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Saturday, 16 October 2010

Double-Post and Oliver

Ok, so I know that this is my second post for today, but I was in a good mood and wanted to get back to a ‘normal’ routine. So I thought that I would continue on with my initial plan to tell you all how I came out to the select few I have, in the hope that it will help you.
So I’ll start off with the first person I came out to: Oliver Preston ( )

OliverI have known for a long time that I was ‘different’ and so one day I came across Oliver’s blog (I can’t quite remember how). I was so intrigued and interested that I tried to write a comment on his blog – but it didn’t let me – so I did the next best thing: I emailed him. It was very formal, explaining how I was having trouble with my sexuality and how I hoped to be able to add him on msn or facebook so that we could talk openly. Eventually, we switched from emails to msn and talked a lot more often. WE shared stories and got to know one another: sharing advice. I’ll admit that when we started to talk freely amongst ourselves, it was mainly me who was asking for the advice, but since then, he has picked up and started to contribute lol. Our conversations are a lot less one-sided and we even have our mini-gossip sessions about fit guys and ‘past experiences’ ... it’s great.

Now I know that I said I was going to write this to provide help and advice on coming out; that was a slight lie. This post is not about that, but rather how amazing being ‘out’ is. Although Oliver is gay, and I am still confused, it felt like a weight had genuinely been lifted off of my shoulders. I could talk to him whenever I needed and I was completely honest with him. It was refreshing. So I urge you, if there is anyone out there, to obviously think carefully before hand, but to consider coming out; to anyone: a close friend, a family member, even to us ... your online buddies. We won’t judge you, and will help in any way that we can. We’re all here for you!

- Ttyl Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

Well good post. I think you are very mature, and that sure helps the guys that are confused - about their orientation, or whether or not they should come out, or perhaps who to come out to. It's not an easy decision, no matter your age, and one thing is for sure, the blogworld has been an amazing experience for me. I keep meeting people like you, and so many others, and each and every comment and conversation and email has contributed to making me feel a lot better after myself, and my situation.

I hope your experience here continues to be as positive as mine!

Peace <3
(oh, I added you to my msn, hope that's to chat sometime.)

Jack said...

Thank you lol, this was the main inspiration for starting a blog, and to hopefully recieve the same information. I only hope i can be as kind, caring and honest as people like you :)
People just need to want to help themselves
Jack xx
(and of course that is ok, i told you it was haha, and so would I ... although you are online now but 'away' :P)

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