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Sunday, 7 November 2010


This is the process of cloning an embryo to form up to 72 identical twins; and by adjusting the different chemicals and amounts into the blood stream, you can affect almost everything about them: height, weight, intelligence...

So why did I put this in a post? Because if this were to ever exist (I don’t know if it does or not, it’s in the dystopian novel Brave new World) then I don’t know how we would survive. I mean, everyone is individual and unique; but what if that were to be removed? Would we retain our identity or loose it? Would there be 71 other Peter's, or would I be able to pick my one out, every time? I love him and don’t want to loose him. More over ... I don’t want him to loose his sense of self EVER! It’s what makes him, him. His imperfections, his cute little actions, his appearance, the list is endless. And I never want to see another Peter; he is the only one in my eyes

Love you
Jack xx


Anonymous said...

I think when it comes down to it there is just something about the real thing that can't be copied and I do think that you will be able to tell the real Peter from the fake ones.

I took the liberty to skip the steamy chat sessions on Peter's blog lol

You two are so cute together take care Jack and Peter


Jack xx said...

I completely agree, i would like to think that i could tell my baby from a bunch of imposters :)
Thanks for the compliment haha

I find it amusing this post came from a Spelling Bee we were having and i was going to give him this one, but (and him) inspired me instead lol

Jack xx

And thanks for skipping it lol, we dont do them often but when we do ...

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you could tell him from the posers. He'll be the one with braces!

Seems to be a common thread on the steamy chat sessions...

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Some couples who have been together for eons and are very much in love seem to have characteristics and habits which are pretty alike. There can be a 'growing together' over the years.

Do you think that you and Peter would/will grow together like that? And which 'rough edges' would it knock off? (that is assuming either you has any).

Jack xx said...

I dont know, its still early days. but i hope we are together long enough for that to happen x As for the roug edges, you'll have to ask Peter :P
Jack xx

A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack (and Peter)

I think this is another approach to the old "nature vs. nurture" discussion about the origins of individuality and personality. With this process, the clones will all be genetically identical (like identical twins). However, I suspect that unless they are brought up identically, they will develop different personalities. Indeed, the point of the process as described is to create clones with different height, weight, intelligence etc. - to me, this would necessarily produce different personalities as well. So you should be able to distinguish "your" Peter from all the others, just as the partner of one identical twin or triplet can distinguish him or her from his or her identical sibling(s). Of course, it's all a moot question, since Peter was not subjected to this process as an embryo (or do you know something different?!!).

Take care


Jack xx said...

Haha no Mark, as far as i am aware Peter is not a twin, triplet, quadroplet ect ... i was just wondering if i would be able to tell him apart from someone who is identical in every single way.

And i think you may have missunderstood what i mean here (sorry if i wasnt clear, although it was nice to get your input).

In the Bokanovskification process, multiple twins are produced so that they look alike and each set of multiple twins are subject to these changes. Therefore you would have sets of 72 twins who are identical in every way; including personality as they are conditioned/brought up in the exact same way. Sorry about that lol.

But you do have a point. I think he would some how find a way to be unique and himself; even with 70+ other Peters

Thanks for the comment, Jack xx

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