapture that.

But alas, things had to change. I grew up and it became a secret shame. I still loved (and love) Scooby Doo, but by then I was a teenager and it would have been shameful for people to kow that I still loved the show.

I think it was mainly because it kept me feeling young and reminded me of happier times, but the fact remained, I liked it when it was socially unacceptable for me to. My mum rounded up my toys and videos and put them in a big bag.

I think she donated them in the end, but they were in our playhouse for quite a while, so I’m not sure. Sometimes I long for those days. I mean, I sent the last few years longing to watch a few of the original films, like Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders. But they (and this one in particular) seems to be quite a rarity ... its not even on YouTube haha ... I recently found it on Torrent so no problem lol.

("we'll fill it up with stuff from 1969" ... the year it was first broadcast hehe)

But I just cant help it. I was literally raised on Scooby Doo. I cant help but have a soft spot for it.

Its such a shame that they’re now deviating from the original style of Scooby Doo. In their new live action films, they’re focusing a lot more on the REAL ghosts and ghouls, rather than men in masks. And their original special effects on Scooby doo were amazingly realistic, but in the latest film they were shockingly bad. I do worry that this amazing franchise will die out due to some silly mistakes they’ve made.
I still remember singing along to this ... one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite films haha.

(not from scooby doo, but a better video lol)

But its SO weird to think that my dad was raised on it (to some extent), as was I and now to see my sisters godson watching the original shows jsut makes me think how amazing it is that it is loved by all of these different generations.

Even with their new technologies and everything, they are still drawn to the original and inspiring things. Kind of gives me hope.

The original Video:

The Remake from the thrid live action film:

My childhood <3


Goodbye forever!

Well, i may visit once or twice coming up, i still have some important things i have to say, but until then i doubt you'll see me. I'll still be here, living my life, but i just wont have these great friends with me that i've made this year.

I want to stay and believe me, its been a terribly difficult descision, but i have to go. I have to move on. If i dont, i'm affraid i might never leave, and then i'll be stuck in a 'rut'.

And no one wants that.

No, if i dont move on, i never will, and i NEED to!

I've learnt SO much while i've been here, about blogger in particular. Made some great friendships, dated someone ... or a few, looked towards my mentors and teachers with love, aspiration, shame and bigheadedness ... if thats even a word.

Now i've already said goodbye to most people, and there were a few tears, a few hushed breaths and everything, so i've already been thorugh it all, but its about time i say goodbye to the place thats been mu home for so long.

I dont really know what to say right now, i'm feeling really quite emotional and i actually want to cry, but i have to be strong. I can still talk to my friends ... i just hope they keep in touch! I dont know where i would be or what i would do without them.

They are my friends. They are my family. They are my life.


Ttyl Jack xx

P.S. This post was about College ... not blogger ... you didnt think i'd leave you that easily did you?! I'll post more about this soon ... with pictures!

This was a little video we made and edited (in 2 hours ... hence the poor quality) for our teacher to say goodbye. It clearly meant a lot to her and i'm really glad we did it! Me and the teaching assistant worked really hard on this, about 2 days in total haha (from start to finish) and in the end we got most of the class in it (we were going to get the famous lift and all that but the lifter didnt show up :/)

Sophie cried ...

Monday, 30 May 2011

I'm in love with a 42 year old Teenager!

No, that's not a typo! I am in love with a 42 year old Teenager. And his name is Freddie Jones Jr!!
What, you've never heard of him?! He's famous! Been on TV almost constantly, infact, I think he has been on at least one screen permanantly since he was first broadcasted. TV shows, films, video games... you name it!

He can bench press 220 pounds, and unfortunately he's allergic to cats. He's even been hypnotised 4 times! The old pro! lol.

He's famously seen wearing, blue trousers and a blue shirt, white cardigan, blond hair ... still not got it?! Orange ascot ... what?! ascots are cool! I always wanted one! lol.

Still not got it?

He's actually 16 years old (and has been for 42 years ... see :P) and lives at 123 Tuna Lane, Coolsville, USA.


Um ... unfortunately he's in love with a girl called Daphney Blake :/ who i also used to have a crush on :/

COME ON! You must have it by now?! Would a picture help?

Ok, so this isnt Fred, this is Robbie Amell, one hottie!!! Who plays the character of Fred in Scooby Doo. Now do you get it?!

In fact, this was going to be a quick post about how hot he is and all that haha, but i want to do a post on my childhood and obsession with Scooby Doo, so stay tuned folks!!!

