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Tuesday, 17 May 2011


Or rather Extreme S.S.

Where the S.S. isn't reffering to some luxry yacht where you can sail the seven seas to your hearts content. No, nor is it a cruise, or a fishing boat, or even a row boat lost at sea.

No, the S.S. stands for Sexy Stress

As per usual, i helped out leading at the youth centre, but today some of them were SO misbehaved!

I mean, we had fun and it wasnt too bad, like we taught them how to play Dodgeball etc, but two or three of them got upset we didnt play football (as we always do) despite there being a maority vote. And when one boy got caught out, he would kick the ball away from him as hard as possible, with no regard to the safety of others. Another girl wasn't allowed to buy sweets today as she was naughty last time, so she tried to take them and leave the money or get her friends to buy them or even just plain out licking them. It got really frustrating and stressfull.

But there is only one more and then its not on for a week as it will be half term, so we all get a break then ... and i'll be off from college by then lol.

Now onto the other half of my post. This is going to be kind of self indulgent, so i appolagise in advance. So anyway, i joined this new social networking site called MyYearbook, which is basically a mixture of a dating website and Facebook. But its not just for people who want to date, its used by people wanting sex, cuddling, business and friendship. I joined for the latter lol.

So i plucked up the courage to post a picture on there, and then i posted a second. This is the one i posted.

I dont know what possessed me to post it, i think i was frustrated there were no gay guys on there that i could see, and i was intimidated by all of the shirtless guys lol.

But i was really shocked by the responce i got. It doesnt sound that amazing but to me it meant a lot lol. Within 12 hours, i got 4 people calling me "sexy". something that has NEVER happened before!!

Sure most of them were after sex and that was quite obvious, but we got talking and so far they're really nice people. I've had some other actvity, like profile views and someone "bidding" for the picture (an online thing where you can judge 'how much your worth' lol).

So although i feel kinda strange about this, as i know they all want sex or more revealing pictures lol, i dont mind too much. I mean, they arnt going to get them lol, you gotta buy me a drink first LOL but i'm happy chatting to them and its interesting to learn more about their lives.

I even got the MSN of one of them and we've been talking, although i dont know how much longer that will last as he is sending out mixed messages ... he wants sex but doesnt etc. Oh well.

Oh and while we're on the subject, i kinda like this other guy... but thats enough for now :) ttyl xx

P.S. wish me luck in my exams on Wed, Thurs and Fri :) xx


Anonymous said...

Dayum. That's all I got...
Peace <3

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

First thing: best of luck for your exams.

Then the photo: wow! I'm not surprised people are calling you sexy. You're in good shape, and the open shirt shows off your body without revealing everything. And I'm glad to hear that the people at this other site are friendly.

Take care


Wayne said...

In my grandfather's day they had the cure for misbehaving kids; the strap and then work at the woodpile. Back then just a glaring look would make a kid settle down, now today even the Chinese call them 'Little Emperors' lol.
-You will definitely get some interest with that pic! (you've been holding out on us!) I dunno; I am always suspicious that the other person on an Internet site is actually a bald old guy with a beer gut smoking a cigar in a boiler-room in Russia lol. In this age of cut-and-paste and Photoshop can you believe anything you see or read? Better do some video chatting first. Be sure to find a guy close to your own age; keep checking out the real world too. bfn - Wayne :)

Rowan said...

I don't like sites like that. It sounds like a place people go to auction themselves off. As you said, "bidding"...
Thats just whatt i think, its whatever floats your boat at the end of the day and id expect that is mostly water ;)

Rowan <3

naturgesetz said...

You definitely are a good-looking guy, and the pose in that pic is sexy, so I'm not surprised at the reaction. I'll agree with Wayne — be really cautious. And don't let yourself be talked into anything that you don't really want to do.

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks guys, its actually a real confidence booster, which is helped a lot by you guys wanting to be so pretective.

I just wanted to say that i check out the guys before i accepted them, i keep it perfectly clean and even if i weren't, it'd be a two way street. So regardless, i think i'd be safe on that front lol.
I mean, one guy kept pressuring me (and he doesnt have a camera either lol) so i just kept saying no. Still on the fence about him lol, i just dont like to judge peole i guess.

I'm usually quite untrusting, so dw about that lol.

Oh and its interesting you feel that way Rowan, i know what you mean, and some people do clearly post pics to 'sell them' but its just a harmless piece of fun to see who thinks your good looking and how much your 'worth', which obviously can backfire easily.

Ty guys xx

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