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Wednesday, 1 June 2011


Yes ... I was caught red handed ... well, not red handed lol. Lets just say ...

I was caught!

So earlier on the house phone rang and it was my sister Ariel, and since she’s been away in Benedorm for the last month, I havn’t spoken to her AT ALL!! So it wsa a nice surprise to finally hear her voice. Of course she thought I was dad and asked her to call her back ... which I did haha.

So while I tamed my rose ... no not a euphemism, my rose bush kind of collapsed in on itself so I was restructuring it ... while dad talked to her. Then she asked to pass the phone over, which made me smile :)

We had a little chat and everything. We told each other about how we have been and what we have been up to. We made plans to go out drinking when she gets back ... which will be about the 11th!!! SO CANT WAIT!!!

Then she passed the phone over to my other sister, Ursula. We had a little chat about the same things. I told her about Uni, she told me about what happened when my mum went over to visit ... and why they are now not talking lol. Long story ...

So she then passed the phone over to Ariel again and she told me something that did make me giggle and cringe at the same time haha.

She asked about my love life and all that, which there isn’t much to report ... other than one thing lol (BE PATIENT!!!) and she asked about one guy in particular.


My Jake lol. Apparently my dad caught him and me cuddling ... which is not how it seems haha. We go to a nightclub once a month (its kind of a tradition now lol) and he crashes at mine that night to save him having to walk home alone and drunk.

And as I have said before, he have a very um, liberal (?) relationship, meaning that we have a Bromance. You know, where you have the same kinda things (like cuddling) that you do in a romance, only its not sexual and stuff.

And I do have to laugh at being caught, because yes we do cuddle when we’re alone. Its just something we do haha, its nice and comforting lol. Innocent. But I just think about what my dad would have saw haha,

Probably something like this ...

When it would have been this really ...

But oh well :P He’s staying again this Friday ... who knows what Dad’ll see this time :L


A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I'm glad to hear you're in touch with Ariel and Ursula - I hope you have a great time when Ariel gets back.

I think it's wonderful that two people (whatever their gender) can become comfortable enough with each other to cuddle, and it not have to become sexual. I'm glad that you and Jake have this.

As for the photos, to me neither of them is sexual - the only difference is whether the guys in them are wearing clothes. Obviously the first one could become sexual without the two of them having to move much, but it's not like that as it stands.

Take care


Wayne said...

I remember a comment on a blog one time where the commenter said that the only difference between a straight and bisexual guy is about 5 beers lol. Make sure you find a partner before age 25 or it will be slim pickings after. I wonder if Jake is so inclined? You have great sisters btw. bfn - Wayne :)

jaygeemmm said...

It's great that your sister called, funny that she thought you were your dad, and so cool that she also wanted to speak to you - so it really was an accident at first!

I think it's great you've got Jake as a friend. It must be nice to have someone like him to cuddle with...siiigh...

I do think it's funny your dad "caught" you. Presumably you had some clothing on, so perhaps he wasn't too weirded out. At least you are out to him, so he understands.

Have fun tomorrow night! (Yes, I recognize that it's Thursday there already. LOL)

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Hey guys, thanks for the comments :)

@ Mark; thanks, we will haha. We’ve already planned a long over-due DVD night haha. Ty, I’m glad we can have that relationship too :) and I know what you mean baout them being sexual ... I could go and get a more sexual image haha ... but I wont lol.

@ Wayne: I’ll try my best to find someone before then haha ... stay tuned. Oh and Jake is so inclined (as explained in my post about him:

@ Jay: yes, we had clothes on haha, fortunately! But I think my dad is still a little awkward about these things, because he talks to my sister rather than me :/ and I will lol xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

There's no need to find any other pictures - I'm quite happy with these ones as they are. Porn is so readily available as to become boring; pictures expressing love and friendship are much rarer, and all the nicer for that.

I hope you have a great time tomorrow!

Take care


jaygeemmm said...

Yeah, I'm sure your dad does find it a bit awkward. You are his only son! But be patient and give him time. And ask your sister to steer him to you when he wants to talk about you (if you're ready for those conversations).
Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Haha, way ahead of you guys lol. I wasnt going to find another picture anyway :P i guess i knew your response lol

and once again ... way ahead of you haha. Me and my sis have talked about this before, and she said she's going to steer him in my direction ... but then she went away. And i'm perfectly open to talking to my parents about this stuff ... EXCEPT for how 'far' i've gone with people (as my mum is always trying to get me to tell her haha), but i just hav to wait for him i guess :/

Love<~Peter~> said...

guess what I am sneaking a peek at the old blog lol omg you and jake cuddle like that! lucky!!!!!!! thats kinda how me and david kinda cuddle like that he is a cuddle bug so i know it just feels nice and safe weird that yuor dad caught you even thought i know how he comes in all the time oh well Love<~peter~>

Jack xx said...

What old blog? lol, and yes hehe we do. It'd be better if i can do it with someone who 'likes' me but oh well ... one day. Well, should be soon lol :P Yes it does lol. And its not that strange lol, he's always popping into my room unexpectedly. Just strange he didnt say anyhing to me about it lol ... although either he has been talking to my mum or my sister has, as she's wondering if i like Jake now HAHA

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