Oh, and also keep an eye out for another post i've got comming up, that is something kinda big lol.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Quick bit O'Debt

I was going to do a post about stuff that's just happened (will do this later) but just wanted to say that I have just completed my student finance loan applications. This is where i get two types of loan from the government to pay for some of my uni fee's: like the cost of my course and some of my living expenses.

Anyway, once i get my results in August and am accepted at a Uni, i will have a LOT of money ... or a LOT of debt ... depending on how you see it. It will be £6939 or about $11462.


Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Glitz and Glam!


I’m in SUCH a great mood at the moment haha, I almost started crying earlier lol. Sad ... I know :/

But anyway, why are you so happy Jack? I hear you ask, Well ... I’ve just had such an amazing night!

I’ll begin at last night ... well a bit before really lol ...

So every year we have this HUGE awards ceremony for the second year Media Students to celebrate their hard work and all that. And this year it was my turn. It’s even black tie! I got asked a few weeks ago to host it too which was really scary but cool too lol.

So I wanted to borrow my friends Blazer for it so I would look the part, but we both forgot about it last night which meant I didn’t have the clothes I needed! Then when I tried to contact him to ask if I could pick it up in the morning ... everything went downhill: my phone completely broke so I cant use it, my dad was out so I couldn’t use his phone, our house phone cant call mobile numbers, my home computer let me on msn but not on any other websites (it just closed them down) and my lappy got infected which meant I couldn’t go online either.

I was stuck without what I NEEDED and no way to get it. And I hear you saying “well you had MSN working!” well it was 1am at this point so no one was online :/

Eventually I got my internet working and face booked him and stuff, but he didn’t get it. Then this morning I tried to cycle over to his house on my dad’s bike, but it is a racing bike and a nightmare to ride :/ I got there and I had to wait 30 mins for him as he forgot about me haha. But oh well, I’d have done the same lol, and I got the blazer.

Then I forgot to iron my shirt so I was late into college, but made it on time for my exam. It was quite easy and straight forward ... to the point where I spent ages on some questions as I OVERcomplicated them lol.

After that I relaxed for a few mins and went to lesson, where I was supposed to have a mock exam, but as I was a few mins late, she let me just prepare for the show later on which was great.

At the end of the lesson I wrote up my script for the night, and after me and Chris went to go and collect the flowers for our teachers. We decided to organise this thing where students could donate towards buying presents for the teachers. We got the substitutes chocolates, another sub (mother hen) her favourite lollies, our teachers flowers (to reflect their personalities) and we even got the ‘donations’ organiser and class assistant a lil something which caught them all by surprise lol.

The night was sooo terrible at the time, like we kept missing our queues, walking on stage when we shouldn’t etc. But it was still a great night! They all laughed at our jokes and we managed to use the last minute changes to our script successfully.

We both won awards (me and my co host)(who I used to hate but now get on quite well with lol). He won Best Music Video as his really was amazing! Like professional standard. And me and Chris won most Innovative video which I thought we might lol. I also won the award for being involved in the media department, but there were a few others who won this award too lol.

I got kind of frustrated thought out, towards the end really, as about 3 people stole the “we would like to thank ...” parts, which was where we were going to surprise the teachers with their presents. But in the end I just walked on stage before everyone left and did our little part, and caught them off guard lol.

Then I stayed behind to help tidy up which was cool, and the teachers all came over and said how sweet it was and out of the blue, and how thoughtful we were, after giving us hugs lol. Then my teacher spoke to my parents and said how proud she was of me and how great tonight was because I helped her with it. She explained how she has high expectations for me and think I’d be a brilliant teacher. She even surprised me by saying that she’s writing me a letter of recommendation!!!

So all in all it was an amazing night! I still cant believe I stood up in front of over 100 people and publically spoke! OMG! Lol

Oh and its so cool, we won little chocolate awards too lol

Just for you guys ...  ;)

Aww, and my dad's gf just called up and asked how it went and all lol

So thats why I'm in such a great mood!

Ttyl, Jack xx

Monday, 23 May 2011

Bobby :'(

OMG! I've wanted to post for ages! But i didnt know what to say ... and like buses, you wait for one and three come along at once. But i just have to give a quick post, before i go to bed, about one of them.

I read somewhere about this film and i actually love it! Its about how .. well actually, i'll let you watch the trailer and let me know what you think about it haha.

