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Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Ok, so earlier my Laptop broke and so I am now almost completely cut off from my homework, Blogging world and my dearest Peter. So I wont be able to post and comment as much as I would for a little while :(

But I thought that I would dedicate this post to a common problem all over the world, teens and adults included: self-confidence and conception. Peter keeps commenting to me about how he is fat and ugly, and I can find it a little upsetting, as he isn’t. No way near it! I will admit that he has the rare imperfection (sorry hunny) but we all do. But in my eyes he is still perfect, those tiny things that he blows out of proportion have the complete opposite affect on me. I love him for them! I find them adorable and unique to him.

But we all have those hang-ups. I have millions, that some people seem not to notice, and others do. It is the way life goes. Some people are friends, others: enemies. But you can’t let them get to you. Hold your head up high and see the light! Let it brush against your face as you beam with joy and happiness. Would you rather think something and MAKE it true? Or ignore it and realise that it was just your imagination? This is one of the few times that ignoring a problem will make it get better. There are billions of people all over the world and each of them have a million hang-ups, which have millions of affects, that affect millions of people. Do not be one of these people, and stand up tall and embrace these things … they are what make you, you! You are unique and beautiful. Each and every one of you!!!

You inspired me to write this Peter, and is just one of the millions of reasons why I love you. You may not like they way you look or act, but I sure do. I love you to the edge of the universe and back; and I’m sure yall do too.
- Ttyl Jack xx


jaygeemmm said...

I must agree. So many of us worry about little things, usually physical, that have so little to do with who we are as people that it's sad. I admit that I do it, too.

I think most people tend to focus on the small things that they perceive are wrong with them. It's an easy way out to thinking they are not perfect. As none of us are. But the tiniest things tend to stand out in our minds. I have awful skin. I am too fat. Both true in my eyes. But I sure hope that when I find someone like Peter as a bf, he overlooks those imperfections. Like you overlook his perceived inadequacies.

An interesting post, Jack, and a perceptive one. It betrays your age, and shows your maturity.

Well good post.

Peace <3

Ethan said...

"Peter keeps commenting to me about how he is fat and ugly, and I can find it a little upsetting, as he isn’t. No way near it"

Thank YOU I keep telling him that maybe he will listen to you seeing you are his bf b/c no matter what I say he wont listen to me about it.
Maybe we should get together and tie Peter down ever 2 hours every time he says he is fat and ugly.

Glad you are here now maybe you can finally do the impossible, convince Peter to love the way he looks b/c he isn't that bad like he thinks he is.


Micky said...

Oh gosh - lack of Self Confidence does seem to affect loads of people - in fact there are several blogging friends who suffer and I'm sure most of us have our own issues.

Mind you - I love looking at cute guys and it must affect my self confidence to then look in the mirror and think 'I don't look anything like that and he'd never look at me in a million years."

Self image is a strange thing, isn't it? You're right - maybe we all need help to say that we're nicer and cuter than our self-image tells us we are. I guess that's what boyfriends and Partners are for, eh?

Oh and BTW, Jack - you're real hottie yourself!

Jack xx said...

Thanks Jay ... i have my moments lol (with the right inspiration xx)

And Ethan, i hope together we can change his beliefs! haha. Although if i could come over there and tie him down every time that happened, i'd let him lol x

And Micky, i know that lack of self confidence is a major thing in modern society; that people just seem to overlook. Sure the media do not help attitudes, but they are changing ... and so should we. And, how do you know that i'm a hottie? haha

Jack xx

Ethan said...

You must be a hottie b/c Peter is pretty hot himself (also one of the things he think he isn't)

lol maybe seems like no matter what I say he disagrees.

Jack xx said...

Haha, good reason, but i suffer from the same belief as peter (i'm not) so i am baffled as to why he is with me x
As i said in the post, we all have our own hang-ups ...

But i do agree with the disagree comment lol
Jack xx

Love<~Peter~> said...

heheh so of course i will send you to my bfs blog please follow him he is the reason i made this so here is the letter l and the next url is Love<~peter~>

Jack xx said...

Who were you talking to at the start baby? And good luck 'yall' with the hunt :)
Jack xx

Ethan said...

Well unless that was some other Jack that left that comment on FB, I disagree with you saying your not hot

Sheesh 2 guys thinking they are ugly
You don't make this easy on me do you? :P

Jack xx said...

Haha, i gues yuor right lol. BUT even though i still dont believe you, i do think that he IS hot :P
Jack xx

Ethan said...

Well yes I know Peter is hot, I'm not trying to convince you of what he looks like rather that you are the one that is hot too

Trust me on this

Jack xx said...

Haha, ok. We can agree to disagree
Jack xx

Ethan said...

I just NOW realized the video on this post is one of my new favorites (I usually skip videos b/c they don't interest me)

BTW I'm blogging again

Jack xx said...

Haha well done Ethan :P well done x
And thats great :)
Jack xx

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