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Saturday, 23 October 2010


I apologise for any of you out there who were expecting/anticipating a story about me coming out (but I doubt that anyway), but tonight my dad, sister, her bf and I went to London for a Gig. And it was AMAZING! Dad and I had to get the train in on our own because m sister was being a slowpoke getting ready and still had to pick up her bf. So we arrived in London and got on the tube, just in time to catch the opening number of the band we went to see: The Boxer Rebellion. So here is a slightly jumbled up account of the night.

5: I had a total of 5 drinks tonight. Nothing overly interesting about this, but it meant that I had a excuse to walk around and check out the guys, when I went to the bathroom, haha. The only problem with these gigs, is that I never know what to do with my empty cup. Do I drop it? Do I hold it? Do I give it to someone? The list continues ... and so shall I.

4: Towards the end of the night, when we were waiting for the tube going to Waterloo, my sister had her seat stolen by this completely wasted guy. He sat down as she was investigating a rodent, and said (or rather slurred) “I hope she isn’t going to jump, it’s a lot of work for others”. Which is fair enough – it is – but I’m sure we would have stopped her if she was going to lol. Then when she returned, he asked her why she was so happy, in that overly judgmental way that drunk people do, and proceeded to lecture her about how ‘when she turns 25 she will love red wine and it will be like water’. I think that could explain a few things here. He then turned to her when she started laughing as told her to be quiet sho that he could finish: which was met by further laughter. He proceeded to turn to me – INCHES from my face – and lectured me. It was actually quite freightening. What was worse was the fact that his mail in his hand, was actually addressed to:
                “4th Floor; the Underground”
So later on, in Waterloo, I witnessed for the first time public urination. But no, it was not in some strange dark alleyway. It was in Burger King. This woman stood there for about 20 minutes talking to my dad and complaing about the usual: her life, her home town, the fact that she needed the toilet but they were refusing to let her go upstairs. The usual. When she just went and sat in the courner for about 5 minutes. I thought nothing of it until I saw the manager and several staff members ask/tell her to leave. I continued eating my chips. I began to get rather worried when no one was touching her or forcing her to leave. And then my suspicions were confirmed when I noticed a strange wet patch on the ground which hadn’t been there before. It was both discussing and hilarious.
After this we got on the train where two women sat next to us. They were not sloshed as the previous two, but had had a few drinks and you could tell. We proceeded to have quite a nice conversation until we were interrupted by a shrill Australian voice. Remember who? Take a guess. Go on... Yes, it was the man from the underground and hour earlier. I only caught snippets of his conversations, but they were: “trout fish”, “I am the train driver, but it is on autopilot so you are safe” and also “can all the blond girls sit on this side and all the fuddy-duddies on the other”. What an interesting man. He even pretended to drive; which leads me to the question, why do I seem to attract drunkards and buffoons?
3: The gig consisted of three bands spread over two floors. The ground floor was massive and was cramped full of people, like cattle, and was reserved for the ‘main’ artists; while the second floor was more for talking and socialising, so they had a smaller, quieter band. The boxer rebellion were amazing as always and Nathan (singer; second in on the right) even came out into the audience; although this wasn’t as exciting for me as I know him personally so I could touch him whenever LMAO.
2: I think my hair is working. And this section is probably incorrect in one way. The guy from the station ... remember him? I forgot to mention that he kept stroking my arm. And I am not sure if it was him or the alcohol :/ But onto the two cuties, I met. The first was a long-haired blond boy who stood next to me for about 30 minutes. He was SO hot I couldn’t help but stare, and I even caught his eye. But alas, we never got to talk. The next guy however, did. I was in the bathroom (ironically looking for the blonde guy) when I heard this guy next to me asking someone if they came to see the boxers. I ignored him a few times thinking he was talking to someone behind me. He wasn’t. When we were the only two in  there, I figured he was talking to me, and we had a really nice conversation. He was quite hot as well, but a bit older than me, and when we left the bathroom we separated and I couldn’t see him after. I did find it a bit strange that he would talk to someone at a urinal: it not ‘normal’ it? Unfortunately, I forgot to catch his name and number, so I just know that he goes to all their gigs. Which means I have to wait until Feb. to see him again :(

1: So all in all, it was an amazing night that I will undoubtedly remember for a long time! I also got a demo of their new album that isn’t due to come out for another 4 months, can’t wait to listen to it!
So anyway, I’ll post tomorrow (technically in a few hours) and finish off my ‘coming out’ saga. About time is all I can say haha
- Ttyl Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun, somewhat weird, night!

There was a wide range of people there, that's for sure. And I'd call a woman urinating in a Burger King a lot weirder than talking to a guy at a urinal.

Cool post!
Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I'm all caught up! Gave you a month's worth of comments to catch up on! HAHAHA

Peace <3

Jack said...

It WAS a strange night lol, but interesting :P And i've always been brought up on the idea that you should never talk to someone in an 'open' urinal hahaha ... if only they knew ¬¬

Haha, i know! You finally caught up with my blog: but i'm affraid i'll have to add some more later on lol. Iprobably post too often, but i lead a very un-interesting life :P

Jack xx

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