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Sunday, 4 December 2011


Hey guys, just another quick post because i want your oppinions :)

I'm going to get my hair cut soon (well, christmas time lol) but i have a dilema ...

To cut my hair or to not cut my hair!!!

Well i could either leave my hair long and straighten it and everything, a kind of emo mysterious style,


i could cut it short like i used to and i get to gell it and play with it that i do miss but i dont know how well it suits me

So i have set up a poll for you to vote on. Poll closes on the 16 and PLEASE vote! i need to know which style suits me best (both will be black but i't should be more like black highlights if i cut short)




Wayne said...

I guess hair style depends on how much maintenance you want to do. The 'Almost Famous' style looked good on you. After university, unfortunately, one needs a short hairstyle for employment purposes so grow some hair while you can lol. - Wayne :)

Jay M. said...

I just hate that you hide those eyes and face! But go with what you like! It's all good. You've got options...some of us have fewer!

Peace <3

naturgesetz said...

Well, emo has never really appealed to me, so I like the first one better. But I'm not sure how much my opinion matters. Anyway, that's my vote.

Max said...

Go with the first one! Its more up, and then get the sides trimmed really short. Thats what I did and it looks pretty sweet. Kinda depends on your face though

Rowan said...

I love long hair on guys so long hair it is, and always will be :P

Rowan <3

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Apologies for the slow response - I've been away or busy for a while.

My own preference is for short hair, so that's how I voted. But you have more freedom now to do as you please with your hair than you probably ever will after you leave university, so do with it whatever makes you happiest. On which note:

Happy Birthday!

Take care


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