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Saturday, 13 November 2010


Well, kinda. Peter asked me out a few days ago, for a virtual date. I dont know what we will do; but it will probably involve watching a film or playing some games over MSN (any suggestions?). But i honestly dont care what we do! as long as i get to spend time with my baby! xx The only other thing is we haven't decided when exactly we will do it, because it has to fit in with his schedule and his family's: but to quote myself "But i honestly dont care ... as long as i get to spend time with my baby!" Love You xx

This is for you x and describes how i feel about you xx

Can't wait, from an excited Jack! xx


jaygeemmm said...

And it appears it is going on as I comment here! Well good!
Peace <3

G-STAR said...

happy for you mate am sure it will go smoothly. about the video its alright I will say if anyone did that to a tape of mine ad kill them .

Micky said...


Jack xx said...

Thanks Jay and Micky.

G-star, so would i, but he is worth it :) although it didnt go as smoothly as hoped :(

Jack xx

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