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Saturday, 20 November 2010


So I've basically been locked inside my house for the last 2 and a half days due to being ill; but on Fridays I go to this Church-run Youth Group, and I managed to persuade him to let me go. I mean, he didn’t put up much of a fight (He said ok immediately and said “I’m almost 18 and can do what I like”, which is strangely uncharacteristic of him. But I stated my pre-planned case, so that he wouldn’t judge me ... like I could see my sister doing in the living room.
So on the way, I walked with my friend and we stopped off so I could get a drink, and her some fags, and that was when the drama kicked off. One man was waiting in an aisle for the counter – waiting to be served – and so I walked past him to the actual queue. So he ended up barging into the queue and took the place of this couple. Usually this isn’t a problem and either a few brief words are exchanged or a couple of glances, but not this time. The man from the couple (henceforth known as A) made a small comment, and Man B blew his lid. He started being really sarcastic and patronising saying that Man A could go first. He didn’t. But it wasn’t about him skipping the queue, it was about the principle and about his attitude. Most ordinary people would apologise or ignore the comment, but Ohhh No! Not this guy. They got into an argument and in the end Man A’s gf got in the middle and said for them to leave it ... swiftly met by a remark along the lines of “Pathetic” from B. As he left the store in his suit, briefcase and got into his fancy car ... it’s always the posh ones, I thought.

Later on that night wasn’t much better, it was pretty boring. It consisted of me coughing up a longue and being sat on for the majority of the night ... which is actually normal. But in the end, when I was freed I went over to sit with some other friends and I was met by one of the biggest, friendliest, cutest, most annoying person in the world!
(ok, gross over exaggeration ... especially the ‘cutest' part ... Love you baby!)
His name was Pablo (for Purpose sake) and granted I don’t know him much, and they always say 'don’t judge a book by its cover', and I didn’t. I judged him on his contents page. I haven’t really gotten to know him much and have barely exchanged pleasantries with him, but I constantly overhear conversations and his actions speak louder than words.
Like, he is always buying everyone sweets from the Tuck-shop they run. ‘How Nice’ you may say ... but its just to flaunt his money in people’s faces. He ONLY wears deigner clothes and makes sure people notice it, and if his gf is with him, then they are:
A)    Exchanging ‘pleasantries’ themselves
B)    Showing off how much they are in Love
C)    Commenting on how amazing he is
And it just gets on my nerves SO much! I mean, in his Facebook description he litterally says:
“my life has been pretty busy since i've become signed.. so now my lifes all focused on music I love music and I'm quite a talented singer”
And I know this doesn’t sound that bad, but when you combine it with the personality, it sets alarm bells off in my head. He is jsut so ... so ... so, self important, it makes my skin crawl. True, he probably is a good musician, and an artist, and has quite a good body on him (Facebook again) but I just hate it when people have no modesty!
But as I was saying, I got to know him a bit, and when he isn’t being a complete tit, he is really quite nice, and we get on quite well.

So I guess my advice for today is ...

  • Dont judge a book by its cover
  • The contents page is enlightening, but only the basics
  • Spoilers from the end, leave out a lot of the plot
  • So read the first few chapters to see what its truely like.

Then you’ll know what to do.

~ Thanks, Love you Peter, Jack xx


wayner said...

I don't really buy the 'bi' thing; I think the test of time is what counts, especially when you love Peter so much it hurts. Lots of ignorant phoney people in this world; as a teen I hung around with a guy from a poor family of 10. It was such great fun hanging around with them; no pretensions or messing with your head, just real what-you-see-is-what-you-get people. We cursed and swore, laughed and joked and were always outside going somewhere. The Facebook thing sounds like a back-stabbing jungle to me lol. bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

Glad you're feeling better, Jack. The comment by your dad sounds encouraging, he's recognizing that you are growing up and becoming a man. Good for him, and good for you, that proves that you've shown him you can be trusted to make good decisions and act responsibly. He saw this in you.

Interesting take on this Pablo. I agree, you can't judge a person on looks alone. I prefer to get to know them and see them for how they are around me. That's what matters.

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

Maybe friends have to earn their place.

Maybe our best and closest friends are those who have made the effort to get to know us a bit too.

The sort of guys who broadcast who they are and who issue bulletins about their clothes and their life are seldom the sort with whom we're going to be true friends.

I'm sure you're right.

But do tell - what is this 'church youth group' and what's it mean to you?

Jack xx said...

@ Wayne:
Not quite sure i follow you on the 'bi' thing: but i see it as, i am in a relationship with a guy, so i am gay ... who knows what the future holds. And i definately dont understand "the facebook thing sounds like a back-stabbing jungle" part :S please exaplain? and i appreciate your comments :)

@ Jay:
Thanks, i hope he has seen that in me; but i doubt it, i get the feeling that he has just given up on me and doesnt care about what i do. I think its jsut the way he says it :(
And dont get me wrong, i dont often judge a book by its cover, but sometimes i just cant help it, lol. But if he doesnt get too irritating, then i think we could be friends :)

@ Michy:
I agree and they wont, i feel that they just show off their wealth to make friends easier; and this wont make their friends stick with them.

Thanks, Jack xx

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