But i just thought it was a brilliant representation of two completely contradictory perceptions of the same thing and how they can ruin lives. Obviously there is more to that and all, but what i'm trying to say is like;
The mother; she was trying to do all in her power to 'save' her son, while the Son was trying to make his mum understand he doenst need saving. Both could be acceptable idea's but you can only truely believe one and not the other (by default).

Its just a truely touching film that actually reminded me of so many people out there who say this and say that, with complete bling fait. But no matter how great and easy bling faith is, there is one flaw ... it is stil blind.

Friday, 20 May 2011


So jsut got home from my next exam ... another Maths. It went quite well, except i spent WAY too long on question 4 which meant i had to rush the rest of the paper. I still think i did well on it except for one question that i had too skip.

And when i say one question, i mean one 10 mark question, out of 75. Which is a real shame. I mean it really threw me, the wording was really frustrating, and then once i knew what i could do, i couldnt do it as it wouldnt work with odd numbers like i had. Which made me question my (correct) woking-out from before. but oh well, its over and done with now. Just have to do better on my other 2 maths exams coming up lol.

So i was a little bumbed coming out of the exam, while listening to Elle going on and on about how easy it was ¬ ¬ but i got a nice surprise after. The guy i kinda like came running up to me and gave me a hug, which made me smile. And i SWEAR the hug lasted longer than usual ...

But we broke it off when i joked about Elle being left out: as usually he hugs her and they chat and he goes off, but we've been chatting a lot more recently and i've been helping him through some things. But more on this another time :P xx

Don't count your eggs

Hey everybody!

This is just a quick post about my exams so far. I've only had two (and another in a couple of hours) but so far so good.

I had my maths re-take on wed, it went really well. I got through the first 6 questions in 30 mins (out of an hour and a half exam, with 11 questions), which is really good! But i got a bit stuck after that, like the questions were really poorly-worded and stuff, but oh well. I only skipped a few questions and answered the rest.

But i LOVD my exam yesterday! It was general studies, which meant NO REVISION! and its the ytrpe where they asy your oppinion on topics and you answer questiosn/write essays. Well, 2 essays and 12 questions, in total.

The first set of questions was on Abortion, which me and my friends were joking about litterally JUST before the exam started so that was quite funny. I almost laughed out loud, before i realised i was in an exam lol. Then i had to write an essay on how new technologies have influenced the News and Media Industry (which is what i'm doing my Media exam on ... like, almost the exact same question!). Then i had to answer some questions on Politics and Voting, which were kind of easy; and finaly i had to write an essay on the pro's and con's of being self employed (much like my dad is).

So all in all that exam was SO easy!

I finished like 20 mins early, and i even managed to include the key words. Like, its almost a tradition to give each other a word or two to fit into their exam paper, just for the fun of it. The more abstract the better. Like my friend for Spongebob, my other got lemons. My other friend actually managed to fit "the almighty cucumber god" into his exam, while i managed to get "umbrella" and "antidisistablishmentarianists" ...

Oh and we've been joking about drawing pictures in our exams instead of an actuall essay; as it honestly is a pointless exam. Well i didnt do this, but at the end, i actually drew a dragon and wrote "P.S. i drewded you a dwagon" ... which is an inside joke with our group in college.  Maybe i'll let you guys in on it at some point.

But anyway, its only been 2/9 exams, so as they say "dont count your eggs" an all that :P xx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Or rather Extreme S.S.

Where the S.S. isn't reffering to some luxry yacht where you can sail the seven seas to your hearts content. No, nor is it a cruise, or a fishing boat, or even a row boat lost at sea.

No, the S.S. stands for Sexy Stress

As per usual, i helped out leading at the youth centre, but today some of them were SO misbehaved!

I mean, we had fun and it wasnt too bad, like we taught them how to play Dodgeball etc, but two or three of them got upset we didnt play football (as we always do) despite there being a maority vote. And when one boy got caught out, he would kick the ball away from him as hard as possible, with no regard to the safety of others. Another girl wasn't allowed to buy sweets today as she was naughty last time, so she tried to take them and leave the money or get her friends to buy them or even just plain out licking them. It got really frustrating and stressfull.

But there is only one more and then its not on for a week as it will be half term, so we all get a break then ... and i'll be off from college by then lol.

Now onto the other half of my post. This is going to be kind of self indulgent, so i appolagise in advance. So anyway, i joined this new social networking site called MyYearbook, which is basically a mixture of a dating website and Facebook. But its not just for people who want to date, its used by people wanting sex, cuddling, business and friendship. I joined for the latter lol.

