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Sunday, 8 May 2011

What a night!!

Friday night that is!

Me and my bbf Jake have discovered a new tradition ... once a month this club in town hosts an event. They have a themed night. You get a cheaper entry if you dress up in costume, this time the theme was “Sci-Fi”. But it is more than just dressing up for cheaper entry, if people go out of their way to dress up, there is just a better atmosphere there haha.

So anyway, we organised a Facebook event to go to this club with a group of our friends. Most of them didn’t go in the end, but some of them did and we met up with a few of our other friends. Now this club is actually a heavy-metal club, where listening to a screamo-song about ‘killing a bitch’ or something wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, but they play other songs too, and once you get a few drinks down ya, you don’t really care about the music lol.

So me and my friend decided to go dressed up as Superman ... I know, not technically Sci-fi but whatever lol. So after searching for a Superman top (I was going as Clark Kent and he was going as Superman) I decided to make a top. It turned out quite well actually.

This wasn't my complete outfit,
just the top I made.

We went to our youth group like most Friday nights (plus we didn’t want to go to the club too early lol) and we waited it out, it was a lot of fun, although our friend Chris wasn’t there as he had a LOAD of coursework due in for the Monday.

When we left we called him up repeatedly to get him to come out with us. It was a very last minute thing with him, because although he is 17, he would have been 18 technically by the time we got into town, as his birthday would be at midnight on the Friday.

He still refused. And after a little while talking it over, we caved and he stayed home.

We met up with two of our friends, G-Unit (here) and Storm (a long story I’ll tell you all about another time lol) in town. G-Unit dressed up as Marty McFly from Back to the Future and Story wore a red top.

He didn’t dress up.

So we went into the club and instantly I saw Rodeo approaching the bar, so I went up behind her and we hugged for like 10 mins haha. She dropped out of college so we hardly ever see each other. But it hadn’t been too long since the last time we saw each other (just over a week) or else the hugging would have lasted much longer! So then I found out that a whole group of my old friends were in the club too, so we went over and hugged and kissed it out. Even got a few pecks from this unbelievably cute guy who I was crushing over most of the night until I found out he was dating my friend and 100% (roughly) straight haha. Oh well, sai la vie.

So we went to the dance floor and spent most of the night getting drunk, dancing, talking and standing outside smoking a bit. Then about 1am we came inside to an unbelievable sight haha.

Pole dancers.
There were four of them and they were amazing!!! I’ve always wondered how the hell they manage to defy gravity! But anyway, they did their little routine and then after were just hanging out in the crowd dancing and drinking ... the sheer number of free drinks they must have had would be astounding haha.

What makes it even better is that my friend Curly had told me earlier his sister was working in the club tonight and she was doing this thing where she spins fire around on the end of a chain, and there was strangely enough and red-head who was doing this act, who had done some pole-dancing earlier ... shocked!!!

Here's the Video I found :P Can't believe i was atually there lol, i was stood just behind the guy with the camera by the left hand side of the stage lol. Just out of shot!

So towards the end of the night another interesting thing happened to me. Me Jake, G-Unit and Storm were at the bar just drinking and hanging out, when this blond girl kept bumping into me. At first I just thought, ‘oh she’s kinda drunk bless her’ but then she kept doing it. And then she stroked my arm. I was like WTF! So of course I told my friends what she had just done and they shoved me into her a few times! The dicks lol.

So she walks over to me and drags me over to her friends by my tie and I just go with it. What the heck! So I get talking to her, her two bff’s, after the initial awkwardness of “why did you bump into me ... my friends pushed me, I’m really sorry ... but why did you bump into me ...” repeat, we all get talking.

Then I notice my friends walking away from me and I kinda get a little nervous now. My safety net had just disappeared and I was somewhere where I’ve never been ... talking to strangers in a club.

Then one of her bff’s asks if I’m gay, and to save a whole host of confusion I say yes, and he literally says to the other two “I TOLD YOU!”. I wasn’t too upset as I did look kinda gay (if thats possible haha) so I ask what the two girls thought about me, but he just said they didn’t know. Oh well.

So me and him get talking (you could tell he was gay), and I just found it ironic that we all thought the girl liked me but oh no! It was the guy lol.

After a while of talking he says that he has to go as his sister is driving and she has work the next day and he said “I had fun tonight, do you want to do it again”, so I was like sure, he asked for my number but my phone was in my bag, so I gave him mine.

Another first ... giving out my number to a complete stranger in a club dressed as superman (I had stripped off most of my outer costume now haha).

