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Friday, 20 May 2011

Don't count your eggs

Hey everybody!

This is just a quick post about my exams so far. I've only had two (and another in a couple of hours) but so far so good.

I had my maths re-take on wed, it went really well. I got through the first 6 questions in 30 mins (out of an hour and a half exam, with 11 questions), which is really good! But i got a bit stuck after that, like the questions were really poorly-worded and stuff, but oh well. I only skipped a few questions and answered the rest.

But i LOVD my exam yesterday! It was general studies, which meant NO REVISION! and its the ytrpe where they asy your oppinion on topics and you answer questiosn/write essays. Well, 2 essays and 12 questions, in total.

The first set of questions was on Abortion, which me and my friends were joking about litterally JUST before the exam started so that was quite funny. I almost laughed out loud, before i realised i was in an exam lol. Then i had to write an essay on how new technologies have influenced the News and Media Industry (which is what i'm doing my Media exam on ... like, almost the exact same question!). Then i had to answer some questions on Politics and Voting, which were kind of easy; and finaly i had to write an essay on the pro's and con's of being self employed (much like my dad is).

So all in all that exam was SO easy!

I finished like 20 mins early, and i even managed to include the key words. Like, its almost a tradition to give each other a word or two to fit into their exam paper, just for the fun of it. The more abstract the better. Like my friend for Spongebob, my other got lemons. My other friend actually managed to fit "the almighty cucumber god" into his exam, while i managed to get "umbrella" and "antidisistablishmentarianists" ...

Oh and we've been joking about drawing pictures in our exams instead of an actuall essay; as it honestly is a pointless exam. Well i didnt do this, but at the end, i actually drew a dragon and wrote "P.S. i drewded you a dwagon" ... which is an inside joke with our group in college.  Maybe i'll let you guys in on it at some point.

But anyway, its only been 2/9 exams, so as they say "dont count your eggs" an all that :P xx


Wayne said...

Nice going Jack and keep up the focus on the exams cos it is just another week. Forget everything else until they are done. I think you are a very good artist too btw. - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Haha i will Wayne :P although its not a week, its a month today lol and i didnt draw that, i just used it as a demonstration as i wont be able to get my paper back lol xx

jaygeemmm said...

Also cool (I'm commenting backwards). Again, I had an exam much like your general studies, only mine got me credit for uni. It was like it was written just for me!

Glad things are going well! Keep up the good work!

Peace <3

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