So i plucked up the courage to post a picture on there, and then i posted a second. This is the one i posted.

I dont know what possessed me to post it, i think i was frustrated there were no gay guys on there that i could see, and i was intimidated by all of the shirtless guys lol.

But i was really shocked by the responce i got. It doesnt sound that amazing but to me it meant a lot lol. Within 12 hours, i got 4 people calling me "sexy". something that has NEVER happened before!!

Sure most of them were after sex and that was quite obvious, but we got talking and so far they're really nice people. I've had some other actvity, like profile views and someone "bidding" for the picture (an online thing where you can judge 'how much your worth' lol).

So although i feel kinda strange about this, as i know they all want sex or more revealing pictures lol, i dont mind too much. I mean, they arnt going to get them lol, you gotta buy me a drink first LOL but i'm happy chatting to them and its interesting to learn more about their lives.

I even got the MSN of one of them and we've been talking, although i dont know how much longer that will last as he is sending out mixed messages ... he wants sex but doesnt etc. Oh well.

Oh and while we're on the subject, i kinda like this other guy... but thats enough for now :) ttyl xx

P.S. wish me luck in my exams on Wed, Thurs and Fri :) xx

Monday, 16 May 2011

Not What I Intended

Everything's going to shit atm.

Why is it tat whenever i try to do something nice, i end up fucking it up?

I'm hosting an awards ceremony at my college and i got sent the nomonee's list. I told my media partner what WE are nominated for and i told my bff what she's nominated for. Apparently i shouldnt have done this as it was suposed to be a surprise (my teacher says) but she didnt tell me this. Plus, its suposed to be similar to the Oscars ... where the nomonee's arnt secret any way lol.

So after being told off and finding out my friends told several other people, i have this convo with my partner:
(the only other thing you need to know is you can only win 2 awards, we are nominated for about 4 together and 1 seperately. The one seperately is for best contribution to the department).

i dont think i'm gunna bother with the awards ceremony
whats the point, your gunna be winning everything
no i'm not
pretty much are
Jack says:
chip, for most of it, WE will win
and there is only one catagory where we're competing
yeah, and the ones where appaz we'll be winning, you can claim and the one we're competing in is a pure set up for your win, and i worked my ass off for the department while also keeping up with the rest of my cwk and legal issues i've had, my name is only on that list to fill runners up slots and you know it
no its not chip
i dont want to accept OUR award (if there is any tbh lol) if your not there :(
because it was a team effort
and you've worked just as hard as i have in the department, and i know sophie both appreciates it and recognises it
bollocks, she recognises the volunteer time you've put in to the department where i've had to focus on cwk
ok, sure my volenteer time is more obvious from an outsider, but she'll know how much effort you've put in
tbh, it depends how she's going to make it
she might go for the most time spent there, it might be the most students we've helped, it might be the number of projects, it could be the most in relation to our individual stuff etc
yeah and she'll just be like, oh jacks always here always commited where she doesnt see most the shit i do for that department and right now i cant go through with the false hope that for once i might be appreciated and my work recognised, i've got shit heading my way that week and i dont think i'm going to be able to handle it jack, you can accept the group awards but i dont think i can
my point was we dont know how she will mark the awards
but ok, if you dont think your up to it then fine, but please dont try to pick a fight with me Chip
fuck it i'm just gunna go, i've had it with everything at the moment i might as well just drop out of college and fucking give up on life

Now, i know he has been through a lot and to be honest (without sounding big headed) i probably will win this award, but i dont want that to be the reason he doesnt go. He isnt serious about "giving up on life" and dropping out of college, i know him too well for that, but i do know that these may happen at some point, if that makes sense.

I just felt like he was trying to pick a fight and blame me for something, and well, any advice? as i have no idea how to apprach the subject again :/

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Not Ashamed that I am Ashamed!

In the words of Joey Tribbiani

Well, as some of you know, I am a voluntary leader at a youth group for 11-14 year olds. Its really fun helping out there as I get to help a group of great kids grow up and I get to see them develop and change. I get to help them be better people. And yes, it is a Christian youth group ...

But I didn’t think you were a Christian jack?!

... Well, no, I’m not. And I know how that sounds, but the way I see it is that I shouldn’t HAVE to be a Christian just to help teach these young kids about the world and about what is right and wrong. I agree with the messaged being taught there, like there are always people around you to rely on, and you are never alone, and don’t murder people. And I do ready the bible in some of the talks (they last 15 mins and are mandatory, but is the only Christian-directed part to the evening). Whats more, you don’t have to be a Christian to attend the youth group, just willing to be quiet during the talk; so why be hypocritical in that the leaders do?!