We say goodbye and kiss on the cheek and I walk over to my friends to both tell them what happened and then to kill them for walking off. The rest of the night was great and we danced and drank and had a laugh.

Me and Jake walked home Rodeo and our other friend, as they were quite drunk and for some reason I can both hold my alcohol and I sober up a bit when people need someone responsible. So like, I was the one in charge when dragging my three friends (and more) to their respective houses and then me and Jake came back to mine.

We crashed out in my room as my sister had her friend over, and we stuck a film in and had a great night. Nothing happened before you all ask haha, just a bit of minor spooning lol, which is normal as we have a complete bromance.

Then I realise my phone was out of charge so I charged it and got a text from the club-guy, as well as a facebook friend request. I added him, did a bit of stalking and we’ve been talking a lot since then.

Its kind of a shame because I miss dating now, as is always the case, but nothing is going to happen between me and this guy. He is 26 and I think there is too much of an age gap for dating, but I wouldn’t mind hanging out with him and stuff, he seems like a great guy. But who will know, his brother organises the event at the club, so I’ll see him in a month, if not sooner lol.

So thats all folks! Or is it? hahahaa


Wayne said...

Wow that was a fun time. Probably a good idea to say you're gay so some girl's bf won't punch you out for messing with his girl lol. That hair style really looks good on you; a lot like mine back in the 70's (I still have a full head of mostly dark hair lucky me). If I was a teen again I would be flying over there lol. I dunno, I would rather see you with a cute guy closer to your age though for a longer term relationship. Be careful not to drink too much when out partying cos that is when young guys get in trouble. bfn - Wayne :) (yeah those pole dancers must be in good physical shape!)

jaygeemmm said...

OK, try #3...blogger is on a 503 Service Unavailable vacation this morning...

GOOD TIMES, JACK! Sounds a super fun night with current friends, old friends, and new friends. I'm not sure it gets any better than this.

It's great that you are drinking responsibly. It's OK to get tipsy, even drunk, as long as you can control your behavior, and clearly, you can. Makes life a lot more fun when you can have a good time without blowing your wheels and finding trouble! I'm sure your friends appreciate having someone to look out for them, even if they don't (or won't) admit it.

Eight years is a bit of a gap. But it's not too old for a friend. And that's the basis for anything else, or enjoy having met another gay guy, completely spontaneously, who wants to be a friend, too. You've got good self-control, I can't imagine you being taken advantage of, and who's to say you might not "hit it off".

Love seeing these happy posts, Jack! And the pic? You just keep getting more handsome. Love the hair. And the T is cool!

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

@ Wayne: haha, well I’m yet to get into that situation and/or meet someone like that lol, but you have a point. I go between phases of liking and hating my hair. I can’t control it so it largely depends on if it wants to look moderately ok or completely shit, my friends call it ‘hobo hair’ lol. I know not to drink too much (kinda lol) but as I said, I can almost always control myself ... only just not when I’m paralytic lol, and tbh I usually throw up before then, or I’ll be given a reason to sober up before then lol.

@ Jay: What do you mean “#3”?
I enjoy drinking but rarely am I in the mood to go over the top. Plus as I am the designated sober one of the group, I don’t always have the opportunity lol. But I don’t mind, I would much rather my friends were safe then have a good time ... if that makes sense lol.
8 years isn’t too much for some, but it is for me. I do hope we can be friends haha, but I’m still going a bit cautious with him lol.
Haha, defo not getting “more handsome” but ty for the compliment lol.


jaygeemmm said...

The "try #3" was the number of times I had to try to post the comment...blogger kept throwing 503 Service Unavailable errors...lucky that I'm smart enough to copy every comment to clipboard because of this crap.

And DEF handsome! Don't argue with your elders!

Peace <3

Micky said...

Truly amazing dancers!

Providing the 26 y/o is stable and well-adjusted then he could be an excellent friend with just a little more experience - very helpful if you want to expand your gay friends and contacts.

It's usually who we get to know (rather than what we know) that makes the big difference in our lives. And, of course, the more gay people you meet the more chance you might find the right boy . . .

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Another late-running comment, I'm afraid.

It sounds like a fun evening out: I'm glad you're enjoying yourself.

As for the 26 y/o, I suggest you don't rule out dating him just on the basis of the age difference between you. Just be friends, and see what (if anything) happens. If he is right for you, then the age difference won't matter; if he isn't right for you, the age difference won't matter either.

Take care


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