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Thursday, 23 June 2011


Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts, i have a massive back catalogue of posts to add the finishing touches to, so expect to be bombarded with posts soon :L

But i just got home from a nice meal out with my mum and sister Ariel. Well i say meal, we ended up having pizza and going out for a few drinks. Well i say few drinks, i actually mean quite a few drinks and having a nice chat. Well i say chatt, i mean deep meaningful conversation lol.

Turns out that my mum thinks its "just wrong" for a kid to have 2 dads (same as its wrong to raise a child as a single parent). I know what she means in that its easier for the child to grow up etc and we share the love for traditional beliefs.

I know she doesnt mean it in an offensive way, so i'm not going to told it against her, but i cant help but be upset. Because one day, if i make it that long i'd love to adopt a child or something and have a 'propper' family. I've wanted it for a long time and its a shame to think that she thinks that way :/



Anonymous said...

I suspect she'll change her mind when you hand her the grandbaby for the first time! Moms have an amazing flexibility in views when they're holding a cute baby!

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

Being ready to adopt won't happen tomorrow, so there is time for attitudes to change. I'm glad you can at least understand her point of view to some extent.

The thing that I think is important is, what's best for the child. Normally, of course, that's being raised by the birth parents. If one parent is not around, we generally seem to think that it's okay for the other parent to raise the child alone (which means either no mum or no dad). And in cases where adoption is needed, it may be that having a mum and dad is preferable, but having a loving home with one parent or two of the same sex is surely preferable to being in an orphanage, shelter, or short-term foster care. And that's what's most important.

You may well be in a position some day to give a child the parenting he or she needs, and if that happens, as Jay said, I'm sure your mum will love the little one and be a good grandmum.

Beej said...

Its so funny- I've had the exact same conversation with a religious friend of mine. She's was completely against and but I reasoned; Doesn't that child (or those children) deserve to grow up in a loving environment?

Just because a couple is same sex it doesn't reduce their capacity to love...

That's the way I look at it anyway

Wayne said...

Thanks for finally posting; I had visions of you being in the hospital after your last post! A regular exercise lifestyle is great for relieving stress (and lifting depression) and is especially important if you are a gay guy and you want to look good; give it a try.
- As for a same-sex couple raising kids, I have always advised young gay guys to focus on completing their education so they can gain financial independence and freedom; then you live your life ON YOUR TERMS, and prove them wrong when they see the fine job gay couples do raising their kids. Btw those huge prison populations are the result of the 'fine' job the heterosexual couples are doing with their kids. Don't let your mom's attitude bug you cos she will come around in time. bfn - Wayne :)

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