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Friday, 29 October 2010


14 followers?! I was surprised when i got my FIRST one! So thanks guys, for everything :)

So I’m literally just about to leave to go to a party tonight, so it’s going to have to be a short one. Although I am seriously considering not going to that I can talk to Mr Dangerous aka Peter. But I think three nights in a row may melt his little brain, haha.
I have no idea how to get to this party as according to Google maps, it does not exist :( but I have to go, as I haven’t seen most of the guests in AGES. I really want to come out to two of my close friends, but I cant quite seem to do it. I have almost done it to both of them before (on separate occasions) but I just cant quite get the words out. My heart is screaming, but my lips remain pursed. If I do, then the rumours will start, and I’m not sure if I can handle them again. Should I do it?! But if I told them, I would tell them everything. Blogger. Joe. Peter ...
So I spent my day doing basically nothing. I slept until 12 where I quickly said good bye to my sisters who have gone to Blackpool for their friends 21st. I then watched GI Joe (good film, but seriously scientifically flawed, haha) and tidied the house. Dad has been home for ages now and hasn’t even made a comment :( but oh well.
And so now onto my main thought of the day: Peter. Just to clear up some confusion there was about my last post: I do REALLY like him. My last post was ... interesting ... and focused on mainly one topic, but that was because I didn’t want to admit to myself how much I liked him. But I don’t care anymore. Live in the moment. I love him, his eyes, his hair, his laugh. The way he has to pick at his braces even though it frustrates me so! When he randomly breaks out into song for no reason, sets my soul on fire. He is amazing! I would gladly stay up for eternity, if he was there with me. But alas, this cannot be.
Sure we could talk, be intimate, even have a relationship. But its going to be a long long time before I get the chance to hold him in my arms, to tousle his hair and to kiss his ever so subtle lips. And it kills me inside.
Is it worth the torment? Every second
- Ttly, Lonely Jack xx

PS. Hope you enjoy this picture i drew, kind of reflects the situation accurately


Brian said...

Gosh! That's really a nice drawing. You are a talented artist.

Love<~Peter~> said...

yeah yeah yeah brian is is just a Jack of all trades lol and I mean that in every omg he is amazing way. lol and too Jack I noticed a smiley the other day do you write your blog on word pad too? Love<~Peter~>

p.s. sorry for not being I well fell from being light headed and then decided to get some rest that went lovely meaning I passed out and didnt wake up till 2pm

D@vid @ndrew Del@cruz said...

make that 15 followers. And i think you're a good artist except i can't tell if it's a broken heart, or a dead fetus?? Btw i added you into my blog list of cool teen blogs.


Jack said...

Thank you Brian and D@vid :) although it is a normal healthy heart (although being outside of the body) ... it's a kinda old doodle, but i felt it was applicable, lol... and thanks for adding me :)

And Peter, what smilie are you refering to? the one when you took over my lappy? but yes i do (i think. I do it on Word) and haha its fine! you need your rest x hope your ok now though :( xx

Jack xx

jaygeemmm said...

Wow, I didn't know you were an artist. You learn something every day.

I'm glad you went to the party. I know the outcome. Very cool. The rumours will start, though. It's a fact of life. You're learning that a secret, once someone else knows it, is not a secret any more. Hmmmmm, think I've said that before. But I think your comment is more a statement of your uncertainty about what will happen when the rumours are known to be true.

It's all good, and will work itself in the end.

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Yh haha, i am a somewhat Jack of all trades lol.

And yh, i know about the rumours, but oh well. I dont really mind atm. And yes you haave haha :P

Jack xx

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