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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Glitz and Glam!


I’m in SUCH a great mood at the moment haha, I almost started crying earlier lol. Sad ... I know :/

But anyway, why are you so happy Jack? I hear you ask, Well ... I’ve just had such an amazing night!

I’ll begin at last night ... well a bit before really lol ...

So every year we have this HUGE awards ceremony for the second year Media Students to celebrate their hard work and all that. And this year it was my turn. It’s even black tie! I got asked a few weeks ago to host it too which was really scary but cool too lol.

So I wanted to borrow my friends Blazer for it so I would look the part, but we both forgot about it last night which meant I didn’t have the clothes I needed! Then when I tried to contact him to ask if I could pick it up in the morning ... everything went downhill: my phone completely broke so I cant use it, my dad was out so I couldn’t use his phone, our house phone cant call mobile numbers, my home computer let me on msn but not on any other websites (it just closed them down) and my lappy got infected which meant I couldn’t go online either.

I was stuck without what I NEEDED and no way to get it. And I hear you saying “well you had MSN working!” well it was 1am at this point so no one was online :/

Eventually I got my internet working and face booked him and stuff, but he didn’t get it. Then this morning I tried to cycle over to his house on my dad’s bike, but it is a racing bike and a nightmare to ride :/ I got there and I had to wait 30 mins for him as he forgot about me haha. But oh well, I’d have done the same lol, and I got the blazer.

Then I forgot to iron my shirt so I was late into college, but made it on time for my exam. It was quite easy and straight forward ... to the point where I spent ages on some questions as I OVERcomplicated them lol.

After that I relaxed for a few mins and went to lesson, where I was supposed to have a mock exam, but as I was a few mins late, she let me just prepare for the show later on which was great.

At the end of the lesson I wrote up my script for the night, and after me and Chris went to go and collect the flowers for our teachers. We decided to organise this thing where students could donate towards buying presents for the teachers. We got the substitutes chocolates, another sub (mother hen) her favourite lollies, our teachers flowers (to reflect their personalities) and we even got the ‘donations’ organiser and class assistant a lil something which caught them all by surprise lol.

The night was sooo terrible at the time, like we kept missing our queues, walking on stage when we shouldn’t etc. But it was still a great night! They all laughed at our jokes and we managed to use the last minute changes to our script successfully.

We both won awards (me and my co host)(who I used to hate but now get on quite well with lol). He won Best Music Video as his really was amazing! Like professional standard. And me and Chris won most Innovative video which I thought we might lol. I also won the award for being involved in the media department, but there were a few others who won this award too lol.

I got kind of frustrated thought out, towards the end really, as about 3 people stole the “we would like to thank ...” parts, which was where we were going to surprise the teachers with their presents. But in the end I just walked on stage before everyone left and did our little part, and caught them off guard lol.

Then I stayed behind to help tidy up which was cool, and the teachers all came over and said how sweet it was and out of the blue, and how thoughtful we were, after giving us hugs lol. Then my teacher spoke to my parents and said how proud she was of me and how great tonight was because I helped her with it. She explained how she has high expectations for me and think I’d be a brilliant teacher. She even surprised me by saying that she’s writing me a letter of recommendation!!!

So all in all it was an amazing night! I still cant believe I stood up in front of over 100 people and publically spoke! OMG! Lol

Oh and its so cool, we won little chocolate awards too lol

Just for you guys ...  ;)

Aww, and my dad's gf just called up and asked how it went and all lol

So thats why I'm in such a great mood!

Ttyl, Jack xx


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Anonymous said...

What a great night, even if getting ready for it sounds like something out of the Three Stooges! HAHAHA! Sorry, but it is kind of funny to read it, but I know it wasn't funny when you were in near-panic mode trying to make it all happen and get it all together at the last minute!

I know the evening was worth all the rushing about. You won some cool awards, and that's even better! I think you also proved you could do something that you probably were worried about big time in getting up in front of people like that.

I hope you feel pride about the whole thing. Because you should. You pulled off a great show, made your teachers super happy, and had a few laughs in the middle of it all. The one teacher's response should tell you a lot - you've done well there, and now you are reaping the rewards. You're on the road to even bigger and better things, Jack! AWESOME!!!

And man, you need to invest in some good anti-virus and anti-spam software, as often as your laptop winds up infected! I recommend Zone Alarm from Zone Labs (

Whew! I'm excited for you! Just smiling all over!

Peace <3

Micky said...

Infectious post makes me all bubbly and happy for you too!

Many congrats!

And fancy presenting you with a guy! (even if he is make of chocolate). At least you can still lick him all over.

Oh and btw everyone's first public speaking (and first time on radio and first time on tv) are all scary to death. But once you done the first one they get easier and easier.

Now don't ask me how I know but just take it that it's true.

Wayne said...

Seven OMGs! Wow you are in a good mood and it sounded like a lot of fun. I believe you are in the right field of education for you, and you have options for a future career. Any plans for the summer? bfn - Wayne :)

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