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Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Goodbye forever!

Well, i may visit once or twice coming up, i still have some important things i have to say, but until then i doubt you'll see me. I'll still be here, living my life, but i just wont have these great friends with me that i've made this year.

I want to stay and believe me, its been a terribly difficult descision, but i have to go. I have to move on. If i dont, i'm affraid i might never leave, and then i'll be stuck in a 'rut'.

And no one wants that.

No, if i dont move on, i never will, and i NEED to!

I've learnt SO much while i've been here, about blogger in particular. Made some great friendships, dated someone ... or a few, looked towards my mentors and teachers with love, aspiration, shame and bigheadedness ... if thats even a word.

Now i've already said goodbye to most people, and there were a few tears, a few hushed breaths and everything, so i've already been thorugh it all, but its about time i say goodbye to the place thats been mu home for so long.

I dont really know what to say right now, i'm feeling really quite emotional and i actually want to cry, but i have to be strong. I can still talk to my friends ... i just hope they keep in touch! I dont know where i would be or what i would do without them.

They are my friends. They are my family. They are my life.


Ttyl Jack xx

P.S. This post was about College ... not blogger ... you didnt think i'd leave you that easily did you?! I'll post more about this soon ... with pictures!

This was a little video we made and edited (in 2 hours ... hence the poor quality) for our teacher to say goodbye. It clearly meant a lot to her and i'm really glad we did it! Me and the teaching assistant worked really hard on this, about 2 days in total haha (from start to finish) and in the end we got most of the class in it (we were going to get the famous lift and all that but the lifter didnt show up :/)

Sophie cried ...


naturgesetz said...

That's so sweet of all of you!

Wayne said...

Nice vid; I thought I was watching an episode of Glee! A cute bunch. Maybe you will run into those friends again cos it is a small world sometimes. Friends are always a work in progress so make some new friends over the summer and maintain the old ones. Friends are like family especially when you're gay. bfn - Wayne :)

jaygeemmm said...

Whew! I was sooooo happy to get to the P.S.! HAHAHA

You're on your way, Jack! Great things in your future! Swansea here you come!

Peace <3

Kemptoo said...

OK your title made me look. Bugger off, don't do that. Nice one :)

Stay well

Micky said...

Yes folks, it' another cheeky chappie post from U know who!

You bugger!

But yeah - we cried the day we left too - but in our case it was mostly tears of relief!

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks guys, sorry to scare you all :L And i will stay in contact with a few people in the class (one of them was Chris who i've been friends with and media partners for the last 3-4 years haha) but most of them will be lost along the line somewhere.

And although its sad to say goodbye, your right that i'm moving forwards and i cant wait!

And if i made you look then i'm sorry, but at least it worked how i wanted it to haha. I try m best to be cheeky :P xx

Rowan said...

Very cheeky -_-


Rowan <3

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