And although its probably not the easiest thing to explain, I do have the fall back in that they are being, um ... religionist (similar to sexist and racist lol), in that they would be discriminating against me. Besides, the youth leader who runs everything knows I’m an Atheist, and its not like I’m going around lying to people or even trying to teach them other religions.

I teach them what is expected of me during the talks, and if they ask about God, I tell them what they should know in relation to their beliefs and what I know. If I don’t know, I refer them to someone else. Besides, I have always been interested in the Bible stories and messages, its just not something I believe in personally. Although sometimes I do feel ashamed as I am slighltly misleading them, as I join in with the talks and I do lead at a Christian youth group; but in general I am not ashamed about being an Atheist in a Christian environment.


So I help out at this youth group, and we take them on trips, play games with them, host movie nights and sleepovers etc. Its a lot of fun, especially because they are such great kids.

I usually run the Tuck Shop where they an buy drinks and sweets, mainly, well because no one does it correctly lol. My OCD really comes out here lol, but its because no one can ever put the sweets away correctly so that they all fit in the space, so they end up leaving boxed out on the counter. But me being the amazing person that I am lol, I can fit them in. That, and because I’m the only one who enjoys it and knows the prices mostly off-by-heart lol.

But I do help out around other area’s of the club. Like, sometimes I will host football tournaments, or more regularly I’ll run the crafts section.

Its quite sweet, I’ve made a real connection with most of the kids there, especially one little girl. I met her when I volunteered to go carol singing way back in December, and I persuaded her to sing and so I stayed with her for the rest of the night. She was the one who gave me the nick-name “Egypt” and even made me a fridge magnet in the crafts section we had. She’s a really sweet girl.

Of course the other kids are just as great too, and most of them are little angels, but some are miss behaved lol.

Like the other day, we took 7 of them to this big event in London called “Sorted: Nano”. It was a lot of fun. Its where about 20 or more different Christian Youth Groups gather together to learn about God and the world and how to accept themselves etc. This years theme was “Not Ashamed” to know God. And I had missed opinions about it all.

See, I’m the kind of person who will keep their mouth quiet if something is bothering me, especially when it comes to religion. Now, most of the seminar was ok. It was talking about his they shouldn’t be ashamed of their faith and about letting god into their lives, which is fair enough. I even support this, if they are Christians, there is no problem with this. But something did strike a nerve with me.

Now, before I say this, I try my very best to be understanding and accepting of everyone’s opinion. But there are extremists who actually really bug me! These are those people who shove their beliefs down people’s throats. And I know Jehovah’s Witnesses are the most famous example, but there are these people in EVERY category. I don’t have a problem with it usually and normally I’ll keep my mouth shut when I actually do meet these people, but they still get under my skin.

Now, back to the other day, what got me frustrated was the speaker was instructing them to go away and preach about their beliefs to other people. Yes, they shouldn’t be ashamed of what they are believing, but the way he was describing it, was that people who don’t know God SHOULD be ashamed, and that they should be like these people who shove their beliefs down people’s throat.

I tried to find an example of someone doing just this, and I couldn’t, but I’m sure you can all think of an example lol. Now before I offend people, I just want to reiterate how I do not have a problem with Christians, just those extremists lol. In fact about half of my friends are Christians, and here is quite an admirable Christian who explains how these people are not representative of all Christians (here)

So anyway, we took the children to this place, and other than that section, it was a good day. They learnt a lot, and we made banners and met some new people. And OMG SUCH A HOT TECHNITIAN!  lol. And after that we had some lunch and it was quite sweet really, a little girl from another youth group came over to our leader as she was also leading (but not the preacher).  And after that we went sightseeing, before I came home, relaxed and went out to a party.

It was kind of embarrassing though, as four of the kids were really poorly behaved during the seminar, and we actually had to give out three yellow cards. Which are really quite serious, as if they keep misbehaving, they will get a red card and cant go for a week. And just to put it into perspective, I have been helping there since January, and have only ever seen one yellow card given out and no red cards!

But other than that, it was a good day and I really enjoyed helping these kids accept their own faith and make their minds up about the world. And cant wait to carry on :)

The Boy in the White Cast

So as I said in my last post, I never used to be afraid of hospitals. And this is one of y earliest memories of that same building, I have so many emotions about ...

