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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Trouble at Home

Ok, so it’s going to be a little different for this post, so I just thought that I would get a few things out of the way first.
  • Firstly, I am sorry if there are any random images on my blog: it is one of the easiest ways to send work home :P ... it won’t be there for long, so consider yourself lucky if you do catch it lol
  • Also, I have decided that I will spend the next week posting about how I came out to my friends. One by one, in the hope that it helps any of you out there J x

Ok, so now onto the title of this post: Trouble at Home. Basically: I hate my family, and they hate me.

My dad is annoyed with me because I accidentally got some superglue on the table (shock!!!!) and so he has been in a mood with me for the last 3 days! It was an honest accident, and I have spent at least an hour trying to get it off, and he is still pissed!
Then there is my sister, who is seriously annoyed at me because she promised her friend that she would have the wedding photo’s I was editing (look above) done for Thursday, without telling me this! So she is in a mood and ignoring me because I am not going to meet the deadline she didn’t tell me about!
Then there is my mum, who although is not in a mood with me, she did do this:

I know that its not that bad, but she doesn’t know that I am bi/curious/gay, which makes me nervous. If she is like this generally, how would she react if/when I tell her?! I love her to pieces, but I don’t know what I would do if she found out and still acted this way :/

So basically, life is shit atm, lol
- Ttyl, Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

Oh Jack. Dare I direct you to my blog where my first "coming out" was replied to as "yeah, I knew"? My coming out was anticlimatic. I admit it wasn't to a family member like mom. But the moms tend to know. M is a bff, so she is much like my mom (may she rest in peace). Not sure you should lose sleep. I seriously doubt she'd be 1) all that surprised or 2) likely to reject her son because he was GBLT!!!

But you must trust your instincts. Know that we're here for you.

Peace <3

Jack said...

Thanks, i know that my family will support me with whatever i decide; but you know when you get those moments where you thing "WTF?!", and unfortunatelly they constrain me, and others too.

Jack xx

jaygeemmm said...

Yes, yes they do...

Peace <3

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