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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My Childhood

Some facts about Scooby Doo that not many people know:

  • The license plate of the Mystery Machine is 195-343
    Mystery kids.png
    The Mystery Kids
  • The Mystery Machine was originally owned by the Mystery Kids
  • The Mystery gang bought Scooby-Doo at Grillo's Pet Store
  • Ruby Doo (Scooby Doo's Sister) gave birth to Scrappy Doo at St. Bernards Hospital
  • Shaggy has had 6 girlfriends (Googie, Crystal, Rachel, Meadow, Mei Ling, Madelyn Dinkley)
  • Shaggy has a younger sister called "Sugey"
  • There are Shaggy Snacks and Scooby Snacks 
  • Scooby Snacks were actually created by Daphney.

Ok, so as promised in my post about Freddie Jones, here is my post about Scooby Doo and my childhood.


One of my earliest memories is sitting down watching Scooby Doo, well to be honest, they all kind of merge into one ... but thats not the point lol.

I still remember the plot twists to all 25 original episodes, and have seen every episode of every series in existence, and almost all of the films.

Yh, I was a hardcore fan haha.

I remember way back in the day rushing into town to this one little store that sold the videos (way back before DVD’s) and I could even navigate the store to this day ... if it were still there.

I would go in and buy the latest Video of it, or an older one if there were no new ones. Then I would arrange them at home on my selves to have a secret compartment where I would store my money box ... as well, my sister had light fingers, shall I say lol.

Once or twice I even made a little maze out of them, where Mischief my cat would traverse the twists and turns to our hearts content. It was so easy back then to have fun.

I had almost all of their memorabilia! I had three of their original video games that were clue-solving mysteries. One was set in a theme park at night where each time you played a new game, the villain changed so it was always different ... something that seems to have been lost over the ages, which is unusual :/ I could never complete it though. I would get about half way and then get stuck and restart haha.

Same went for the other games, but it didn’t matter. They were fun and had a lot of minigames.

And I had a set of their dolls. They were made of rubber, and were pretty durable haha, which was good as I was a clumsy kid. I used to take them into the bath with me and spend hours just playing with them. Different stories came to me easily.

Man, I should have been their writer! Haha.

Once, I went to a Disney store with my BFF Matt. I think his dad took us, but not sure. And I think I literally bought every Scooby doo doll they did (and a few of Shaggy).

  • Hula Scooby.
  • Scuba Scooby.
  • Golfing Scooby.
You name it, I had it.

I even spent several years (literally several) trying to remember the name of one particular series. I saw it in America when I was like 7, where the Gang were little kids, and no matter how hard I searched I couldn’t find it anywhere! It was an amazing show where they really added new depths to the characters, but it was nowhere to be seen. Not in England, not in America (later on) not online! Nowhere!

I eventually came across it as “A pup named Scooby Doo” but I just remember sitting in the living room in Florida watching this cartoon and the joy I felt as a child, and the frustration for several years afterwards trying to recapture that.

But alas, things had to change. I grew up and it became a secret shame. I still loved (and love) Scooby Doo, but by then I was a teenager and it would have been shameful for people to kow that I still loved the show.

I think it was mainly because it kept me feeling young and reminded me of happier times, but the fact remained, I liked it when it was socially unacceptable for me to. My mum rounded up my toys and videos and put them in a big bag.

I think she donated them in the end, but they were in our playhouse for quite a while, so I’m not sure. Sometimes I long for those days. I mean, I sent the last few years longing to watch a few of the original films, like Scooby Doo and the Alien Invaders. But they (and this one in particular) seems to be quite a rarity ... its not even on YouTube haha ... I recently found it on Torrent so no problem lol.

("we'll fill it up with stuff from 1969" ... the year it was first broadcast hehe)

But I just cant help it. I was literally raised on Scooby Doo. I cant help but have a soft spot for it.

Its such a shame that they’re now deviating from the original style of Scooby Doo. In their new live action films, they’re focusing a lot more on the REAL ghosts and ghouls, rather than men in masks. And their original special effects on Scooby doo were amazingly realistic, but in the latest film they were shockingly bad. I do worry that this amazing franchise will die out due to some silly mistakes they’ve made.
I still remember singing along to this ... one of my favorite songs from one of my favorite films haha.

(not from scooby doo, but a better video lol)

But its SO weird to think that my dad was raised on it (to some extent), as was I and now to see my sisters godson watching the original shows jsut makes me think how amazing it is that it is loved by all of these different generations.

Even with their new technologies and everything, they are still drawn to the original and inspiring things. Kind of gives me hope.

The original Video:

The Remake from the thrid live action film:

My childhood <3


Wayne said...

I believe my much younger brother was a Scooby Doo fan, back in the day it was the Looney Tunes bunch for me and the odd Spiderman. Today my guilty pleasure (when I'm REALLY bored lol) is Spongebob Squarepants, and Fanboy and Chum Chum! I like the Star Wars Clonewars too. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

What a touching post, Jack. I remember being a nut for the Looney Toons characters: Foghorn Leghorn, Tasmanian Devil (my favorite), the Roadrunner and Wile E. Coyote...all of them...then Scooby Doo came along, and I loved him, too. Unfortunately, he came on at the same time as my Looney Toons, so I didn't watch him as much - usually at a friend's house on sleepovers - it seems I was the only true LT fan, they were all into Scooby Doo!

Thanks for bringing back the memories, Jack. I know exactly how you feel. Truly a great post.

Peace <3

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