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Wednesday, 7 December 2011


Hey guys, so I thought its been a while since I had a nice good old fashioned rant, so get ready :P

Ok so I have been living in University accommodation for the last 3 months and am really enjoying it. I live with 6 other people in my flat, on the top floor and have met most of the people in our block. WE go out drinking together, watch some films as a group and are even planning to go out for a Christmas meal.

Life is good.

... for now ...

You see, although it may seem early, we have to plan for next years accommodation in this next month. We have to find a flat, make a deposit and the most important thing ... decide who we are going to share a house with.

Now me and most of my flat have been talking on and off about this subject for the last month, and quickly came to the assumption that the ‘boys’ of the flat would not be sharing with us as they get on better with other people. Not a problem. That left me, Bili, CC and Kay.

Now a bit of a back story: CC does not like Kay (for some unreasonable and pathetic reason) so she didn’t really want to share with her. But I presumed that she was like me, and didn’t mind who she shared a house with next year too much.

I found out recently that she and Bili had been offered placed in the ‘house’ of a group of people in her course. At this time it was just talk, and Bili didn’t want to leave Kay alone and without someone to share with so she was on the fence. I then find out that they have decided to go for it.

That left me and Kay. WRONG!

Kay has been invited to share with her friends. I am now all alone. I asked my friend form back home if I should share with her and whoever she is going with, but she doesn’t know if they will have the spare room or not ... great.

I have just asked my friend from my block if I can share with her, as I know she is sharing with most of the party animals from our block including a guy from my flat. So on the one hand, we are good friends and as there are so many we could easily split into two groups or just get a bigger house. Alternatively, as there are so many people, it will likely be a no.

I have one or two other people I can ask, but they are mainly people I know slightly or are in my class. I am really starting to panic now because everyone has picked their group and the people in my flat have royally fucked me over because they didn’t want to share in the end.

I am all alone and have no idea what to do. Sure, if I don’t have anyone to go with I can go back into housing next year and be placed with a load of strangers, but I don’t want to. I want to follow the norm and move into ‘houses’ with everyone else and preferably with at least someone I know decently well.

Im trying not to dwell on it too much because if I do I’ll start panicking and that wont turn out well. Its just I cant turn around to someone and be like PLEASE LET ME MOVE IN WITH YOU! YOUR MY LAST CHANCE!

Internally I’m just screaming constantly about this, but externally im trying to look calm. I hate that my flat all seem to get on better with other people and have a group that they are going to be living with, and the group that I want to do this with don’t.

I just feel like an outcast, who may not have a home next year ...


naturgesetz said...

This is why the American system of uni-provided housng is a good thing, IMO. But that doesn't help you.

Are any of the "boys" available to move in with? Apart from that, about all I can think of is putting the word out that you're looking for a place to live. You don't have to plead, but you do have to put out feelers all around, including to the two people you know slightly.

I can well imagine that I'd have been in a similar situation if my uni hadn't provided dormitory housing for all four years. Even so, each I was "looking" for a roommate as the time arrived for room selection and ended up with someone in similar circumstances. But it turned out okay.

So, as it says on the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, "Don't Panic." Things can be okay even if they're not exactly what you'd planned. And start putting out the feelers.

Wayne said...

Maybe put out the 'feelers' for some gay/gay-friendly guys; these are the people a gay inclined guy like you wants to be with. The lady friends are nice but down the road they will be pairing off with their boyfriends. My feeling is that for the long term the gay community is your best friend; these are the people who understand you. Trying to co-exist in the heterosexual world can get lonely as the years go by. I guess you are talking about 'fitting in'. Homophobic footballers for example might not be the best choice for room mates. For now maybe just hold your nose and find a place, cos your main focus should be your studies for the next few months. bfn - Wayne :)

Jay M. said...

There's got to be a message board/bulletin board/housing office that can help you find housemates. Making new friends is fun, you've already figured that out. But people tend to drift around in uni. I only know a few people who stayed together throughout. So don't despair. Get proactive, and no begging! I know you can handle this, 1000's of others have!

Peace <3

Jay M. said...

This is to say TODAY IS THE FIRST DAY OF YOUR FUTURE! I hope you carpe'ed diem it!

Hope your 19th birthday has been special so far, and that tonight is AWESOME!

Peace <3

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