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Tuesday, 26 October 2010


Hi everyone, so today’s post is going to be about the last couple of days which have been really busy for me. It may not sound like much, haha, but trust me ... I’m exhausted!
So yesterday I went to Thorpe Park with my friend Jake, his friend Em and her friend Caz. I didn’t know these girls which was a little daunting, but we actually had a really nice time. I walked to Jake’s house at about 8am (after another brief night’s sleep haha) and was almost late. His dad had recently hurt his knee so we had to leave early so that we could meet the girls in town and get the buss there. But once I got there, I was told that we was going to give us a lift: lay-in avoided. But I didn’t mind as it was going to be a great day and his dad was really nice and friendly, and went out of his way to provide us with a ride. As we were waiting around for an hour, I got to have a really nice chat with Jake’s little brother: he is SO adorable! He is at that age where he is interested by anything and everything; and so we spent most of the time watching television, talking and watching YouTube video’s. It was a good morning.
Then when we were in the car, for once it was not awkward. Usually when I am in a car with someone and their family, I freeze up and turn overly quiet and polite: too afraid to talk lol. But this time it was different, we joked and chatted most of the way there; and even once Jake had left the car. I was introduced to Em and Caz in the car (although had been told about them before) and we got on quite quickly; and as I had to wait in a separate queue with Caz we got talking about almost everything about ourselves, and it was like we had known each other forever!
Our day was ... interesting ... to say the least, haha. We discovered that Em is really BAD luck in an amusement park: she broke 10 rides! Granted most were minor, like the seats not closing at first, or failure to take off; but was still pretty funny. We kept teasing her about it all day. However, one ride – Rush – she actually broke a seat for the WHOLE day and it still wasn’t working when we left at 10pm. But we were all safe. As we were there for literally 12 hours, we went on every ride at least once! Jake has a special pass that enables him to jump most queues which was great because we could go from ride-to-ride quikly and went on like x3 as many rides as usual!
I did feel really bad for Caz though, at one point. There is this one ride called X-No Way Out, which is a roller coaster that goes backwards in the dark; and it stops and starts throughout. Me and Jake thought it would be funny to touch the two girls during the ride, on their shoulders and hair, to aggravate them; but when we got off the ride, they were a little confused as we showed them (lying, of course!) that we could not reach them. So we went on it a further 2 times in a row (Jake’s pass) and each time they got more scared, but it was all in good heart. Then we went on it for a fourth time and I did the same, but I was on my own as Jake felt a bit sick (probably as we had gone on it one after the other 3 times); but the ride broke down towards the end – the curse of Emily – and so they got more scared. This was not helped by one of the workers saying that the ride is haunted by a Little Girl Ghost: something that Caz is really afraid of. She ran off and we had to comfort her. She wanted to go on it one last time, so she went and this time she forced us to change our seating arrangement: her and Me; Jake and Em. Neither of us touched her, but they still claimed to have been touched – its amazing what the power of the mind can do – and so she got a panic attack. Me and Jake felt SO terrible, but she calmed down and we decided not to tell them as it would be even meaner. But she even went on it a 6th time later on to “say goodbye”, and STILL got touched ... we were in front of them!
One point of the night was especially frustrating; there were a group of HOT guys walking around the Park ... shirtless. I was practically drooling. So were the girls. But as I was a guy I wasn’t allowed to (they didn’t know I was bi) and so I had to pretend like I wasn’t totally transfixed. Luckily for me, they turned around and started following them, which meant I volunteered to go and get the girls. Ulterior motive: I get to spend longer longingly looking.

So today I had to spend filming scenes for our Media Coursework: a Music Video. We were only filming the narrative (story) which was predominantly a guy walking around an urban area (I will link it to my blog when we finish it). But as I was out of credit and did not have his number, we could not get in touch, so I was left wondering around like a headless chicken. The location AND time were changed repeatedly before I got this txt:
"Meet at 12, but at the lake”
Not only was the time INCORRECT! but “the lake” is just vague enough to delay filming by 2 hours. Then my printer broke so we were another hour behind writing out the shots we had to do: and in the end we just went to the locations and filmed what we wanted. It was also a bugger to film, as it was raining quite hard today, so one person had to follow the camera around with an umbrella ... we must have looked like twats, haha. But the shot’s we got were worth it. I also managed to cover up my friend’s black eye with makeup, quite well, if I DO say so myself; although the price for using this actor? I had to put up with homophobic remarks all day about how he was beated up by “a bi”; ironic how that may happen again ...
I have more filming to do tomorrow, so will let you all know what will happen.
- Ttyl Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Well good times, and you made 2 new friends! Nice! I love amusement parks and especially roller coasters. You should come over some time, I'll take you to the best - you could prolly hit 10 of the top coasters in a little over a week.

Ah, the joys of film making. I'd love to see the (wet) chicken video, too! In my senior film project, our star actor almost walked off when the cow crapped on his boot. But we were too far out in the country for him to walk home.

As to your homophobic actor, you know you can just say "man, that's enough of that, let's get on with it". That's neutral.

Glad you had a good day! I'm in love with "normal"!

Peace <3

Jack said...

not when you are walking to the next location, it comes across as very suggestive :/
Jack xx

Anonymous said...

eh, it came out wrong...i meant, let's get on with the shooting...

HAHAHA, it does look a bit suggestive...


Jack said...

Haha i guess ... and yes :P
Jack xx

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