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Saturday, 18 June 2011


Sorry for all the sort posts lately, ust want to keep you all updated whil things are fresh in my mind, and well this is a post where i genuinely have no idea about.

I need your help, if possible!

So i was just getting up to go and get someting to eat in the Kitchen, when i felt really dizzy. Nothing unusual there, i used to occasionally feint, for whatever reason. Being unwell, being too hot, blood. I used to think it was an inballane in m Blood Sugar levels because i had most of the symptoms, but anyway, i havnt feinted in about a year now.

So back to m story, so the simple way to stop mself from feinting is to jsut sit or lye down on the floor, and at least then if i do feint i wont do myself damage, and it usally does the trick.

Only this time i started shaking.

And i mean shaking!

Think like stereotypical epilepsy shaking (maybe slightly less), but kind of like this:

Only, 1) i am not epileptic or claim to be and 2) i was fully conious which is the weird thing. I didnt feel like i couldnt stop or anything, but more like i didnt think to stop myself. It was the strangest feeling. I didnt panic or get worried or even give it a passing thought, more like "oh, i'm lying on the floor shaking ... ok".

And then jsut as suddenly as it started, it stopped and i stood up and only then did it hit me what had just happened. I have no explination for it, only that it did jsut happen. I got really freaked out because i am used to almost feinting (and feinting by default lol) but this has litterally NEVER happened, and i am at a loss for words.

Emo guy says its just something that happened because i stopped the feint half way through, so my brain had "shut down", which makes sense, but its ust its NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE!?!

Its over now and i'm calm and everything, but have no idea what it was, does anyone else have an explanation? xx


A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

About the only thing I can suggest is that you see your doctor about it, especially if it happens again. Dizziness and fainting I would understand in much the same terms as you (low blood sugar, sudden low blood pressure e.g. from standing up suddenly), but shaking like that is not something I'm familiar with. It may not be significant, but I would get it checked out.

Take care


Anonymous said...

I know you're not a fan of doctors, but dizziness associated with low blood sugar, or standing too quickly is one thing...shaking uncontrollable is something else again. Please see a medical professional (or a witch doctor or shaman), but get it checked out.

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

There are so many things that could have caused this that none of us can tell you what it is.

Since it could be serious, you definitely must see a doctor.

You may be afraid of what will be diagnosed, but the symptom is scary, and you need to get a real answer.

Wayne said...

Generally speaking, if the doctor says there is no underlying health problem, the cure is a proper high-fiber diet (avoid too much junk food), and an hour of solid heart-pounding exercise everyday. We are living in this crazy 24hr techno world and are coping with caveman genes which require regular sleep and regular physical exercise and a high-fiber diet. Vigorous exercise burns off stressful nervous energy and helps regulate sugar levels. You should have a regular daily exercise routine involving resistance and aerobic exercise; jogging or fast biking is perfect. Sitting around staring at screens excessively and stressing over bfs takes a toll on the body. The human body is made for running and exercise and degenerates over time if it does not get it. Most people discover how good they feel with regular exercise and get addicted to it, which is a good thing. Most people with chronic health problems are simply overweight and have avoided exercise all their lives. Setting aside exercise time every day should be at the top of anyone's priority list. I'll be out mountain biking off-road today for at least an hour and I am an old guy lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Micky said...

I hate doctors too.

I'd suggest it's caused by stress - eg after swotting for and taking exams. and previously you might be able to identify crises of confidence eg about your sexuality or others' reactions to it.

I suggested the low blood sugar thing in the morning before when you talked about it and it would be interesting to know whether it ever happens (or apparently threatens to happen) when you're blood sugars are high.

It would also be interesting to know whether there is indeed a correlation with times of stress or anxiety.

Incidentally Brits, as an whole, are generally less keen on the medical and legal professions than our American friends. Just an observation but just look at comparative pill consumption for one thing!

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