Once upon a time, there was a little blond-haired boy named Jack. He enjoyed most things any little boy would: running around, hiding from mythical creatures, drawing all over the walls, playing with figurines, even the odd adventure or two. As the prince to the kingdom, he had free rule and an army of medical staff at his every beacon, in case of emergency. Which was regularly. After all, just because he was a prince, didn’t stop him being accident prone.

No, he grew up in a happy home, with the two princesses much beloved by the kingdom, the king and queen, but also the court jester. An elderly man who was very close to the future rulers, but also acted as a nanny to them. Always there for them whenever the king and queen needed.

But as all fairy tales go, there must be an early-on climax. A twist. A turn. A tale. And this is no different, for you see, when he was just 2 years old, a disastrous event occurred. One that would irrevocably change his life forever.

For you see, the king was a busy man who rules with an iron fist and a warm heart, which took him away on business almost daily; while the queen was a busy woman who was incredibly intelligent and focused on knowledge. Many a day would she spend in the library scanning their ancient pages for the answers she sought. This meant that the court jester was left in charge of the prince and his fellow sisters, but being the youngest, he often got his own way.

Now, the kingdom was a simple one: one of peace and prosperity, but also of fun. And the prince had commanded a gigantic slide to be constructed, for his amusement. His father’s son, alright. Once complete, he spent all day climbing to the top and sliding at almost impossible speeds, from the towering top. However, as any young boy would, he soon grew bored, and was left to invent new and more adventurous ways to slide down. When an evil thought wormed its way into his thoughts. One not of his own mind, but projected by another. A villain none the less. He was to slide down not holding on, precariously dangling his limbs over the side. A harmless thought, the young prince said to himself. And he put it into practice.

He sat down on the cold metal. Hooked one leg over the side and then the other. So far so good. Then for his arms. Limply his limbs hung in the lifeless air, towring above the jester, who looked up with caution.

An eternity to him, but only seconds to the world. And he was strung out over the grassy bank that was formerly green with life. Now tainted with the red from the tears of hell. But all was not lost. The jester quickly rushed over to the limp body of the young boy, as he clung to the remnants of life remaining, and dispatched a knight to inform the king and queen. The king was away on stately business and would not be able to return until that evening, but the queen was nowhere to be found. The library was hidden deep within the forbidden forest, that was cloaked by the magic of the swamp shrew, in order to protect the crumbling pages held within. But alas, good fortune stuck and just as the knight was passing the forest, the queen’s carriage emerged, and she was informed just in time.

The court physicians looked at the young boy, now pale as the books she had just been studying. Life was fading fast, unless the did something quickly. They administered some medicine and patched up his cuts, but found nothing majorly wrong with him. A sprained arm was all. So they covered it in a magical bind to keep it safe from further harm, and he was sent away to rest.

Weeks passed and the boys discomfort grew. Pain surged with every movement and he remained as weak as the day he was born. But being the future ruler, he must show strength even in the face of defeat. So he masked this to everyone.

But a mother knows all. A mother can always tell when something is wrong. A mother knows best. She rushed him back to the physicians who sent for a consult. Unusual: yes; but they had to make sure the boy was safe. The court wizard rushed in, dropping his potions the instant he heard the boys symptoms. He knew what was wrong.

The boy had a bad break in his arm, which had been masked by some unknown enemy though the use of magic. A difficult spell to cast, but an effective one. A few more days and the boy would have died. But he was here now. Here to help.

He removed the magical cloak and instantly operated on the boy. No magic or even splints were necessary, as fortune would have it, it was a clean break. The two pieces simply fit together, the body acting like one giant jigsaw.

The boy awoke from the aesthetic quickly, having his father’s lack of patience. But he was forced to sit still for his arm was once more wrapped in a magical bind, but this time the arm was healed and in the correct position. He would be fine, if he would just sit still! So the queen did what any mother would do, she sacrificed herself for her sons gain. She stayed with the frail little boy, as he sat on her lap for three days and nights, long enough for the aesthetic to wear off and the magic to do its work on healing the boy.

But all was right in the kingdom. The king returned and caught the mischievous fiend who hurt his little boy, and was sentenced to death. The boy grew up to be big and strong forever more, although some remnants of the magic remained in his system, causing him to be a bit more clumsy. But he never forgot that fateful day when he fell from his own creation, because the image of a sword was  permanently imprinted onto his arm where the break was.

Where the battle was.

Where the victory was.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

The Man in the White Coat

So this is going to be another happy-go-lucky post of mine ... not.

