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Tuesday, 16 November 2010


Ok, so this will have to be a short post. An update.

Me and Peter are (or seem to me, to be) fine. We have talked a lot about what happened, and my problem was not with the name but my insecurities. And I have come to terms with that and feel bad for making feel that way. I even changed his Facebook Relationship Status to be in a 'Relationship' (from 'Open') just to show him how much he means to me and how much I care; but can/will change it back if he wants me, as we are not monogomous. But as I said, we are constantly talking.

Peter is having a bit of computer trouble, so he won’t be online for a little while, but we figured out a way where he can text me (free) and I can email to his phone. There are some limitations, like I can’t send him photo’s, and texts have to be fewer than 160 words, but we manage. And it brightens my day when I check my emails in between lessons, to realise I have an email/text from by amazing bf <3

It was quite funny/scary yesterday. I had to stay late to do some work, and didn’t leave until about 5.30. Usually this isn’t a problem, but at its winter, it gets dark about 4! AND it was ridiculously foggy. So I couldn’t see two feet in front of me! Anyway, as I was walking home, I swear I was being followed by this kind of cute guy, so I didn’t mind. I didn’t think much of it, but I mean I moved off the path so he could go past, and he didn’t, and he kept speeding up as I did, and slowing down. Kind of felt like he was trying to keep up with me ha-ha. But he gave off a straight vibe, and besides ... I have my Peter, so I wouldn’t have done anything anyway. But a nice thought (however, romanticised).

So lately my dad ... and mum ... and sister have been bugging me because of me sleeping habits. I go to bed about midnight and get up about 7am (sometimes earlier if Peter is online). Granted I do this so that I can talk to my bf and blog and check face book, but there is original problems too. Since I was a child I had trouble sleeping. I would go to ‘bed’ at about 9 and watch TV until about 11, because I wasn’t tired and I had a TV in my room, so it wasn’t a problem. Then when my parents came upstairs I would either turn the TV off and climb into bed, or pretend to have fallen asleep (they still don’t believe me about this point); and then when they fell asleep I would watch more TV until I was tired, which was usually about 1am. I realised that I could wither lye in bed until 1am not sleeping, or I could do something more interesting until then. So I did the latter. So since childhood I haven’t slept well and I still hold this philosophy. And I know what you lot will say, ha-ha, that I should get a routine or just lay there until I sleep (and it will become easier each time) but none of these work ... I have tried. I dot mind this routine, and if I am tired before usual, then I go to bed. Simple.
So anyway, my family have been bugging me about this, and now I have to sit down with my dad and explain why I am not sleeping. It’s just frustrating because I have told him all of this on more than one occasion, but he doesn’t listen. And so when I have to talk to him repeatedly and then to my sister and then to my mum, and then he gets annoyed because I haven’t explained it to him, it is fare to say that I get frustrated. But here goes ... again :/

But I think I’ll end this on a positive. This is a picture Peter sent me off of his phone <3

~ A Love-Struck Jack xx


Anonymous said...

Aww so that's who changed his FB status :P
Though I had always thought it said closed at until I saw it in my feed.

lol see I told you that you are attractive. I rest my case :P

That does get annoying I have to agree

Cute pic take care

Anonymous said...

I share your sleep issues, but they're a lot more recent (think "the event"). But they're the same. I wanted to go to bed a while ago, but I know I'll just lay there.

I thought you guys were mono at this point?! Well, in any case, as long as you are happy.

Isn't the Internet wonderful? Peter can't get online, but it isn't slowing you down much at all! Any commo is good commo!

Well good, and you are good looking, now you got the neighborhood mutts following you around HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I hate the "mom and dad" talks like that. I've had a few. If I didn't listen I got crap about it, if they didn't listen, just tell them again and again.

Have a good day tomorrow!
Peace <3

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Many thanks for the update - it's good to hear that things are going well, even with computer problems. For a "short post" you seem to have packed a lot in!

