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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Emily :)

Ok, so for tonight I am going to tell you the story of how I came out to my friend Emily. She is the girlfriend of Jake, and as like all of my friends ... she too, is bi. She is a lovely person and tbh the only reason why I hadn’t told her already was because I wasn’t sure if I should tell people ... in general. I have nothing against her, on the contrary, we used to date (before she met Jake, ironic?) and so I actually felt bad that she was the only one inside our little circle who I hadn’t told; so I aimed to rectify that.
 I had already come out to three other people, as I was relatively used to the process and the responses, but this didn’t / doesn’t make it any easier. We decided to meet up at Sainsbury’s and go for a walk afterwards, but to prepare her and make sure that I did intact ‘do it’, I told her that I had something to tell her. I would advise doing something similar or even just hint at the topic, as it means that they are already expecting big new and will not let you get away with it and the worst case is they will thing of something worse. Win Win. So quite soon after we met up, I told her. It came even as a surprise to me, as we weren’t somewhere private or alone, but I just told her while we were walking. This was one of my more natural ‘outings’ as I just told her without a care in the world. She took it really well and even admitted that she had suspected this for a while (thanks for telling me :/)  but I didn’t mind. If anything, I was intrigued as to what she thought of me, haha.

However, I later found out that Dana had told her before-hand, which I was a little hurt by as my ‘thunder’ had been stolen and a personal and private affair about ME had been discussed without ME. So I would say to be careful who you tell as although I didn’t mind the people Dana told (yes, there are more!) she could have (and in some cases did) tell others who I might not have wanted knowing; so just make sure that they can keep their mouths’ shut! Haha.

Short and Sweet ... just like Emily <3

So this week has been a bit better than last. Me and my friends have become a lot closer since Joel died, and have practically spent at least 3 hours a day together as a group. And that’s on top of hours spent talking on msn/face book etc.
I am getting my hair cut tomorrow, can’t wait! Although I LOVE my hair at the moment, I have had it for about 4 years and I am quite tired of having the same old style each time. So I have decided to cut my hair short again, like how I did as a child. It won’t be too short (not shaven) but long enough to gel and wax it. I actually cannot wait! But no promises as I might chicken out or decide against it if my hairdresser says so :P
But, I really hurt my knee today though – 3 times – same knee – which fucking killed! I banged it on the table, then I hurt it when kneeling down to play Irish Snap and then I banged it getting into my Dad’s van. It is kind of swollen and seriously aches to the point where I can’t put much pressure on it and look like a twat going up/down stairs. Tomorrow should be fun :/
I hope tomorrow will be good, and it should be a double coming out story if I have time!
But until then ...
- Ttyl Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Ah, you've discovered the one downfall to being out in person: When more than YOU know the secret, it's not a secret any more. You may wish to express your desire to be the one telling people to Dana.

Sorry about your knee. What is Irish Snap?

Peace <3

Jack said...

I know. One of my newer friends (incidentally i came out to him last night lol) says that i should just tell some close people but don't say "don't tell anyone".
But the problem with that is rumours, and i have a bit of a history with them :/
(and i have told Dana that lol, doesn't stop her, but i love her too much!!)
Jack xx

Jack said...

And Irish Snap:

The basic rules of Snap apply (two cards in a row = snap. Last person with their hand on the pile gets the cards)
But ...
As you go round the circle, you each say a card number in assending order (8.9.10.Jack.Queen.King.Ace.2 ect)and if the number SAID matches the CARD, then it is ALSO a snap lol.

It sounds complicated, but you pick it up easily lol. We spend most of our lunch-times playing it haha
Jack xx

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