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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cake Area

It was my sister Ariel’s birthday at the weekend. We went out for some drinks on the Friday night to the pub we um ... frequent lol. It was quite fun, but also kind of awkward lol. EVERYONE was there. And when I say everyone I really do mean that lol.

There was my dad’s friend
My sisters friends
Her new bf/friend (complicated lol)
My dad’s new gf
My mum’s new bf
And some others lol.

It was a good night, we went into the pub at about 8.30, Ariel was late ... typical! Most of the night I was left talking about Media with my dad’s friend or zigzagging between my parent’s new partners lol. Then we had some drinks and she went into London clubbing with her friends, to 'Area'.  Turns out both my sisters went to gay clubs in London on their 21st birthday haha.

Wish I had gone, apparently they were OTT in GAY lol, like stereotypical.

But she had a good night. Then came Sunday. (nothing interesting happened on Sat that I remember lol). So I remembered that about 2 years ago or so I promised to make her a 5 tiered birthday cake from scratch, and damn it if I’m not going to keep my promise!

So I set out making it, with one modification ... it was 3 tiers but 5 cakes. 5 tiers was a bit excessive lol. So I spent all day Sunday cooking. I had to go down the shop for the ingridients, I had to bake 6 cakes! ... I ate one lol. Then I had to make the decorations ...

I must have spent a good 4 hours making these decorations from scratch. Making the sugarpaste, colouring it, crafting each rose individually, then repeat lol. But they turned out great ... the lilies not so good ... the daisies were shockingly bad so I did more roses ... and you don’t even want to know about the buttefuly!

Anyway, it was her actual birthday on the Monday, so I spent about half the day finishing the cake. I got up early (she was hung over from seeing Bryan May at the Royal Albert the night before so I was safe for a while). I covered the cakes in strawberry jam (her favourite) and then iced each one individually, made royal icing from scratch! Piped on some scallops around the base and pieced together the cake.

This is what it turned out like:

After that, the family came over and it was scoffed down and we shared presents. My mum and dad got her a memory box and some other stuff. We all get memory boxes on our 21st, filed with pictures, pieces of work, drawings etc. Like hers included her Brownies sash, a tea-towel with a self-pourtrait, photo’s and even a little “coptail” book haha.

Bless her ... destined to be an alcoholic from youth lol.

But no it was a good night, and we went out for a meal later on that day. Great weekend! Shame Ariel is going away to Benedorm at the weekend for a month, and Ursula for 6 months :(


Wayne said...

Wow that was a great family time and no disasters! I suspect your sisters went to the gay clubs for the hot male bodies lol (I think a lot of young str8 guys are working on their beer guts instead of their love life! lol). That cake was beautifully done; I think you are a perfectionist. Spring is slow getting here; can't wait. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Jack! What a great weekend with the family. Isn't it great that everyone gets along so well and you can gather for such good times!

The cake is FABULOUS!!! OMG! I want you to make ME a cake for my birthday. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!!

I'm afraid I don't know what/where Benedorm and Ursula are, but I'm sure you'll miss her while she's on the 7 month jaunt!

GRRRREAT Post! Thanks for sharing such a fun time!
Peace <3

Kemptoo said...

Great cake, what are you studying for again?

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I'm glad to hear you had such a great time with your family, especially as it was your favourite sister's birthday.

The cake looks delicious :-)
I think you'd mentioned your cooking before, but I hadn't realised you were this good. If the media studies doesn't work out for some reason, I think you could fairly readily earn a living in the kitchen.

@Jay: Benidorm is in Spain, on the Costa Blanca between Valencia and Alicante. It has a reputation here as a stereotypical British package-tour resort, though I'm not sure how much that's justified. Ursula is Jack's other sister, who I assume is going to Benidorm (or at least somewhere away from home) for 6 months.

@Jack: if Ursula is going to be in Benidorm for 6 months, it might be worth seeing if you can stay with her for a holiday.

Take care


Jack xx said...

@ Wayne: no, they went to the gay clubs for the atmosphere. Apparently the London ones are a lot more ‘club like’ (music, lights, dancing etc) but agreed about the beer guts comment lol. Oh and I defo am a perfectionist! Haha, even now I’m trying in word to make sure there are no spelling mistakes :P

@ Jay: We don’t get along well haha, but every now and then we’ll pull together and have a great night. Thanks for the compliment about the cake :) if I am in America then maybe haha, simply as it’d get crushed on the journey lol. And as Mark said, Benedorm is in Spain and Ursula is my other sister.

@ Kemptoo: Thank you :) I’m studying media production.

@ Mark: thank you for the corrections, I was just about to do them but got distracted. Haha, yeah I love to bake, I used to want to be a baker, but I gave up as the health and safety lessons put me off a lot! But my sister said she would hire me to make cakes for her haha, so I already have a mid-life crisis planned lol. I also have a college event coming up that I’m helping to run that involves a lot of baking :P Both my sisters are going to Benedorm, but only for different lengths of time (and my mum is for a week’s visit lol) Finally, two points. One, I would kill my sister if it were just me and her haha, but also I cant go as I have to be in the country for uni-related-stuff, otherwise I would have gone there with her for a month or so to work, it looks like SO MUCH FUN!

Thanks guys, as always it means a lot :) xx

Micky said...

Are you serious that you made, iced and decorated that?

What an old pro you are! Brilliant!

Bloody fag hags screaming their tits off in our clubs - bah!

Jack xx said...

Haha yes :P Thank you, i love baking and really enjoy it ... i'm runing a bake-sale at college in about a montha hahaha.

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