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Sunday, 7 August 2011

Selfish or Selfless

Is it ok to do something that will make you happy, knowing others will be hurt, or should you be unhappy but make others happy instead??


A Wandering Pom said...

Hi there, Jack

I don't think there's a hard-and-fast rule for this; each situation has to be judged on its merits. I don't think it's good if your happiness has to come at others' expense; but, equally, making others happy shouldn't have to mean that you are unhappy.

What's the situation? If you say some more about the details, I could be more specific in response.

Take care


Wayne said...

That depends on if the other people are taking advantage of you. If others are using you for a doormat well then don't worry about their happiness. At some point you do need to look after Number 1 though cos sacrificing your happiness for selfish people is not appreciated.
-You do need to put yourself out for someone who deserves it, but there are limits. Maybe you can find a middle road? - Wayne :)

Jack xx said...

Thanks for the suggestions guys. I cant really give any more details, there are a few hints here and there but its a surprise.

And there is no middle ground, hence me asking for advice :/ It has to be either one or the other. And its prettty much exactly as it sounds lol

Anonymous said...

I think there's a lot of variables that have to be addressed here. Who are the others? People you truly care about, and who would suffer because you did something other than what they want? Or is it something you really want to do badly, and leaving the others to "hurt" in whatever fashion that takes isn't all that bad...As much sh!t as you take, at this point I'd say do what will make YOU happy for a change, instead of worrying about everyone else. You deserve a little happiness. I say this only if you will promise not to beat yourself up with guilt later on because they are dumping a truckload of it on you now (or later).

Peace <3

Jack xx said...

Jay ... all of the above.

They are a lot of people, but people who i care a lot about. But its also something i want a LOT despite knowing how much it would hurt them. Which is my problem.

Should i be selfish or selfless? the age-old dilema ...

Anonymous said...

I finally figured out that once in a while you have to look out for #1...YOU...I've hurt others by not doing what they wanted, but overall, I am positive that I have "given in" a whole lot more times, and I suspect you have as well. But with no further details, it's hard to really offer advice that might be useful.

Peace <3

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