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Monday, 23 May 2011

Bobby :'(

OMG! I've wanted to post for ages! But i didnt know what to say ... and like buses, you wait for one and three come along at once. But i just have to give a quick post, before i go to bed, about one of them.

I read somewhere about this film and i actually love it! Its about how .. well actually, i'll let you watch the trailer and let me know what you think about it haha.

But i just thought it was a brilliant representation of two completely contradictory perceptions of the same thing and how they can ruin lives. Obviously there is more to that and all, but what i'm trying to say is like;
The mother; she was trying to do all in her power to 'save' her son, while the Son was trying to make his mum understand he doenst need saving. Both could be acceptable idea's but you can only truely believe one and not the other (by default).

Its just a truely touching film that actually reminded me of so many people out there who say this and say that, with complete bling fait. But no matter how great and easy bling faith is, there is one flaw ... it is stil blind.


Wayne said...

I would advise any young gay guy living with his parents to evaluate his situation carefully before coming out. Basically if he has parents who are religious fundamentalists, very conservative, or homophobic then coming out is not an option. The closet sucks but it is better than being psychologically damaged and/or kicked out on the street. In this case it is best to be discretely homosexual until the education is completed and the gay person is financially independent and out on their own with a partner; then the guy can discuss his sexuality ON HIS TERMS. This is why I nag young gay guys to complete their education, cos money is power and you don't have to take crap off people concerning your sexuality. Any young gay guy who gets depressed over his sexuality is not thinking long-term enough and should realize that times will get better. Play the game in the meantime. bfn - Wayne

naturgesetz said...

I haven't seen the movie, but I've heard enough about it to know that it's very poignant indeed. I'm glad the Catholic Church says that parents should always love their gay children and show it.

I'll add that faith isn't necessarily blind. It does not rest on physical science, but considering that God is spiritual, not physical, there is no reason that physical science should be able to prove anything about God one way or another. But when you think of all the towering intellectual theologians, it's clear that faith can coexist with reason.

jaygeemmm said...

It is a powerful movie, I cried all the way through it wondering if that's how my friends and family would react to me if I ever came out. Thank God they didn't.

Peace <3

Micky said...

My father hated me for being gay and for choosing to go and work for a gay rights organisation.

My protection was that I had moved out from the family home a couple of years earlier and already knew people who accepted my being gay. In my case it was my mother who accepted that her son was gay - but it took my father another three years before he was at all ready to do so.

My belief is that no gay person can be happy and fulfilled until they have come to terms with their sexual orientation and have come out to enough people around them to live an open and truthful life. If this means waiting, like I did, until they've left home then so be it.

Beej said...

I never had a problem with my parents when I came out... but I used to go to church and I lost a few friends after I came out because of their beliefs... I want to see this movie but if the trailer makes me well up- this movie is gonna have me bawling!!

Rowan said...

This is so strange, i got this film the other day and suddenly two bloggers i follow have posted about it o.O
Any specific reason?
Anyway, its a fantastic film. Sigourney Weaver is nothing short of brilliant: you detest her at the start but like her at the same time coz she's just trying to be what she thinks is a good mum. By the end you just love her completely :P
Of course, she isn't the main storyline, Bobby is (or Matthew rather) and that just speaks for itself.
It's such a sad film which portrays such tragic events but i love it so much... as i guess you can gather!
The last time i seen it was actually before i came out to my parents and i honestly found it quite scary, i'd be quite interested to watch it again now.

Rowan <3

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