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Monday, 6 June 2011

My First Time ...

Yes, this post is pretty self explanatory ... I am going to tell you all about my first time and what set things into motion.

The short answer to this is you guys: you kept bugging my and Peter to have ‘fun’ and to explore the market, so to speak.

And I have.

As I said in my post a little while ago (here) I joined a website to meet new people ... completely INNOCENT people lol. Which means, despite all of the sex on there, I am not on it for the sex lol. And there is a LOT! haha.

But anyway, so after wading through the masses of people who are after one thing (not to say there were loads after me, just loads on the site), I met a few people who are genuinely nice. There seems to be four catagoires...
  • After sex, plain and simple.
  • After sex, but want to know who they are fooling around with.
  • After quick friendship
  • After friendship and flirtatiousness

And I’ve met some from each category lol. But this post is about the third and fourth really. So as I was saying, I got a few messages from some friendly people who I get on really well with, bt after a day or two they ignore you ... whatever!

But I met one guy who is really nice, really cute, really funny etc. We got talking and we just kept talking. Like, he lives in California, he’s gay, he’s really interested in History ... and he’s travelling this summer.

Now careful Jack ... just remember how it ended with Peter?!

Oh, and he’s in England in a month! So not quite the same. I mean don’t get me wrong, I’d happily date him ... if it wernt for the distance. Been there, done that, got the Tshirt.

But anyway, we got talking and turns out he’s going to be in England soon and he asked me out on a date!



Haha, you didn’t think this post was going to be about a one night stand with a complete stranger who isn’t even going to be in the country for a whole week?!

Well ...

So anyway, he asked me out. And at first I was like “aww yay, but its not going to happen” cos I mean, come on one of us would forget or just not be interested. But he keeps reminding me about it and I actually cant wait.

The only bad thing is he asked if he could stay with me for a few days while he’s over. Well, firstly my dad would not be happy with a stranger I’ve known for a month staying in our house, and well, neither would I to be honest. So I said no, and I’m a little worried he was only asking me out for a place to stay ... but only time will tell...
Oh, did I mention he was hot?!

But thats not the end of this little tale ...

The joys of the internet ... its always throwing you a curve ball!

When this happened, I also met another guy. It started off kind of quiet and then we just hit it off. We exchanged numbers and email addresses, and have talked daily so far.

He lives in the same country as me, the same section of the country and close enough to visit! Which is just what I wanted really. He’s such a great guy! Like, pretty perfect lol.

You have a crush on him!

Yes I know! Haha. And he does too. We were talking and we have SO much in common its kind of scary. Like so far the only real differences is that he doesn’t eat anything from the sea and I don’t eat Kebabs. Thats like it!

I cant stop thinking about him, like when can we meet and where and what would I say etc. I know haha :L I just look forward to talking to him lol.

He makes me smile :)

I was really (and still am) tempted to invite him to join me to visit my family at the beach in a months time ... as a friend and to hang out more! Lol, but I know that’d probably scare him away as we haven’t even met yet ... so I’m waiting to see how well we do get on lol.

I’m also hoping to go clubbing with him to a few gay bars in London soon lol, which will be really fun ... first time for a lot of things then :) ... INOCENT THINGS! Lol

And he is SO cute and awesome and hot and friendly and everything! And he admitted he likes me ... well kinda. He called me perfect and said he wanted to meet me but didn’t.

Well, this might explain it better:

Emo Guy says:
i really wanna meet you
but ima have to say no
Jack says:
me too
but no to meeting me?
Emo Guy says:
its hard to understand
i love being single
Jack says:
its ok
Emo Guy says:
but your so like me
if i liked u n u moved to swansea
Jack says:
and haha its hardly a date lol
Emo Guy says:
id be like EUGH

So basically, he’s too afraid to like me and everything and have me move away ... which sucks!

But oh well, either way he’s a great guy and I’m happy to have him as a friend. Just have to meet him now ...


Anonymous said...

I think you're taking the right road here, Jack. Don't set your sights too high, meet this guy, be friends. Friends in real life are so necessary for happiness, and here is a chance to make one who is gay, friendly, nearby, and wants to meet you to have some fun. Good for you. My fingers are crossed that it all goes well. I'm sure it will!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

aww he sounds cools very though i dont know where the one from cali is going thought and hrm love how i am the been there done that person not so great feeling.... love the song btw and of course love you duh Love<~peter~> lol p.s. stupid people no that is not we are still involved its i love my bestie

naturgesetz said...

What the guy in your country needs to realize is that meeting you does not mean any sort of commitment. All it means is you get to see each other face to face. Maybe that will be the only time you get together, maybe you'll see each other occasionally, maybe you'll get together frequently. But however the first meeting turns out, there is no promise about the future. He's still single after he meets you.

Oh well, that's how it goes. There can be lots of possibles before one becomes real. Don't let it frustrate you.

Beej said...

So I've been following your blog for AAAGES but I dont think I ever really comment!!

#1 I LOVE your blog
#2 Exciting about 'Emo Guy'

I totally get the "I want to meet you but I like being single" thing- totally happened to me JUST the other night only substitute "meet" with something like "date" since we have already met- hope all goes well with him though sounds exciting xoxo

Jack xx said...

@ Jay: haha thanks :) I mean , I would LOVE to try and go for something with this guy, but I completely understand the not wanting to get your heart broken. And I mean, I refuse to do long distance now, as well, you all know how well that one tuned out lol.

@ Peter: hehe I know he’s great lol. Not quite sure what you mean about the Cali guy, but who knows. Its just a date, and even that may not happen, so whatever lol. And I’m sorry to have to say it Peter, but well, you are my ‘been there and done that’. Obviously not as mean as that sounds, but like yes we have dated and it ended and we have moved on and learnt from it. It is what it is.

@ Naturgesetz: I know what you mean, but it isn’t quite like that. He doesn’t expect anything to happen if/when we meet, its more he doesn’t want to meet me in case he starts to like me. And its very difficult to like a ‘virtual’ person usually. But yes, there are a lot of opportunities and whatever happens, happens.

@ Beej: HEY!!! I feel special now hehe. And looks like I’m not the only one with a “first time” today lol. Nice to finally hear from you! X Thank you and I know! Hehe.
Wow, exciting for yourself! It sucks when people do that to you x you know, just keep you on the fence and everything so you don’t know what to do :/ but I say jsut take it into your own hands. If you like him back, ask him out on a date, if you don’t ry to steer it towards friendship lol. Best of luck! Will keep you updated, and don’t be a stranger! Lol xx

Wayne said...

Mobility seems to be the curse of modern society when it comes to friendship/sex. People are afraid of falling in love cos something inevitably happens to separate them and hearts are broken. Maybe some sacrifices or arrangements need to be made to stay together for the long-term. Sometimes I envy the psychopath with no conscience; they just shrug their shoulders and move on lol. I guess friends/lovers are a work in progress until you settle down. bfn - Wayne :)

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