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Monday, 1 November 2010

Trick or Treat?!

No I haven’t gone mad. No I’m not possessed by a little evil child. I am just in the spirit of things ... and yes that WAS a pun.
Today one thing had been on my mind and lets just say it wasn’t Halloween ... you all know who I’m talking about :) ... love you x
But first:
So today has been an average day, like most others. Except I spent half the day waiting for Mum to drop off Cedric the Skeleton (long story) and when she FINALLY did, we barely used him! Dad didn’t buy no way near enough sweets and we ran out really quickly lol, but we got all of the little kids and missed the teenage idiots ... win? I think so. But I am officially over Halloween! Because dad was being annoying and selfish and refusing to get the door I had to ... while trying to write an essay. It got to the stage that by the time I got upstairs and put my laptop on my lap, I had to take it off to get the door! I ended up moving into the Kitchen with him staring over my shoulder; which meant I couldn’t talk to the ever so lovely Peter and he left ... :(
Also, I didn’t have time to tell everyone yesterday, but I do now ... I came out to another person. Wow, it really does get better and easier, so I really can’t praise it high enough. I have been wanting to tell Elle for AGES! I have only known her for a year, but she is one of my best friends in a long time! And I really hope that me coming out doesn’t ruin it, as I have a habit of losing close friends :( So she was my ‘wild card’ as she is not bi (or gay) and does not have any openly bi (or gay) friends, so I didn’t know how she would react, but I couldn’t go on lying to her. So I just told her outright and that lead onto me and Peter, and although she has her reservations about us, she is supporting me. She truly is amazing :) But only time will tell ...
Also it isn’t a big thing, but I unofficially officially came out today; and by this I mean I changed my Facebook settings. It new says that I am in an open relationship and am interested in men and women. I decided to do it secretly, so not many people will realise, but those that bother to look will realise, so I don’t mind. It is sort of my way of coming out to the masses, without having to go through all of the OMG questions.
So that was my interesting day, and now onto my knight in shining armour. <3
He is just so ... amazing. When I am with him I just feel great. I forget about all of the problems that are in the world and me makes them disappear. He brightens my day, just by thinking about him, and I just randomly start laughing when I think about something he did earlier. And did I mention he is GREAT with his brothers? I mean even at this minute, he is having a wrestling match, and I can’t help but find it SO adorable! I mean, if it were my sister’s we would be ripping each other’s heads off, but not him. He is just so ... so ... perfect <3

So I don’t quite know how to say how I feel ... so I hope this does ...

Well? Love you Peter!
- Ttyl Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

I'm so glad you're finding the coming out process a lot easier than you initially imagined. I hope lots of other young people, and us older ones, too, look to you as an example. I honestly think that you need to consider how to approach your family in general, because with all the outing you're doing, it is just a matter of time before Friend X says to his/her mum "hey, did you know Jack is bi and in a relationship with another guy?" and Friend X's mum runs into Jack's dad in the grocer and says "congrats on having a gay kid". It would be good to be prepared with a response than get caught flat-footed. Even better is to do it yourself - of course, when you're ready...

Love ya, Jack!
Peace <3

Brian said...

This is neat. It's fun watching you guys go nuts over each other. I really like seeing something positive happening in place of all the other negative stuff I keep hearing and reading about. I'm glad you are sharing your feelings, it's brightening my life too. I'll definitely be following along the journey. I wish you both the best.

jaygeemmm said...

I came back to listen the song before I went to bed. Wow, what a great song. How do you guys always seem to find a piece of music that just FITS? Well cool. Hope your first day back after mid terms is GREAT!!!! TTYL!
Peace <3

Love<~Peter~> said...

hrm my comment didnt save oh wlel love you babe Love<~Peter~>

Micky said...

that's great with Elle - bet she's just fine.


Well, yeah OK. I suppose that's halfway and half is better than not at all, so I suppose it'll do for now. Where are all these girls you're being 'bi-' with anyhow? ? ?

Love to Peter!

Jack xx said...

Thanks Jay, i dont think people realise just how free and easy it becomes. I mean, sure it is still a bit difficult, but the more people know, the les you care who knows (if you understand what i'm strying to say lol)
And i have been thinking a little bit in general about what i might say, but tbh i would probably just sit them down and be honest with them. But the exact wording escapes me. And suggestions?
And as for the videos, i dont quite know. Every now and then i'll be thinking of something and it will remind me of a song, toher times i'll search for the perfect thing, and others i'll hear something and think ... YES! (but thats just me, haha)

Hey Brian, glad your along for the ride :) We like it to, and personally it helps to put everything into perspective for me.

Thanks Micky, i havent spoken to her in person yet, so i am still a tad uncertain, but i'm sure nothing will change lol. And i dont know quite how to say this, but i feel like my sexuality is not anyone else's business. So what if i'm gay or bi or straight, it shouldn't affect how you see me or act around me, so i say that althogh facebook is a cheat way of doing it, it means that anyone who cares enough to look deserves to know the truth ... those that cba will be kept mia.
And what do you mean about the girls? Are you talking about my ex's ?

And last but in no way least: Peter x
Love you too!!! hope you get better soon xxx
and was there anything else you wanted to say as it didnt post it?

Jack xx

Seth said...

Congratulations on your coming out - I hope every experience is equally good for you!


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