My Grandad’s in the hospital.

He fell over and hurt his shoulder, and on top of that he has a bladder infection. I’ve been told its nothing to worry about, but he is really frail anyway and he’s quite old: 88. So I cant help but worry.

He’s spent the last 5 years of his life talking about ‘when he dies’ and so forth, which is a horrid thing to talk about but in a way it is true. Which isn’t helped by my mum who also talks about it ... far less often, but she still does.

Like, he is so unbelievable proud of her and her marriage as his didn’t last, so she is choosing not to tell him that she broke up with my dad and is instead waiting for him to die so that she doesn’t have to tell him. I disagree with this, but I can see her point.

I just don’t like the idea of lying to someone until their dying breath.

So I went to see him the other day in the hospital. I didn’t get much time with him as visiting hours are only between 6.30 and 8.30, but it was nice seeing him :)

So in the end, there were me, my two sisters, my mum and our newly-reconnected cousin at this one bedside visiting him and I hope it made his day :) but then again, he enjoys hospitals. The sheer number of times he said “I like it here, you get three square meals and a comfy bed”, which he has these things at home anyway, but I think he enjoys being pampered.

But I found it difficult to see the happiness and comfort there. I was just reminded of when my Nan Val was in the hospital.

I just remember the acrid smell of the alcohol hand wash and the dim energy-saving lights they had. I remember the cold air and the bland walls. But most of all I remember her frail face as she lay there with whatever ailment she had this time.

She was quite a sickly lady but she always put on a brave face. Until the last year or so.

She would get chest infections practically back-to-back which meant she had a permanent bed in the hospital for a while, and although I tried my best to visit her as often as I could, I hated it there. I hated what it was doing (well from my perspective) and I just hated what was happening.

I remember the gentle buzzing of the oxygen tanks, the bland water the stuffy air. I remember so much and yet I try so hard to forget it.

That why I hate hospitals and why I hate the man in the white coat.

But its strange ... I never used to be this way ...

Monday, 9 May 2011


So I hurt my ankle last night and as a result I stayed home from college, and I have to say I am so glad I made that decision!

I was sat there watching television when an insect entered the room and started buzzing around. But then I noticed there were two insects. Then I noticed they were both dragonflies. And then I noticed something amazing!

They were Siamese Twin Dragonflies!

Now I know its not that interesting, but what I mean, is that I was amazed at how amazed I was! It had never occurred to me that the same things happen to humans and animals! Not once had the thought of Siamese animals crossed me.

Then I got thinking about what else in the world hadn’t I thought about! I mean, we live in a bubble where we are only concerned with what we want to, living in a fantasy world.

Out of sight and out of mind, as they say, but just how much really is out of mind?!

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Media Studies

So at long last!!! Here is my Media Studies Video. We had some trouble with legal issues, where they didnt want us to post it to public places, unless it was neccessary to the course. But we got arround that by having a private link (ie. if you have the link you can watch the video) and we put it on our Coursework blog, that i've taken over ... as i know more about blogger than my partner (for obvious reasons lol) and ironically, more than the teacher lol.

But tbh i'm proud of my work and they simply said that they arn't the people who give permission, so its just a formality incase the artist decides to sue is ... which is VERY unlikely lol. So i'ma risk it on my own accord ... so it has nothing to do with my college or my media partner. Let me know what you think :P

(p.s. feel free to leave a comment on the youtube account too, or like it hahahaha) xx

What a night!!

Friday night that is!

Me and my bbf Jake have discovered a new tradition ... once a month this club in town hosts an event. They have a themed night. You get a cheaper entry if you dress up in costume, this time the theme was “Sci-Fi”. But it is more than just dressing up for cheaper entry, if people go out of their way to dress up, there is just a better atmosphere there haha.

So anyway, we organised a Facebook event to go to this club with a group of our friends. Most of them didn’t go in the end, but some of them did and we met up with a few of our other friends. Now this club is actually a heavy-metal club, where listening to a screamo-song about ‘killing a bitch’ or something wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but they play other songs too, and once you get a few drinks down ya, you don’t really care about the music lol.

So me and my friend decided to go dressed up as Superman ... I know, not technically Sci-fi but whatever lol. So after searching for a Superman top (I was going as Clark Kent and he was going as Superman) I decided to make a top. It turned out quite well actually.

This wasn't my complete outfit,
just the top I made.

We went to our youth group like most Friday nights (plus we didn’t want to go to the club too early lol) and we waited it out, it was a lot of fun, although our friend Chris wasn’t there as he had a LOAD of coursework due in for the Monday.