About the sleeping problems: I agree there's no point lying in bed, sleepless - you might as well do something useful. I would suggest, though, that you don't watch TV: I think there's some reasonably expert opinion that says it encourages your brain to keep you awake. I think reading is supposed to be better at telling the brain to switch off for the night.

*hugs* to both of you.


Jack xx said...

Haha, yh Mark. I have a habit of makign a "short post" into a relatively long one :/ As for the sleeping, i dony watch TV anymore, but i do use the laptop, do you know if this is ok? haha, thanks x

And Ethan, yes i did change it and no he wasnt. And im still not convinced about me being cute, he only saw the back of me haha.

Jay, its a shame to hear about your sleeping habits too. The internet IS wonderful, but no we arnt officially mona atm. We have each decided we dont want to sleep with others, but if we chose to then we are allowed. Its confusing but works haha. As for the talks, my dad kind of just forgot to have it, although im sure he'll remember today :/

Thanks everyone, Jack xx

Anonymous said...

When I can't sleep it's because I've not had enough exercise during the day compared to how much I've eater! i.e. if I stuff my face and then sit in front of the comp. all night - I won't sleep!

Any road up our kid (as someone's Granny used to say) glad that you and him are OK again - just take it carefully, will yer? It's worth being careful about, surely?

Jack xx said...

Haha, im the other way arround, i walk for about 2 hours each day sometimes more, but dont eat much.

Yh, i am too, and dw i intend too. Thanks for your concern x

jack xx

Anonymous said...

Well you must have something good to look at from behind ;) after all he did follow you for a while. Maybe he was hoping you turn around and IDK what really lol
Take Care Jack

Jack xx said...

Haha, well Peter likes it, but i dont :/ So who knows lol

And haha i doubt it!

Take care yourself, Jack xx

Anonymous said...

You and Peter were made for each other.
Both of you think you aren't good looking and both think each other is good looking

I agree but if you were single I'd wonder what you would have done

Jack xx said...

What I would have done? :S

Anonymous said...

Never mind Jack just get feel get better from your cold

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

Yesterday morning, you asked, As for the sleeping, i dony watch TV anymore, but i do use the laptop, do you know if this is ok?

I had hoped to get round to answering before now, but other stuff got in the way :-(

Anyway, as I understand it, the problem with watching TV is that the moving coloured pictures, and the sound, keep on stimulating the bits of the brain that detect these things - overall the brain thinks that interesting stuff is happening and it should keep on paying attention to the world, rather than falling asleep. This is why reading is good: it's quiet, it's mostly monochrome, and there's very little movement. If you pick the right book, it can be quite soporific in its own right, never mind the cues from reading as an activity :-)

I suspect that using a computer is somewhere in between, depending on what you're doing: reading Wikipedia pages won't be much different from reading a book; watching YouTube videos will be much like watching TV. E-mail and blogging are probably somewhere in between the two.

I've also been thinking about your approach to monogamy: I understand it, and I like it a lot. Each of you has given the other one freedom to sleep with other people, and each of you has chosen, for the sake of your relationship, not to use that freedom for yourself. I think it's a very respectful way to handle things, and, to me, it shows how much in tune with each other you already are.

*hugs* (for two)


Jack xx said...

Thanks for your comment Mark, and i dont mind about you being delayed haha. So dont worry about it. Hope everything is ok :( x

Yh, i tend to facebook and blog, which was the confusing part. And you dont have to preach reading to me haha, i love it (although dont seem to be botherd as much now :S)

But if it continues then i'll return to my old ways of reading. Its just a matter of digging out my third copy of C.S.Lewis (i litteraly tore the other two in half, from reading lol)

And thank you for your opinion of the monogomy. I mean, we both have been tempted (check latest post) but we've said no and moved on. We want to be together and having sex with others - in the large part - is just a hinderance, so simply remove it. Although only time will tell if we can survive the next 7 months :/ But thanks none the less :)

*Hugs* (from two)
Jack xx

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