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Monday, 8 November 2010

Peter's Jake

At long last i met the famous Jake!!! I was going to talk to Peter about him, but he had to go, so i didnt. but litterally minutes later he added me on Facebook. After a little Facebook stalking we got to talking and i'm not quite sure what to make of him. These are only some sections of our convo:

He Said:
I just always rope him into doing stuff, like camming or phone sex. If i stayed friends with him he would cheat on u
If I wanted him I could get him, but I wouldn’t do that
I haven’t decoded to let you have him until now
He said he loves me and would want to date me but now ur in the pic, and he thinks ur better equipped to date lonf distance
He’s been through almost everything with me ... thisis going to send me back a ways, I can already feel my need to get my razor. So if I find otu you hurt him in even the tinyest ways I’m gonna be hellla pissed. And im gunn come like a hell storm that doesn’t end. Cos im giving up my heart for you to take care of. Understand?
So I Said:
Yh, and please don’t do anything :( I don’t like the thought of someone hurting themselves over me (and I don’t mean to sound selfish or anything) just try to stay strong and you will make it through, and im always here to talk to and everything. I hope that we can be friends after this, or at lease acquaintances lol. I really don’t want to hurt him, I love him, and would rather hurt myself than injure him in any way. Believe me. So if I did hurt him, not only would you have to get in line to hurt me lol but I would eb in line before you. But I understand x

And so after that he said
I will be checking in with u every so often haha but I wont be talking to peter at all anymore. I can be your friend as well lol when we talk it doesn’t have to be about u and bri bri lol

So I know that he likes Peter, a lot, and that he thinks i'm good for him. But his attitude implies that:
A) he can take Peter away at any moment
B) i am Peter's rebound :(
C) that Peter doesn't really like me as much as he said, but rather i am more suited to him

I love you Peter, so don't take this in the wrong way. This post is about what he has said and the implications of it. But i don't mean for this to come between the two fo you, and if this is true or not true, just let me know :) ok? Love you Baby xx

- Ttyl Jack xx


Anonymous said...

All that I'm going to say is don't let Jake get to you he is an ass not to mention that he strung Peter a long for a while but Peter finally decided to make some changes that would better his life and that change is you Jack.

Also I've known Peter for a while and can say that he does love you and want to be with you only.

Don't think of yourself as 2nd place b/c you aren't you are his number 1 now and he loves you.

As for Jake I think he is some emotional issues to deal with esp seeing how he was the one who decided that it was better to treat Peter as shit rather then his friend.

I don't trust that snake for anything but knowing Peter he wont bash him like I do (Peter is too nice to do that)

Take Care Jack

Jack xx said...

Haha thanks Ethan,
I agree about Peter, and i appreciate your input. We have talked and i know that the comments at the bottom are not true; they are just the implications of what he was saying.

As for him bieng a "snake" or an "ass" i dont want to pass judgment lol. We have talked and he sends mixed massages, so i'll reserve my judgment. Plus, he has been though a lot on his side too, from what i hear, so it might not be so black and white :/

Thanks, Jack xx

Anonymous said...

Ok I wont say you should or have to these are my ideas on the situation.

I'm the type of person who thinks that if my friend is going to say that type of stuff to my bf he isn't worth having no matter what type of life he had.

Maybe maybe not. To me I see it as trying to break up a relationship b/c one didn't work out with them.

In the end these are my ideas and yes i know they aren't yours. And I stand by what I've said

Jack xx said...

Ok :)

true, but you have to remember that he does love him and cares a great deal for him x
But i understand where you are coming from. Get my dilema? haha

But thanks for your oppinion, i appreciate it :) and i wouldnt want you to take it back or change your mind unless you meant it lol
Thanks again, Jack xx

Anonymous said...

True I do see your point

And you better believe I stand by what I say.
Though he does have a bad way to show his love.

I don't let Peter off the hook either but at the same time I don't think it is right for him to say some of those things

Jack xx said...

I guess he does :/ but i just find it hard to write people off like that lol. I'm probably being too nice haha, but oh well x

Thanks, Jack xx

Jack xx said...

Also, what wont you be letting Peter off the ook for? :S
Jack xx

Anonymous said...

Peter wasn't all that nice to Jake b/c he knew Jake crushed on him a lot

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's Peter's choice and nobody else's?

Seems to me that Peter's made his choice abundantly clear. It's classic, actually isn't it? 'New' boyfriend gets the once-over from the 'ex' or in this case the Fantasy Queen who never quite made it to proper Boyfriend status.

Stick to your guns Jack - Peter may be a touch mercurial but as long as you know that - enjoy!

Jack xx said...

Ok, thanks Ethan :)

And Micky, I know its peter's choice. A part i left out was that i said, even if it hurt me, if peter wanted to be with him then i wouldn't stand in his way. I want him to be happy. So yes, it is Pter's choice haha x

Thanks, Jack xx

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