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Monday, 8 August 2011

Shed a Little Light

Ok, so i found this on youtube and i think it may help clear up some missunderstandings and such. I dont know if you guys mean the words you say or not, but idk, i hope this helps you to understand a bit better



Micky said...

That makes almost perfect sense.

Wayne said...

Maybe it is an illusion and a myth that each day we should feel insanely satisfied and happy. It is more like a percentage that varies. Having good friends and a faithful lover certainly helps to keep that happiness percentage high. But keeping the blues away DOES take effort on our part and taking a point of view. My baseline for happiness is good health and waking up in the morning and seeing nature outside. Expect that there is always a part of you that may have unfulfilled dreams; it is how you deal with it that counts. I understand what you are talking about more than you know; growing up homosexual as a teen 45yrs ago was difficult to put it mildly. Hang in there Jack, get into university and give your brain wiring time to change cos it is not an overnight thing. Maybe now is a good time to make some preparations for the fall? bfn - Wayne :)

Anonymous said...

I have a page and a half (letter sized paper) on this...please forgive me if it takes me a bit to make it legible...tomorrow perhaps...this makes soooo much sense, Jack, so I hope what I respond with tomorrow helps...only because I care.

Peace <3

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