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Saturday, 18 June 2011

The Damage Done

So I wrote this last night when everything kept going wrong for me, and kind of explains what happened and how I'm feeling. So enjoy ... or dont, tbh idc :/

There is a painting hanging on my wall
of four and one, standing tall
smiles painted on, for all to see.
     Thats me.
For when that mouth opens wide
lies, aside by truth, aside by lies
secrets flying free.
     Thats me.
Misunderstood and misconstrued
no end in sight for the deluge
of broken wants and wishes
of dreamers long gone by.
For I am their oppressor.
   Their silencer.
     Their murderer.
For I am the night, to those days gone by.


Wayne said...

None of us are perfect Jack, and I can remember lots of days when, yeah, EVERYTHING goes wrong. You are blaming yourself too much though; some things are beyond our control and we must adapt to it. C'mon summer is almost here so get out and have some fun before you are back in school again in the fall. Btw university is something to look forward to; new experiences and friends. bfn - Wayne (hugs)(and a nice poem; well done!)

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