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Thursday, 18 November 2010

The Irony of Busses

No, this post is not about actual Busses, but rather that famous phrase: ‘Why is it when you’re waiting for a Bus, none come along ... and when you’re not, then three come at once?’ ... And men are just the same. To some extent, but are WAY more confusing!
Ok, so before I came out to anyone (exception to Oliver) my friends brother – who I had a MASSIVE crush on at the time sent me a Facebook message. But literally the day before I met Joe, and I could have a relationship with him (or rather I thought I could); so here are the highlights of the message:

"Hello handsome, when are you going to come out? X"

I said I wasn’t gay
"Don't worry...I've been there and I know what it's like. I also think you're hot and (more importantly) a really nice guy. I have a day off work on Friday...fancy meeting up? X"

I said I was busy on Friday ... I WAS!!

"You just make sure that you take care of yourself and I will make sure that I see you soon! Xxx"

And do you know what he did after sending me this? NOTHING! He didn’t speak a word to me for the next three months! I posted further comments after our conversation, but nada. I posted on his wall asking how he was, nada. I sent him further emails trying to talk to him and find out why he was ignoring me ... but you guessed it. Nada.
This hurt a lot more than you might think. I mean, I’m sure you all know I don’t have the highest self esteem, and at the time I thought it might have been his sister trying to find out about my sexuality (who I told about a week after), but I never found out. I mean, how confusing and hurtful, that one minute he is basically asking me out on a date or something and the next he is ignoring me completely?!
So, in the end I just gave up. I commented on things that came up on my ‘wall’ as usual, but didn’t expect anything. So I started ‘seeing’ Joe and then he broke my heart and I kinda just floated about the place. Then someone else came into my life. My gorgeous, amazing, beautiful, caring, considerate, lovable, kind, sweet ... I lost track of my thoughts ... Oh yh! Peter! I met Peter, and all was good in the world again. Ironically, about 2 days after me and Peter first ‘went on webcam’, I attened a Party where my friend was supposed to go. And I had an entire routine planned out about how I could text her brother to find out if she was coming; hoping to strike up a conversation without sounding like a complete stalker. But as I said, I met Peter and completely forgot about him.
Then, tonight, out of the blue I comment on his status giving him some fund raising ideas and he messages me! He says they are really good suggestions and asked about my relationship. So we got talking and he explained it all ... better late than never. Ironically, as I did not tell him I was gay/bi he wanted to leave me alone so I could ‘figure things out’ ... whereas I was trying to contact him so that I could tell him. Life’s a bitch.
So we got talking and he said that I was an amazing guy and he really wants to hang out; only this time he made sure to explain it would not be romantic (although he kept dropping hints/suggestions, but it may just have been his wording :S) as I had a bf.
... Of course I told him about Peter! ...
So we are probably going to be talking a lot more now, because he genuinely likes me and thinks I’m a nice guy; and he wants to hang out. Which is great because I love his sister and, me and his mum get on quite well. So this would be a trifecta! Haha
... although tbh I did have a bit of a crush on his sister ... but that another story my blogging companions, for another day.

As I Said ... Busses and Confusion go Hand in Hand
 ~ Jack xx
(P.S. Dont worry Peter, I'm not going to do anything just because he is cute ... I wont lie ... but I'm not going to do anything because I love you and only want to be with you! xx)


jaygeemmm said...

Ah, making new friends. Excellent. You are apparently feeling better. Also good.

Nice to see the LACK of drama!

Peace <3

Micky said...

So you fancied him and his sister (OK) but you said 'trifecta'.

So do you fancy his mum too?

Jack xx said...

Thanks Jay :) I dont really have a problem with making friends ... just keeping them :/
And do i detect a bit of sarcasm there!? :O

And Yes i did fancu him and his sister, but not the mum. The 'trifecta' was refering to being friends with all three lol. Nice try :P

Jack xx

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