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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

My Quickie

Haha, not that type of Quickie. I meant a quick post :P I think this will be the first time I say "Quick" and acctually mean it. I jsut thought that I would fill yall in on my week so far, as I am saving up for a big post on Friday, so keep your eyes peeled ...

So Media: First one of my team members drop out of college, now my only remaining partner broke his thumb. Ironically when he skipped the lesson to play Rugby. I'm a little annoyed as I will have to do exta work for him, but it won't take too long to heal up. I think.

My UCAS (University) application is due in for tomorow, but my stupid form tutor is refusing to check it over which is essential, until tomorow! So I HAVE to leave it last minute before I can send it ... GRRR


Also my English Literature coursework is due in tomorow, but its only the first draft. So I adapted an old essay and left it at that. I can change it after. Too much work!!!

I love my baby SOOOOO much! We haven't had much chance to talk lately, but we are getting through it. We text, email, facebook, msn and Blog. Oh and we use our online Diary's to talk to each other, so we are never short of stuff to say. But even if we are (like the other day on MSN) I am just happy being there with him and being able to see his beautiful face. I know I say 'I love you' way too much but I can't help it. I DO!!!

~ LOVE YOU!!!! Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Never stop telling him 'I love you'.

We do it at least twice each day and we're living together!

Malcolm's just done his UCCA form too!

It's just possible that your Tutor isn't as lazy as you think - I bet it'll be OK in the end!

I suppose there's one thing - you can maybe feel quite ecological when re-cycling essays.

wayner said...

Kind of sad that your media partner dropped out of school (high school?). Did you talk to him/her about this? Any teen who talks about dropping out of school needs a serious talk about the life-long consequences. Be sure to get your university application in on time (as some other young bloggers have found out to their regret). As for English lit; I remember the agonising choice between being responsible or having some fun, but being responsible pays off in the long run. I think your bf is going to get raped when he gets back lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Haha dw Micky, i wasnt saying i'll stop, jsut that i'm concerned i'm gonna smother him :/ Glad you two are happy together :)
And i know she's not being lazy, its just frustrating because to her this is just another form but to me it is my future lol

Yes it is, but i dont think he could cope with the work schedules. And no i didnt as they dropped out a month ago and only told me like last week :/ So i kinda just gave up. Fortunately i heard the rumours so i wasn't caught off guard. And he had to talk to like 3 teachers about it. I hope i will, but my stuopid teacher was in meetings all day, so i missed the internal deadline, but i will pay it tonight x

And what was that last part Wayner?! lol

Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Sorry I haven't been commenting for the last few days - I just haven't been feeling awake enough :-(

I would like to think it's not possible to say "I love you" too much - or, at least, if it does turn out to be too much at some point, it's a sign of something more serious going on in the relationship.

If your UCAS application is not in on time because your college has failed to do their admin properly, then I think you would have good cause for a fairly serious complaint against them. As a matter of interest, what courses are you applying for?

If you'd like some feedback on your coursework, whether it's this English Literature work or something else, please feel free to fire it at me.

Take care


Jack xx said...

Aww :( I hope you're feeling better :(

You have two very good points there. Fortunatelky i dont think there is any other serius comments, just my insecurities haha, and tbh i'll just say that it is her fault so i still want the garentee that it will be in on time.

I am applying for media production/tv and film production. Some can b equite had to get into, but its worth it haha. And thanks :)

Take care, yourself
Jack xx

Anonymous said...

Smother him with love!!!
And let him know it!!!
I LOVE YOU says so much more than the 3 individual words as long as they're said like you mean it, and I know you mean it!
Peace <3

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