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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

C ?!?!?!?!?!

So I finally finished my EPQ (Extended Project Qualification) which is where you choose a topic youself
and have to spend like 4 months researching it, to end up with a finsihed product. I chose to focus on Tutankhamun (as I'm sure some/most of you know, I am obsesed about Egyptology lol), so I created a 1000 word essay, display model and a presentation, which was a nightmare to do ... not for fear of going under, but for going over. In the end I was 543 words over.

I spent ages on this project and made sure everything was in such detail that I oculd be proud of it! And I am, its just I got a fucking C! I don't mean to sound big-headed but I am a perfectionist and I have never gotten below a B before, as a final grade. I am SO upset atm. I know ... sad, lol. But I'm also angry, because as it is almost entirely research based, my Supervisor had EVERY oportunity to tell me I am working at a D C grade and how to improve it. But he didn't! And now I have wasted 4 months of my life to achieve something that will BARELY benefit me when applying to University!

But oh well, there is nothing i can do now, and it is only a predicted grade. So w/e ...

He're my D i mean C grade essay (he changed it last minute)

Photo Diary of Making my Foot

~ Jack xx


Brian said...

I don't understand why you only got a 'C' on that, it looks and reads very good to me. I don't remember ever doing such a complete report on anything when I was in school. You obviously worked very hard on that project. I think you should go talk to the instructor and get him to tell you why he graded it as he did. My curiosity would be killing me. Plus, if there are legitimate reasons for the low grade, you can learn from the experience in case you ever have to do something like that again.

I know you are disappointed. Sorry about that!

Jack xx said...

Thanks Brian, I may go and talk to him tomorow, but I'm not sure. I kinda just want to leave it and get it over and done with lol. But you do have a point about learning from it :)
Jack xx

Micky said...

I would definitely go and ask. I'm sure he won't be anything but nice to you when he explains his logic - and you never know he just might . . .

If you don't ask then you won't get. You might not get anyway, but if you don't speak to him how will you ever know?

Thanks for sharing it! It looks fine to me, but I'm no judge of how grades for you guys are worked out.

Jack xx said...

I know what you all mean, but i seriously doubt it would change things. He jsut doesn't seem to care. It doesnt affect him, so why should he let it? if you know what i mean lol. But i think i will. No harm in asking i guess
Jack xx

wayner said...

I always hated project crap in school. Don't sweat it Jack cos it is just something to get out of the way so you can focus on your regular studies. I think the problem is that the subject matter was presented in a rather dry and unexciting way with too many references. I thought us gay guys were all about drama! It is almost funny how we judge the past by the standards of today, ignoring relativity. Our lives are completely relative to the times in which we grow up. Life expectancy back then was probably around 35-40yrs and you could die from what is today a simple infection. Lots of ignorance and superstition which is understandable considering science was in it's infancy. Imagine back then trying to figure out the truth about the world around you; being illiterate and communication was only hearsay from travellers. For most people life was short, nasty, and brutish. In developed countries today even the poorest people have a life of luxury compared to the common man of thousands of years ago. Everything is relative and that includes happiness. But in spite of it all, our ancestors were truly amazing and intelligent. And most likely King Tut just had an accident; young people can be reckless. Anyway don't let the project thing bother you (I didn't do any better lol) and focus on your courses. Me, I am a gay retired guy (in good shape for my age) and I live across the pond in New Brunswick Canada. (I love England; just bought a new Triumph Street Triple R) I comment on a few gay teen blogs to lend support cos for me, being a gay teen in the 60's really sucked lol. But I made the best of it. bfn - Wayne :) (nice foot!)

Jack xx said...

Haha thank you Wayne :) and i agree about most of your comment, appart from the idea of having too many references. IT was esseential as the couse was like 90% research and you had to show it clearly lol, and also i found it extremely hard narrowing it down to only 500 words over, so just think how many more i would have been over! haha

But i appreciate your honesty and thanks, i can learn from this haha
Jack xx

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