When we left we called him up repeatedly to get him to come out with us. It was a very last minute thing with him, because although he is 17, he would have been 18 technically by the time we got into town, as his birthday would be at midnight on the Friday.

He still refused. And after a little while talking it over, we caved and he stayed home.

We met up with two of our friends, G-Unit (here) and Storm (a long story I’ll tell you all about another time lol) in town. G-Unit dressed up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future and Story wore a red top.

He didn’t dress up.

So we went into the club and instantly I saw Rodeo approaching the bar, so I went up behind her and we hugged for like 10 mins haha. She dropped out of college so we hardly ever see each other. But it hadn’t been too long since the last time we saw each other (just over a week) or else the hugging would have lasted much longer! So then I found out that a whole group of my old friends were in the club too, so we went over and hugged and kissed it out. Even got a few pecks from this unbelievably cute guy who I was crushing over most of the night until I found out he was dating my friend and 100% (roughly) straight haha. Oh well, sai la vie.

So we went to the dance floor and spent most of the night getting drunk, dancing, talking and standing outside smoking a bit. Then about 1am we came inside to an unbelievable sight haha.

Pole dancers.
There were four of them and they were amazing!!! I’ve always wondered how the hell they manage to defy gravity! But anyway, they did their little routine and then after were just hanging out in the crowd dancing and drinking ... the sheer number of free drinks they must have had would be astounding haha.

What makes it even better is that my friend Curly had told me earlier his sister was working in the club tonight and she was doing this thing where she spins fire around on the end of a chain, and there was strangely enough and red-head who was doing this act, who had done some pole-dancing earlier ... shocked!!!

Here's the Video I found :P Can't believe i was atually there lol, i was stood just behind the guy with the camera by the left hand side of the stage lol. Just out of shot!

So towards the end of the night another interesting thing happened to me. Me Jake, G-Unit and Storm were at the bar just drinking and hanging out, when this blond girl kept bumping into me. At first I just thought, ‘oh she’s kinda drunk bless her’ but then she kept doing it. And then she stroked my arm. I was like WTF! So of course I told my friends what she had just done and they shoved me into her a few times! The dicks lol.

So she walks over to me and drags me over to her friends by my tie and I just go with it. What the heck! So I get talking to her, her two bff’s, after the initial awkwardness of “why did you bump into me ... my friends pushed me, I’m really sorry ... but why did you bump into me ...” repeat, we all get talking.

Then I notice my friends walking away from me and I kinda get a little nervous now. My safety net had just disappeared and I was somewhere where I’ve never been ... talking to strangers in a club.

Then one of her bff’s asks if I’m gay, and to save a whole host of confusion I say yes, and he literally says to the other two “I TOLD YOU!”. I wasn’t too upset as I did look kinda gay (if thats possible haha) so I ask what the two girls thought about me, but he just said they didn’t know. Oh well.

So me and him get talking (you could tell he was gay), and I just found it ironic that we all thought the girl liked me but oh no! It was the guy lol.

After a while of talking he says that he has to go as his sister is driving and she has work the next day and he said “I had fun tonight, do you want to do it again”, so I was like sure, he asked for my number but my phone was in my bag, so I gave him mine.

Another first ... giving out my number to a complete stranger in a club dressed as superman (I had stripped off most of my outer costume now haha).

We say goodbye and kiss on the cheek and I walk over to my friends to both tell them what happened and then to kill them for walking off. The rest of the night was great and we danced and drank and had a laugh.

Me and Jake walked home Rodeo and our other friend, as they were quite drunk and for some reason I can both hold my alcohol and I sober up a bit when people need someone responsible. So like, I was the one in charge when dragging my three friends (and more) to their respective houses and then me and Jake came back to mine.

We crashed out in my room as my sister had her friend over, and we stuck a film in and had a great night. Nothing happened before you all ask haha, just a bit of minor spooning lol, which is normal as we have a complete bromance.

Then I realise my phone was out of charge so I charged it and got a text from the club-guy, as well as a facebook friend request. I added him, did a bit of stalking and we’ve been talking a lot since then.

Its kind of a shame because I miss dating now, as is always the case, but nothing is going to happen between me and this guy. He is 26 and I think there is too much of an age gap for dating, but I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him and stuff, he seems like a great guy. But who will know, his brother organises the event at the club, so I’ll see him in a month, if not sooner lol.

So thats all folks! Or is it? hahahaa