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Sunday, 10 October 2010


Sorry, its going to have to be a short post today, as I have LOADS if homework to do . For example ,today I have had to do a 3000 word essay, 1000 word essay, 5 page word story board, and create a model ... and I’m still not done. Fml.
Anyway, I just wanted to post and say that it has been a pretty shit weekend for me, consisting of homework and helping my mother to move her old sofa’s down three flights of stairs and then back up two more (as they were donated). Not a fun day for me.
So seems as I am on the topic of my mother, I thought that I would share with you all a little piece of information: she has a new boyfriend. She hasn’t been gone for more than 3 moths, and she already has a boyfriend ... what’s her secret?! I know that I should be more upset about this, but tbh when she left I didn’t expect her to come back and I am over the whole “oh no! What now?” stage. I found it really tempting when she told me about Perry (yes, that’s his name lol) to turn around and say “me too!”, but I decided not to as this might overload her ... plus I wanted it to be ‘her’ day. I later found out, about a month ago, that her and Perry broke it off as he lives to far away. This only made me laugh as me and Joe had also broken it off that same week (even though we were not dating ... I really should explain this, another time though). And so after all of that, I have only just found out that they are in fact dating: again. I am happy for her, but I can’t help but feel sorry for my Dad, as he clearly still loves her ... who would have known that I sympathise with BOTH of my parents at the same time?!
So anyway, I guess it’s not such a short post, but there is my rant of the day
-Ttyl Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Short post, long post, post what you want...clearly you have the priorities straight.

FML? Yeah, right, I'll bet you love it, because as I read more and more, it is clear that your education is important to you. That is awesome! Keep it up.

If you, as a youth involved in a complicated family situation, didn't feel for both parents, I'd think you were "AB Normal" (if you've never seen Young Frankenstein, go rent it!). Moving out the mom (or dad) is tough. Fun? Not a chance. I've helped a friend through that. It was painful, so good for you for keeping your cool.

It's good to see that you are coping, more or less. Divorce, coupled with your own issues, cannot be easy. I hope that those of us here in the blogworld can be of some help and support.

Peace <3

Jack said...

Haha, i intend to do just that :)

And true, my education is important to me, it always has, but sometimes it can pile up and get too much lol. And i have seen yound Frankensterin, great film! Thanks for the support and talk soon
Jack xx

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