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Tuesday, 12 October 2010


Hey everyone,

So today is going to be another short post, but I thought that I should share with you a revelation I had today:
Whenever I see a cute guy, I sweep my fringe to the side.
I know that this is not a big deal, but I’ve only just realised this today. I did it like literally 17 times! I only just realised this as I was on my way home and did it about four times in a row! No wonder people always say that I ‘toss my hair’, lol. I am trying to cut it down, but I find it kind of freeing: it’s sort of like my way of subtly flirting with them, haha. The best part? As I do it subconsciously, it makes it FAR easier to tell who I ‘like’ and who I don’t. Bring on the boys!

- Ttyl, Jack xx


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