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Saturday, 13 November 2010

My Problems Part 4

Ok, so i did finish this section last time; but i came across one of my old songs i wrote and i thought it applied quite nicely :) so enjoy
Is there anywhere,
that i can run away to,
n is there anywhere,
to disapear and hide.
somewhere, where I,
I dont have to abide,
by someone else's rules.

Somewhere. Anywhere. Nowhere, now.
i dont care where it is, and how,
I get there, isn't a problem,
i just want to know where,
I just need to know.

Just somewhere, where,
I can say, what I wana say,
and be, who I wana be,
because, I wana be,
anywhere, but here.

A quiet little hole,
to crawl into,
deep and dark,
its nothing new.
I dont care where,
just anywhere,
away from here.

An escape,
to just run away,
follow the path,
to a better place,
no matter where,
it takes me,
I dont care.
Hope this helps to explain how i felt and thereby influence how you treat others like it. Im not saying you dont, but it may provide you with further insight into their minds, and help you to help them.

Thank you all for being here for me, throughout this segment x
Jack xx


Anonymous said...

There sure is a lot of feeling and emotion in that song. From the way you write and talk now, you sure sound a lot older than 17. I guess you have had to deal with a lot more than others when they reach that age. How long ago was it you wrote this? I hope you no longer feel the need to run somewhere else.

A Wandering Pom said...

Dear Jack


I sense the pain and desperation behind the words you've written; I'm deeply sorry you had to go through it all. I can't say that I enjoyed the song, but I do appreciate it. I think that you have found, or are finding, your escape, your way to a better place, and that your need for a deep, dark hole to hide in has gone away.

Take care


Jack xx said...

Thanks Brian ... i think lol. And yh, people often say i sound older, which i take as a compliment. I know people say that you shouldnt rush tto grow up, but i dont care haha. Thsi is who i am :P Unfortunatelly i do still feel this need, but less so with Peter :) and ok, when i said an old song lol, it was about a year ago. But hey! thats long for me lol

And Mark, *hugs* to you too :) i appreciate your sentements, so thank you x Im sorry you didnt enjoy it, but i guess it is more of a song about truth and hidden feelings, then the typical pop songs you hear lol. (and btw, that "you" was general :P) But true, lately i heve been feeling better, and blogger and the people on it have made a massive change to my life, for the better.

Thanks, Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I should probably have been more specific about what I thought of your song. I appreciate it because it's an expressive and thought-provoking piece of poetry; but I find it difficult to enjoy because I'm aware of the pain that led you to write it. For me, at least, there's a difference between these two responses to writing, or any other form of art.

Meanwhile, I think this song deserves a wider audience, not least to help people understand what you and others have gone through.



Jack xx said...

Thanks for the clarification :) and thanks for the support (even if you found it difficult to enjoy lol)
*hugs* ... Jack xx

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