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Saturday, 30 October 2010

The Party

Ok, so I got back from the party a little while ago and thought that I would just post a short message about tonight.

It was quite an average night where I met lots of people I haven’t seen in ages. I spent a portion of the night being flirted with (and ashamedly to say, I flirted back ... what?! I can’t help myself) with an ex fuck buddy of Dana. Unfortunately he is straight, and I have my eyes on a different prize. Some people tried to get us to play gay chicken, and “nervous” (which is a variation of gay chicken, where you slowly move your hand up the others leg until they give in). The music was pretty bad, although we had some fun with the classics: Macarena and the Time Warp.
But the main event of the night was expanding the select few of those who know about me, but two. Yes TWO! I told the first one quite quickly as we were alone outside while she had a cigarette. I had already told her about Joe (only not the main thing about him being a guy) so I just said ...  “that person I really liked ... his name was Joe”. She took it really well as I knew she would, and ironically she was more upset about me not telling her sooner, haha. So as her and her friend, are inseparable, I had to tell the other, or she would just tell the other herself. But I love both of them, so I didn’t mind. It took AGES to get this one on her own, we got about 3 seconds of privacy before everyone else barged in, and I could hardly turn around and say ‘can you leave us alone?’ as it would be too obvious. But at the end of the night, 30 mins before we had to leave, she was in the toilet on her own so I waited ... and waited ... and waited. Know what she was doing? On the phone! Haha. So I went in and gave her a hug (I have gone in there before, no problem: P and she was having relationship problems, so needed the hug). Our friend joined us, and started the conversation quite quickly and precisely. So I told her the same thing. Her reaction was priceless:
First it was contempt
Then she said “Joe ... do I know ...”
Then her face contorted, joined with the words “HIS?!”

And so us three got to talking about everything. About Joe, Peter ... everything. Except the fact that I have a blog. I like the idea  that that is a secret (except for Dana). So tonight has been a success in my eyes, and my family has increased by two more.
- Ttyl Jack xx


Micky said...

Good one, Jack!

I think we can get a huge kick the more people we can be honest with and not have to continually watch what we say.

So def. a good night!

Jack said...

Thanks. Its great having these two know about me, as they go to college with me so i can openly be myself with them! And it takes the strain off of Chill, so he is not one of the only ones who know.

I am a little worried that it will be spread arround college via rumours, as both are brilliant friends with my 'group' and are likely to let it slip. Which i why i hadnt told anyone from MY college yet. But i came to the conclusion that although i HATE HATE HATE rumours about me, if it DOES get out, then it is out and everyone knows. So i dont mind too much :)

This is almost guarenteed to happen though. I told about 10 people from a different college, and now the entire college know about me. One girl i barely know came up to me and said "oh hey! your the guy that was with Joe! I've heard all about it" ... which got me a little upset, but oh well. Waht are you going to do? :P

Thanks again, Jack xx

jaygeemmm said...

It is very releasing to get it out. I almost told #2 yesterday, but chickened out. It will happen. I'm happy for you.

And I'm sorry for sucking you into that vortex with Peter last night. Sometimes I guess I get carried away.


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